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100PercentChelsea is a youtube channel for real Chelsea fans. We interview Fans at games and create other shows about Chelsea F.C. London is Blue.
[applause]. once in chelsea punished - chelsea one . louis i wasn't at the game i was . listening to the radio i was following . it on twitter people follow me there . listen i was talking about it and they . were saying even the commentators that . was the worst one of the worst responses . i've ever seen you know what went wrong . what went wrong that's the easy question . everything the right question is what . went right. nothing but the fact is i don't . understand the performance i literally . can't understand how the hell we played . that bad we look like we just played . yesterday we look so lethargic every . player who started today was terrible. every single player was shit all of them . and then it's the same players again who . are holding us back who orders by even . worse. willian willian what da fuck have you . been during this season . literally the best thing you could do is . dribble past players and then you still . do it too much then you have the defense . student again they look like they just . played yesterday i can't understand how . the hell we made them look like fucking . barcelona because let's be real . before this game they did literally. nothing this season and before i want to . go before i'm on the same thing else i . want to say crystal palace played well. and they deserve the free points because . they actually did play well they were . brilliant they could have made it they . could have made it for they could have . made it five they were that good but . it's also because of how bad we were the . only free good players were the . substitutes. that's how bad the style ever were each . one of them needs to hang their head in . shame. brandon oz well we're the best player in . the league was i'm asking what the whole . team was the whole team held us back . today and yeah you could say maybe we. went into this game with a bit feeling a . bit too overconfident but i still think . that we should have fought ok this . seemed yeah they haven't won anything . but they're still they're still a . premier league team and it was gonna . come round eventually and i kept . thinking going into this game . ok dis this we're probably going to be . the team they score against they've had . two weeks to fix this up roy hodgson . probably working with some of the plows . players cuz . no offense sir i don't think all of them . were in the international teams but then. you also think maybe do you think conte . was resting that's he resting some . players for roma you think maybe that's . why some players like kay who was . starting i was thinking that as well but . then you go think that the premier . league matters first and especially with . the fact that we lost the city before . this game you need to stop focusing on . the premier league manchester united . drop points today we could have . capitalized on that we could we haven't . city dave they just fresh stoke so . they're even far away from us now goal . difference and points i'm worried about . the league title and the thing is yeah . every time we win the premier league we . seem to just fuck it up . in the transfer window and on the pitch . um and this goes back to burnley when i . said depth moses has come off injured . that's enough of us team player that's . out now . look at morocco and can take on a look . at the performance are we really gonna . play that bad when we are without one of . them if not both and then it goes back . to death the players that we rely on off . the bench are just not good enough . that's you i was about as useful as a . condom with a hole in it he was that . shit and it happens every single fucking . tiny place i'm sorry i'm done defending . it i'm literally done defending him he . is that bad that is the best thing . you've ever said yes thank you again . okay i need to contain so every single . time he's played every single time he's . played ball watford after we won the . league useless literally useless hold . support for too long he's complaining. that his passing isn't good enough on . fifa your passing isn't good enough on. the fucking pitch. i'm sick of defending him because he's . not good enough willian again this . entire season he's been dog shit and . every player today has let the club down . today we have rome or on wednesday they . needs a fucking fix up because we can't. go three games and three losses. especially when who do we have next week . we have next again who do we have next . to get i shouldn't watford at home yeah . and what would have been playing pretty . well they might . i don't know i'd know about the awesome . result cuz that's probably going on . right now but they've been doing pretty . well this season so they could be a . problem as well so we need to fix up and . we need to actually start getting some . wins before we just complete for . ourselves out of the title race . .
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