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Who says team ground a lambo like this . [music]. nevel starting his birthday all right . mallos such a lot i knew he had a . girlfriend and he's been hiding him . [music]. everybody wanna call her said . congratulations nah it ain't heard from . in years. where was everybody before all this . going down . you know which itty-bitty bags make it . in money like my honeymoon on the line . go trayvon yes over here . some songs all the way up strongest . mellow starting a 16 year old birthday . all right we're getting ready to have a . birthday party unlike one we've ever had . there you go like that man noah's gonna . have to signature shoe come out he's . gonna be getting the lamborghini and . everybody's like neville has a lot to . learn just learn very fast he's gonna be . in a lime light all the time . young people want to him to fail so you . smell nice luck generally want me to . play out play i like a mellow . [music]. songs all haven't read all my birthday . gotta put on some muscle go to get . faster got my bounce up out of me to um . be great you got trained every day so i . know it comes with that so just another . day for me no good job boy all right . fellas shut it down that's the outcast . of mark four o'clock come on birthday . boy shower stall okay here we go . what you wish for a car a man this is . just a family party right here you . understand. claire yes you having another party . which is the big one no joke on me your . girl is my understanding that melo has a . girlfriend but if you ask him he will . deny it so i don't want to expose him . because he gets pretty angry i just . leave it at undeclared you got your girl . coming man . let me know jeju . as you step hi hi you nervous no oh god . your first turnover . are you mvp of the cardio gym mvp mvp . made a nice advance right . you know ever since hawaii dan's are . growing well as a couple i think we're . in a good place me for sure i'm a . world-class athlete. what is she . easy coming down just freeze and a slide . down trees will see that bottom less . number let's sell it so your number is . there you go your life it's off its off . it's on it's all . come on down we was just accepted a . little more flexible i'm gonna bet she . wins that spice quality over quantity . it's all about the heart rate my heart . rate was higher i think him inviting me . to drink session listen cuz really cute . and meaningful and anymore i appreciate . it or bring it in it's like two things i . get at the same time i get to spend time . with him and then i get to work out so . what's the one one wow . [music]. sabrina was roommates with tina at cal . state la . [music]. [music]. [music]. this. all the boys together . sabrina's a sweetheart. she means all well but she moved to . texas a long time ago so things haven't . been that close for the last two years . [music]. everybody wants to be wealth management . god everybody wants to be a realtor now . what was this idea 15-20 years ago at . this stage i'm like okay everybody wants . top . [music]. i'm the bad guy . it's not hard for me to say hi how you . doing but my immediate family that's . always been in that circle we good with . that we already got our circle and then . nobody else getting up in person. let's go in a jar top hobby leaning like . magic johnson yeah this is more huh . so he's jealous gone and he's like he's . enrolled in school he's is he okay yeah . good hello hello yeah this is he . i'll be talking all day . anybody get upstairs here no go upstairs . and take a break all right . everybody will call this a . congratulations ben did i heard from her . years somebody's out there oh my god so . great just you know bought one what's . going on man i'm sorry to bother you but . i have a great opportunity that thing . makes a lot of sense for the big ball of . ram . this all started months ago where . everybody keep banging on the door . one autographs one a picture at all . times in the night and their favorite . line is i don't want to bother you . we don't bother me in i'm very flattered . that people coming over here and being . like damn i'm what's a brand a lot but . that's this moment right now i'm just . trying to focus on my three boys okay . thank you fine i'm glad you talked to . you talk to the cat klaus is gonna have . no very something about some different . questions yeah . [music]. [music]. someone's coming in to land and almost . start my college year and is he's gonna . start saying you you have on gog a new . comforter oh my god you got me that cuz . all my sleeping was all slipping oh good . he's still in the room giant rollers not . a mate pisa yeah my god you like little . boys and papa john's realize he's idea . was this hella sauce on there . might as well you spaghetti . [music]. think that's gonna be good of course . because we made it . basketball season starts me izzy . probably won't see each other as much . but we'll still be closest just to be . able to come to games and stuff oh hell . no what the spider in lausanne big . wonder that who's medium-sized let's get . some lights real quick you don't think . so i don't see it i really wanna make . pictures again. do you wanna yeah i thought it was fun. you didn't it hard . [music]. was like pizza bury pete pete strider . melanie . pizza pears peach . [music]. tina what's he do all day you know you . can't just say just a little bit i all . right all day do something else give me . a word or something out of that brain he . understands everything the hard part is . getting things out and we kind of have . to guess and then we don't guess right . she gets frustrated . let me something i don't care what you . do all day went to lunch okay . that's something i don't care what . you're saying yeah my new work anything . come out just like just go ahead and try . to find something up there i have to . remember she's not gonna learn it all in . one day. so my patience i have to be a lot better . at their dream dream yeah . sassy oh you're sassy . yes i'm not sassy you know what am i . fresh you can see tina slowly gradually . getting back into her old self but i'll . keep doing everything for a girl that's . my girl . so there's no downs it's just you know. getting through things. [music]. today we're shooting promotional things. for mellow shoots lebron . kobe shagged any of these guys never had . a signature shoot in high school. melo has shown that he's supposed to be . a superstar he really wants to be that . guy having his own signature shoe comes . with a lot of responsibility he no . longer can be like a kid . military 16 but his bounced leg kicking . yet and his head edie he could fly in . reality he really can't . [music]. [music]. no . [music]. [music]. [music]. today is the big birthday cindy for my . last monster mellow mlus party we got . food trucks dippin dots strawberry . lemonade stand close a nice little seven . of course is basketball coupe they're . gonna live without that. water splash crossover didn't fade away . big brother who is who's this team . driving a lambo like that . they only lambo. drivers beware half question i know . let's pass everything to me . jelly suppose you've seen chun is to do . what you see me i'm excited to pull up . in the lambo i feel like a skull light . starts party pretty much feels like you . made it . [music]. [music]. mallos such a liar i knew he had a . girlfriend and he's been hiding it for . the past couple of months . [music]. how are you actually going together for . months unless she's cool i mean she . don't like me just for the fame she know . me ever since i was lying about law i . guess fill me she's been around yeah . yeah yeah you're safe. miss the first girl i've ever seen them . you know talked about or talked to so . i'm just happy that you know he decided . to bring her and you know just show the . world that you're growing up and i think . that's a good thing for . [music]. [music]. hey let me have everybody's attention. right now hold it ball back there. hello come here right now four big balls . over here i just want to say thank you . for coming and have a good time . ready . [music]. brother. everybody. melot is being a pioneer on the fact . that he joins some things that no one . has ever done before he's turned to a . little man. don't nothing he's just family or . friends it's beautiful to see there's . been a real crazy summer we all about to . go our own ways kinda so times like . these about cherish show . [music]. [applause]. [music]. spending a day man telling me is . everything to me and i loves we have . each other everything gonna be i know . it's only gonna get better and crazier . from here we've gotta keep eyes on the . prize and stay to the plane . [applause]. [music]. man we get so much closer to the plan . that i had all up here in the big ball . of vision . oh man i'm loving it i'm proud of my dad . i was looking out for my mom you know . raised me my brothers i feel the right . way everything right now is falling in . line nobody wanna fail someone they . doing bad they don't want you doing it . well it's time to move you've been in . the ball house for long enough now time . for the big ball at stake this is the . ultimate house now i'm building this . empire all these haters and all these . guys behind this didn't think this was . going down like this triple d's gone the . bottom of that pole but all this ties . around one thing which is family and . loans we sticking together i don't say . the sky's the limit because we don't . have a limit . [music]. okay that's a wrap guys be in season two . good work boys you think we did a good . job i think we did a good job we always . do a good job. good. .
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