Arizona State introductory press conference of Herm Edwards

Arizona State welcomes Herm Edwards as the new head coach of the Sun Devils' football program.
[applause]. now i must tell you i'm really happy to . see everyone here and i will share with . you that since the last time we met in a . similar setting a week ago it has been a . it's been a long it's been a hectic it's . been a interesting and i can guarantee . you it's been an educational week for . all of us here at asu so but what we're . here today is to address two really . important questions and that is the why . about herman edwards why is herman . edwards being named our 24th head coach . and then the second question we're going . to address is how how was herman edwards . being our head coach going to elevate . this program to the place we want to be . and that is at an elite level and so . that's our task here today so with . regard to the why and somehow . perspective i'd like to bring in dr. michael crow to give you some insight . from his perspective dr. crow . [applause]. to the he is to advance he is to advance . university athletics to produce . graduates easter advance university . athletics to produce championship . competing teams is to advance the . university athletics to build affinity . with arizona state university and . finally to advance university athletics . to be self-supporting from a financial . perspective so those four objectives for . us are absolutely central to the success . of our overall program related to that . and is the fact that ray has taken on . this task at his last it was three years . that has been here with us at the . university by finding tremendous core . staff in the athletic department by . finding tremendous coaches that helped . us to advance against those four . you. is one in which we find an individual . who can manage our football program and . be our head coach who can draw from our . coaching staff capable our capable. coaching staff that we have in place who . can then also draw from the expertise . and the talent and the energy and the . insight and the perspective within our . athletic department itself and so ray . will talk a little bit about this model . going forward but what we're doing here . is we're changing into a differentiated. model where we're not happy with the way . this model is working at other schools . we're not happy with the way the model . has worked over many coach changes here . in in our case at asu and so we're very . excited about this opportunity to move . forward with the new model and in . advancing this new model we needed to . find a unique individual in the time . i've been able to speak with herman . edwards i have found him to be an. outstanding individual an outstanding . leader a person capable of leading our . program and also advancing us in this. new model and so i'm excited about where . we are i'm excited about ray's . leadership i'm excited about the . coaching hires that ray has been making . to advance asu athletics sun devil . sports and so we're committed to driving . forward to higher and higher levels of . excellence one of the things that we . find that's interesting as we hear . people comment on different things that . we're doing is there's this this . constant expectation or concern that . somehow we're not able to move forward . to higher levels of performance or . expecting elite outcomes among our. sports teams is something that is is is . beyond us or isn't possible for an . institution like asu and what i have to . say is pay close attention to all of our . sports pay close attention to where . we're moving pay close attention to all . the things that we're striving to do we . believe that our competitiveness is . absolutely and essentially critical to. the long-term success of our university . and we need structures and designs and. models not just trying the same old . thing not just advancing with the same . old way that people advanced things at . other institutions to find new ways for . asu to be successful so i'm very excited . about this. coaching selection very excited about . where we're headed with asu athletics . and thank ray for his time and talent . and energy and and just a total drive to . achieve the four goals that we've . outlined for him so thank you ray thank . you. dr. crowe i want to give you another . perspective on the y because some people . will say that this is a very unusual . move for anyone to make someone in . herman edwards situation they will say . this is a very weird move in fact for . someone to make but let's get some more . perspective on that i'd like to . introduce phil de pescado phil is the . founder and president of the octagon . agency phil is one of the most . recognized and experienced and respected . agents in the world representing . high-profile athletes and executives in . all sports in all sports and phil is . here to share with you the thoughts from . his lofty position as herman's . representative for more than ten years . why from his perspective does herman . edwards in this place make the most . sense right now phil de pescado . [applause]. good morning everyone so i've been asked . by ray to share with you why herm . edwards has chosen to accept asu's offer . to become its next football head coach . and to understand that we have to start . by understanding a little bit about herm . the person at his core herm is an. educator and to him education is about . caring and communication herms passion. is and has always been helping young . people develop their potential he is . terrific at that it just comes to him . naturally sometimes he teach this on a . football field . sometimes he teaches in an office and . sometimes through a television screen . but whatever the platform herm has the . same keen insights about people and an . outstanding ability to connect easily. with everyone because herm is a unifier . he is a team builder he is a person of . extreme decency and complete integrity . he has chosen to make his difference in . the world by trying to enhance every . other person's life not by focusing on. himself in fact he looks out for . everyone except himself always how one . wins and with whom is really important . to him that brings us to asu her mind . all of these elements in special . alignment here at asu he saw dr. crowes . commitment to the local community . membership in the global community and . dedication to doing things well and . differently and boldly yet modestly and . he saw his esteemed and highly trusted . attorney and advisor from long ago ray . anderson applying dr. crowes overall . vision to the athletics department . through the introduction of ice hockey . program the reintroduction of the men's . tennis program the hiring of bob bowman . to elevate the swimming and diving . program . and so much more he sees the dots is all. being connected with everyone pulling in . the same direction and anyone who has . worked in an organization or played on a . team knows that one wins through common . purpose and shared chemistry and values. just as much as one wins with talent . that's what herm sees here it's the . people who are the real keys to his . desire to work here it's always about . the people for whom there is no . situation other than this one at asu . that would have caused him to move from . espn he is beloved there not only for . his on-air expertise but also for his . everyday behind-the-scenes contributions . he is referred to there as coach because . he is always trying to help everyone his . personal qualities are as timeless as . they are modern so they are entirely . consistent with the combination of deep . tradition and unending innovation here. at asu that's why her ended up here . today when he never intended to leave . espn he feels he can help advance dr. crowes mission because he fully . subscribes to that mission he feels he . can help students here and especially . those student athletes who play football . he feels he can make the right kind of . difference because everyone else here is . committed to making that same kind of . difference i would say simply that herm . edwards just fits here and i have no . doubt that he will put a lot of points . on the scoreboard of life for everyone . in this community thank you . [applause]. thank you phil and let me turn to myself . in terms of the why and so competitive . consistency is required to elevate this . football program to the place we want to . be . so let me iterate reiterate some of the . things i shared with you eight days ago . competitive consistency and our . academics are really solid in large part . due to the efforts of coach todd graham . and competitive consistency in terms of . citizenship and role modeling and . discipline and behavior and conduct is . at a very high level here in large part . through the work of coach diagram but . competitive consistency in the . performance and outcome on game day . frankly have not met our expectations . and after me evaluating for four years . the body of work i have to be honest on . behalf of this program and on behalf of . this university to make the assessment . and then make the hard decision that i. truly believe in the best interest of . this university and this football . program going forward but i want you to . know that asu football is nobody's . rebuild this is not a start up this is . not a start over we need to take the . next step in competitive consistency and . i believe herman edwards can take this. there and so what is competitive assist . consistency that we're looking for as we . go forward in recruiting really great . student-athletes four and five star . student athletes from all over the place . where talent is we haven't done that . well developing players and then . coaching players to their highest. potential . so that those players who in fact have. aspirations to go to the nfl are in fact . being readied and paired prepared here . to do that we haven't done that well . competitive consistency in developing. and retaining assistant coaches so we .
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