My reaction to West Ham sacking Slaven Bilic and replacing him with David Moyes. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!
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All right mate how you doing welcome . back to another episode of i am oh and . in this episode we're talking about some . big news coming out of my club west ham . a slevin village has left he's been . sacked he's been moved on and david . moyes is the new incoming manager on the . talk about exactly how i feel about . these changes in this video so let's go . [music]. white guys first things first a final . game of some abilities management at . west town was obviously a defeat to . liverpool at home on the weekend pretty . convincing defeat 4-1 to liverpool i was . there i've logged it i was gonna upload . the vlog i'm not gonna upload the whole. vlog now purely because it's a bit out . of date because i didn't know belleci . was gonna get sacked obviously so some. of the stuff i talk about isn't . necessarily irrelevant anymore but. here's some clips from the game and my . reactions to some of those goals this is . what we need to see here this is a bit . more energy input with them . crowd we'll get going come on . started filled with you in that corner . before we might school he said they're . absolute big cars counter-attack there's . such a large in numbers there was a lady . go to school one kneel down to shame . just thought i'd positive restore it . world first portable seen for a while . based on energy levels for a one-nil . down and liverpool could hit something . we could get some more gold with a good . topic we need to bounce back quick . something again minutes of the first . dogs are to new again for format this . time a liverpool corner cooler that's . some sort of plan they whipped it in . short near pose stroke the hartley save . their easy free world to new goods going . to get away from us now we're going to . get mugged or i can tell you i'm going . to get my coke again i'm getting it bugs . off again well i'll come in a half time . for quick drink and after saying all . looking good but i'm worried that plus . west ham fan response become the. architects are on downfall because wins . who do that to very quick goal and then . everything west and plays the drum got . booed like the players must do on edge . if it doesn't rule disconnected to the . players the fans right now i think we . have to work really hard to get that . going again . [music]. [applause]. another let's get another one . unbelievable. literally five seconds after we've. scored dev scored again what a joke . seconds ago i was so positive this whole . atmosphere here was so positive and now . it's back to to goal deficit free one . how defense is embarrassing it's all . over . [music]. having said i've got number one for one . the crowd emptying on that one i'll show . you everyone's off can't blame them no . we're not coming back now it's all over . never fall for this family what well . that was disappointing never lost it . starting to get used to them now so as . you can see it was not an enjoyable one . and it's been one game in a long list of . unenjoyable games we've had at london . stadium over the last two seasons the. performances haven't been good enough . it's very simple it's not as certain . about results. it's about performances and west ham . have deteriorated big time last year the . whole pyatt saga maybe was a bit of . smoke and mirrors because when he left . we did improve and people maybe started . to give pay it all the blame for our. poor performances and i think he's he . did affect me the mentality the change . room a lot but bitch has to take . responsibility and but this is a . difficult one because he's very popular . manager i really liked him a lot of west . ham fans really liked him he's very hard . not to like but that doesn't guarantee . you job security results is what gets . you job security in this business and . village hasn't been getting results the . thing that confuses me a little bit if . i'm honest i don't understand why the . west ham board decided to get rid of him . after liverpool defeat and not after the . brighton defeat we lost free neil to . brighton a week or so ago in one of the . worst performances i've ever seen in my . life quite frankly in terms of the lack . of energy of passion of commitment of . ability on display from our squad . it was disgusting and when he kept his . job after that game i thought well it's . not they're not gonna get rid of him . they want to save some money they want . to suck him they wanna lay him right his . contract out maybe but then we lose . liverpool another game we lost my free . goal margin and we sack him and we were . a lot better against the apothem we were . against brighton but why we actually . created chances they got a goal in the . counter-attack before they would wonder . what we were actually the better team we . didn't deserve to get anything from the . game over the course of 19 minutes but . we were definitely better than we were . against brighton and obviously beating . spurs in the league cup i'm not saying . she to kick village i'm saying it was . weird timing personally you don't expect . anything even at home against the report . even though their defense is . questionable our defense is questionable . their attack is sublime salar . man a the pace they've guys frightening . and they hits us with it and you know . what do you expect i'm not saying we we . should put up with the performances . we've seen but i certainly don't expect . a win or even at war against liverpool i . expected something better . crichton at home newly probably and we . didn't get it that for me was the sack . of offense that along with the the free . no defeat to newcastle away and their . host of other bad performances i didn't . quite understand italian but it's done . billet she's gone we move on for me this . was a huge opportunity for the west ham . board to really prove their ambition to . match the supposing ambition they had. when they moved us to this new stadium . where they want the club to go in the . future by bringing in a big manager and . spending some of the cash they didn't . spend in the summer you know weirdest . shoes transfer kitty supposedly and we . pretty much broke it broke even with our . transfers i don't we got some guys in . higher wages now but we didn't actually . spend much money in the summer so for . maybe now they make a big offer to a . number of out of work managers who are . top quality i'm not saying these guys . want to come to west and it could take a . lot of convincing for me they should . have been trying for angelotti . for too short maybe for roderick herman . has just left everton all that sounds . like he might be going to neverland his . job man cheney he's not even out of work . with us get him in to west ham if . possible instead though they've opted . for david moyes and this move has come. under a little bit of criticism from . west ham fans and non west ham fans is . he the right man for the job honestly . i'm not sure he is um i'm always an . optimist when it comes to west ham . obviously i'll get behind david moyes . and his staff now and hope he does a. great job proves a lot doubt was wrong . do i believe that he will not . necessarily i think it's a risky . appointment guys i probably would have . preferred big sam to come back with a . big sound would have come back to us is . another question i personally wouldn't . if i was him after the way he was . treated at west ham maybe even allan poe . joy don't know david moyes was very very . good evidence fantastic . but he's gone to manchester united you . know in a job that was probably set up . to fail from day one yet to follow . fergie . he inherited an ageing squad a squad . that fergie was happy to let go and . obviously didn't work out and he was bit . of a patsy some would say bit of a . scapegoat and it's not that that it's . not his performance at man united that . worries me . he said performance is that the subs can . draw jobs after that and also his . decision-making the jobs he took to go . straight to real foster dad i think . maybe he wanted to get away from the the . constant criticism he was coming under . in the press in england she wanted to . get away to another country but that was . always going to be difficult not . speaking the language trying to take. over a spanish team then goes to sunland . the club that have been perennially . struggling the premier league for years . and years and years but just staying . when he was m'angil actually oversaw . their relegation so we're a club they're . in a relegation battle now and we've . decided to go and put in the guy who . just got relegated sunderland he's our . squad better than sunderland's last . season definitely but am i convinced . he's gonna keep us up no i'm not i'm . worried i don't think you become a bad . manager overnight i think the things . that helped him be a successor . everything will still be there but i . think his failures these has since and . they are failures they can't not affect . you mentally they can't not make him . doubt his ability and they must have had . an impact on his ability to manage to . the same degree he did before my . question is did david moyes have a place. in time at everton where everything was . going great for him and his kind of . methods and his approach to management . worked well and that has now become . outdated i hope that's not the case i . hope that he can come in prove me and . everyone else wrong and and if he. doesn't stay it was time for a long time . but the western border giving him a . six-month contract basically pecan dress . at the end of a season right does that . show faith does that show that we want . to build the club around david moyes a . sort of stability that we need now it's . time they're not seeing that in david . moyes they're not trusting him long term . and maybe he can earn that sort of . contract but you look at someone like . rapid benitez who came in at newcastle . whe
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