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Anthony Joshua does impressions of Deontay Wilder, talks about the heavyweight landscape and reveals he is open to a potential MMA fight.
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[music]. welcome to hashtag toast oh auntie josh . reward have a champion here training the . is in sheffield just doing some really. good impressions there deonte wall and . you want to go give a go again we're . gonna go again oh i'm dante water wbc . heavyweight champ of the world you know . we packing that alabama power joshua we . ready are you up for the test cuz i know . i'm the best or you got to do is set the . date don't wait he don't want none of . these anthony i've got a few questions . from the fans asked not adam what one . piece of gym i'll boxing equipment could . you not begin account without a trainer . is that important that yeah that's fair . enough more important than gloves or. anything else a trainer a shadowbox . you know because boxing is about . learning so you've got do a lot of . listening so yeah i think my trainers . are most important to guide me for the . next twelve ten or eight weeks . gentlemen julian here questions are . often raised about your stamina he's . saying this not me will he be coming in . light for the parka fight i i find this . interesting about my stamina because i . had like 20 fights now majority were . knockouts then i had a scrap against . klitschko right tell me any heavyweight . that you know that hasn't gone into a . war former lyle holy full cooper do you . know i'm saying that hasn't you know . felt a pressure and the heart rate goes . sky-high winner in the tough fight tak . am i've controlled him for 10 rounds . with ease saying he bust my nose i . couldn't even be from i know so that one . fight is defining my stamina sporran i . don't really rate that's what i'm saying . people asking about my stem and i people . asking about my chin people asking about . this and that go back and study boxing . and then you'll get to know what it's . like for heavyweights to be in a real . slugfest what it's like every wait to . take power punches then you'll see what. i'm going through is just what these . people you have hanging on your bedroom . wall ago . we're all the same we're all in this . game and they've paved the way for me to . walk down and i'll walk in it just like . them. good answer steve mannion said who do . you see is your biggest threat to your . titles aside from parker is it wilder or . is it fury presume you've asked tyson . fury yeah . why would i because he's active you know . i'm coming from wild as an active . champion right now so besides joseph . parker i'm gonna put wilder as number . one this question kind of follows on hit . man hard says if you had to choose . between fury or wilder who would you . choose jubilee that's to fight next fury . as you say has been very inactive water . because he's a champion and you know . king space keyes . steven frail other than vlad whose hit . you the hardest in the rain that's an . interesting question presumably that's . in fights as opposed to sparring dylan . bust you up a little bit with a little . counter did me it was it was a lack of. like concentration of feeling with a . punch i didn't see it coming what it is . we were glad he hit me with right hand . in the first round i said boy oh boy . this guy's got enough power do you know . when did not care for ten minutes and . then you got the comments as a . commentator saying i think you should . retire i've never seen a knockout like . this before . and he had the power to just go bang not . stumble you like what dylan did but . knock you out for ten minutes so i think . klitschko man kitch go frou-frou had the . biggest punch what did he have on his . record 54 knockout so something like . that that malcolm punch definitely punch . but other than him because obviously . he's the only man to have dropped you . but is there anyone else who you thought . you really felt that power and didn't . had really good body shots as i he calls . itself the body snatcher so not only . took the head didn't have really good . body punches as well finish off how do . you feel when you're backstage waiting . to go out to the ring are you the kind . of guy who gets a bit nervous . something's a lot of pressure on you . obviously big stadiums now you know what. it is when i started as an amateur it . was a social club so when i used to wait . backstage to fight those me my father . knows ten other people fighting from the . club would all be in one room my . opposition would be in the corner so i . learnt how to deal with those nerves and . now i just see it as this i'm gonna do . my best i'm gonna give it my all i've . trained for it so what could go wrong a . loss and i think i've taken a loss and . didn't stop me so as long as i'm going . back to the drawing board and i'm . dedicated. i'll always bounce back so i always aim . for the best but even if the worst . happens it won't stop me on this journey . i think the pressure off just reminding . yourself it is a sport at the end of the . day yeah it's a journey and when i know . the sport i think i've learned that some . of my favorite fighters are too free . time heavyweight champion of the world . and if you understand what that means is . you won a championship once you went for . a haircut you lost it where you've got . it back so you know if life was as . simple as people think it is when you . put one of these em heart rate monitors . on it'll be a flat line but that's why . it's exact and down because you have to . go for up and downs that's what life is . about so yeah that's how i see it and i . say i keep myself calm is that fruit . through the rain through the sunshine . i'll always keep it balanced they keep . on rolling with the punches. last question firm a sky sports audience . daniel durbin says would you ever . seriously consider a crossover fight. into mma obviously boxing's your focus. but this talk of mayweather perhaps . having an mma fight after the crossover. with mcgregor a good scrap would be i . think the guy from congo he just lost . recently big unit . i'll be a good square then you've got um . john jones. but you personally you would you be . interested yeah yeah yeah but i'd have . to obviously have a couple of warm-up . fights you know but you have to learn . the submissions and stuff but yeah a . fight supply at the end of the day so . yeah i do i've got to ask you about the . fight with joseph parker how you feeling . what's your prediction how's camp going. joey the park is dedicated he's gonna . come 50% better than i've seen him . before . but um what i've learnt is that boxing . is simplified when you incorporate your . feet you know even though it's a game of . punching people your feet get you in and . out of range so if i can transform what . i've worked on in the gym for the last . ten to eleven weeks into the ring . hopefully i can get them out of there . between 6 & 8 lovely we look forward to . it thanks your time sky sports . bail it all . [applause]. .
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