Brazil v Switzerland – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 9

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Coutinho had given Brazil the lead with a stunning strike
Zuber equalised with a close-range header
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Brazil today maintaining a very proud . record the only nation to qualify and . participate in every finals . eugenio from the edge of the box trying . to wriggle a little bit of space for . himself might come now for paulinho i . know it does . and somehow he missed from miyata - yes . it was just a fingertip well even a . fingernail perhaps brazil making plenty . of headway now marcelo . what a way to start raziel what to hear . from royals out pacino brazil leading . the world cup and that's what the world . has wanted to see from brazil . viva brazil . [applause]. who level turned in and his celebration . led by the goalscorers uber one one . it's not the samba beat it's the . cowbells here for switzerland in . rostov-on-don willie anna haven't had a . really good cross in a while from him i . wasn't bad and it's straight at the . goalkeeper that was named ass moment . shirley can name i'll do it from a . free-kick for brazil it's a good ball in . summer gets there brilliantly to save. and switzerland survive and bolo comes . away with it quick restart by brazil . marcelo has it and it's just the wrong . side of the post from shell miranda . [applause]. presentable opportunity. it's all over and brazil have been held . by switzerland here in group e in . rostov-on-don and it ends here . brazil won switzerland won . you . [music]. .

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