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[music]. ok . william hill sponsors joshua vs molina . on sky sports box office . that was gonna look outside right now . big stick you don't . guilty . joshua handshake now . well . fantastic to cast their realize we're . not going to beat boxing then friends . everything started to change the world . and joshua and the paper is something . people to thank you we'll go into that . later on in the press conference right . now outside experts on the united you . have questions for everybody at the . table as adams me . thanks eddie ruby is a super super fine . fantastic to be back here early stage in . britain the end of a 17-year very rich . go anthony joshua slowly . one of the exciting just the british box . into this for worldwide ask a few . questions kicked off with with anthony . we're going to go right straight into it . do believe that you can able to 29 . knockout body which go and move on . levels and select your places that was a . real heavyweight champion knockout is . the children up to win each other way . very possible check the installation . that way to draw attention . change can change the way people . well nice to meet the right people just . straight to you do you believe that you . can in some way expose and joshua 29 . safai that's not nearly ready to your . level of experience and see left here . and now and have a chance to perform. here 29 and described probably five . steps you know my dream field is like . the same way just running 55 space five . steps together . punch so in the first step my golden . target to become three-time world . champion holding back for you in half . first time in my entire 26-year career . and look forward to be back in the ring. set to become the time in seconds . single-step all as the consequences . so what is going to have to eat eat and . when i will step always nice to have . somebody gonna help shape suddenly have . a party for my direct competitor want to . knock me out in the ring doing this . morning sessions and little older than . that because highway or actually like me . same size always using colors but the . rest . so those parts will definitely get that . you know imagine staying in the middle . of this spade holding those belts in my . hands to all the advanced we're talking . about 80,000 so i've been fighting the . state . we're sorry remember where it was men . tonight tonight i sessions during hero i . was walking in in the arena 80,000 so . loud i will move until the ground but i . was true that when i was holding my . european type so i'm making information . at the dream to all those backs of my . hands and feet and the final step which . is very important. i'm first become general . you say you're obsessed . is that because of the performance. against tyson fury what went wrong that . night and as you said had timeout be . year and a half before you get back into . the ring makes you believe that you can . perform again that level and regain . heavyweight titles i see this . sit back for you and a half the time . i'll be standing in the rain here 21 so . you and a half break is good that i feel . good and i feel that when so far left . roles was not beer i was not holding as . usually my job after the fight and i . will tell you my information is as high. as the different problem on mission will . be and but you know what that to wake up . it was just a wake-up call for the match . for this big event and the extra against . again and that was remember right now . works against you were you always said . to find your senior fight come up we . don't know when it's gonna happen but . his mental so rough . this is definitely. so obviously there's always been a lot . of respect between the pair of you were . implying it's cat hair a parent what . makes you believe that the time is right . you you're 18 knockout wins and a . different sort of experience. right right you are talking about taking . on each card itself jump my reputation . here now present so wasted to myself . before my saves my self-confidence . reality that's what makes the time . this time tyson fury shot the world . obviously and germany by beating daddy . does that give you a game plans that . tactic so what you got to do your own . thing. alongside wall bracket ya know different . very first time saturday greater . emmanuel student your brother charlie's . help you what's the what's the team for . this one because it's such a big moment. for you who's behind you the same people . they passed the same team . the writing you call you one . the same variety and if you're bearing . the second way in australia in your . camera i will be doing lying migration . period and i'm an expert to mirror so i . will prepare going what have you learned . from being with anthony joshua can see . his development being a riverside . watching him on saturday that makes you . believe that you will again become world . heavyweight champion in front of these . 90,000 people here wembley i was i am . and will be very complimentary first . time is only for a year longer 12 . champion so i failed this man is . following steps in a certain way be fine . little chance and the past you and . reversing i remember that i truly one of . the best hits right now . no disrespect to you . argo recently became chicken and wilder . and wilder anybody else getting at and . and it's great actually eventually me i . really think that unfortunately i will . see you know so we never remember . anthony was just a little champions . campus well and very very common and . learn so he's still there and this . process will take a long time and you . know long sleeve top there so i . definitely see your industry in the way . box and was two years ago and . so he's getting the self-confidence . trains trains trains modern technologies . whatever is out there for parts . he's implementing into use workout so . he's definitely using it to his. advantage and the results are the world . champion champion of the community by . knockouts all be impressed with that and . with our friends you know certainly i do . call the roll . but even with my role when the ring very . clear that used to be and i'm sure that . for that 929 so with that sort of bring . them you've been a professional for a . couple of decades or 70 rights around . the world many of the world . championships you've been in love once . before when you gonna be multi-barrel . actually this car . hold it means to be here emily in the . national state of 90,000 people compared . to those nights and germany that you've . had for be special about being here next . year in england especially expression to . perform here and not in my horse see . you create journaling or state so . audience one hand either to me because . up performing here and perspire other . side and this country as behind or they . sort of others so i feel kind of . connected from either with audience and . definitely something from one hand to . find stadium with finding the . expendables 61,000 play 90,000 makeup . sport stage and don't forget about it . boxing came from england the rules for . so i think and arriving home another . home i definitely feel you great about . it i have this opportunity to have a . future five and even if you know we . mentioned previously with my age i do . consider this an hour there that many . people when you are when you're fighting . you have the experience of it whether . 90,000 is the sort of stage you always . wanted to before showcase your talent . stage country moment . which is which is wonderful and it's . good to see but when you get it flat 29 . lat changes not just from achievement . that's one when i was a configuration . time you have a great time but if you . have found on how down we get so that's . just a petition and and soldiers all . ready to give up the land in destiny's . ready to drive inside the competition . the hunger that's burning that wants to . make victorious in this time and again . yes is more like in general when an . investor many situations to this so yeah . when it comes down to that now but while . training just wine on a branch . straightaway so that's a winning . mentality that's what you seen that . something like the first place available . yeah definitely wladimir and vitali who . is heavyweight champions they speak so . many languages that nice guys out of the . ring and you want to take that role . model process on with you you know see . the kids here looking around when we . need to value that side of it's . important yeah spanish starts off the . list trial but yeah definitely . that's the expression and most . definitely has a manner that box but has . a married man in this country is what . you have done outside of inspiration but . in the moment to talk me through the . next few months of preparation for april . 29 anything different or is it about . journey in fact that you're not just . preparing one person in particular it's . preparing for the ultimate yeah so . preparation starts down in certain . events any really keeps me in design . great about the last campus they're dead . why build in 2-4 . trading game was it as bad science date . now that's why tracking information . that's how we started training to . improve on 29 the fact that obviously . you haven't gone 12 rounds yeah there's . little things like maybe got checked . that you may have to go through here is . that something you can prepare for . something after reaction when i went to . another party right so i'm really the . same as always training this capability . predictions especially against the . godlike i'm going to show you anyway . what happens between experience so . strong champion so many successes . throughout your long career we remember . lee the david haye oneworld british . point of view how important is april 229 . as a night to you in your sporting life . how many of infant when like that we . have so i'm pretty much l
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