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What's up guys!! Today, it's Christmas Day!! There is Lots of Presents to open and Loads of Food!!
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Merry christmas everybody christmas . morning can you believe it has gone so . fast this year everybody is about to . come downstairs there are so excited . about the table ready you can see table . yeah and the seven of us today because i . was daddy's yeah i'm going to breakfast . in the morning before anybody opens any. presence presence behind we can turn . your pics nude beach don't think doesn't . see with the lie in the sun presence . there you can hear their friends on the . stairs kind of worthless dead your side . runs all you can wear minute little cold . ice there's not i'll be in your mind . i'll be mad not made merry christmas . beaten out by that i'm gonna call down . now i've got to support up now itself is . going down right come on in sit down the . hall sienna also why almonds are you my . mother. no no no god . everyone's got everyone's got dedicated . seats rather than i think ozzy warning . now you wanna see where you stand up but . we must be there . hello are you not coming with the . seating arrangement right i'm seeing . their soyuz in that watch out there . no you see there . but sure no i'm seeing what you want me . that you don't see in their hands but i . don't want to have to come on christmas . day christmas morning outside long to . recover what you want for breakfast . you see if he wants a big breakfast . the bigger the breakfast the longer we . take the open presence that's the . problem is i'm gonna have a small ones . are i'm just got to go see you know papi . papi you don't want the way we want to . write gotten much how do we obviously . that derives its alright that your first . christmas together please . wow yeah yeah yo yo . yeah i don't know whether you are you so . you want to do everything yeah what do . you want my got you is that you want to . talk what do you want for christmas . something with you . yeah it's because come on old stick . so you named two most dangerous things . possibly think of yeah yeah well you . know what you want. oh the ones got something you want to . drop games anything game-wise that's . what gaming and i one check going to . church . yeah dude getting too fat not long now . to open presents okay no yeah only the . first comes the diet tellin ya . because while having my family . let's try school-record is bacon . sausages bacon sausages . yeah i didn't say you don't know bacon . sausages up what you sent around bacon . sausages yoga . yea yea even their christmas breakfast . at the moment now so he would have had . cereal and so people had a proper . english reference their mothers . greetings out how much as you do . free resources they're quite big as well . yeah you know zzz chomping away on their . way back but your friends are already . talking is agreed . yeah oh we know when we're finished the . food and then open the presents another . finish breakfast now and they're very . excited by opening their presence china . cause most expensive possibly can as you . can see the carter is in the way so the . current president and the presents are . here to present the best words are like . me because i open really be present for . drinks with some sort of it . no company sweat which was about . something under here . you know what's inside now get at me dog . with you really are starting from sir . ok . yeah was it rideable handle this okay . mommy has anyone rocket . autographs-original center seals some . sort of feels like we got together and . fuck me from running again not get . bigger. i shorted him without ya mr. often every . way to go shoot i'm going to show you . the better be there after the tweets . that have been uploaded and your guests . we opening gather guess what's inside of . it so matter what's inside out so it's . hard because you have to sketch . upsetting and funky old the overdrive in . that little box. yeah okay what's new one and you'll get . the track at what's in your dolly 101 . you don't know . ok let's find other . sake . ok . promise . operation. always easy to do their treatment so . hard your tacos it is already . [music]. so this won't make much . [music]. i want to know that squatch fingers off . yeah . muted rx100 know it's looking good . oh that's good what do you say for how . long don't want this school their . friend's a funhouse he's tricky putting . a dropbox think you came mobile . yes some of those boxing yeah yeah . open your play much for this robbie . strong throughout with the paper . robinson . olan olan body little bit high school . football and that you fucked up are you . be there from a bottle yeah but you got . in the midst of all yeah you see on that . yes yeah yeah-hoo-hoo not yet not yet . not yet little your back somehow we can . go buster think the dog is pretty good . to go whenever something you could shoot . at all it's good innit . yeah yeah whatever how the world works . for them . well as i'm wade out of the normal . friends over town . from what i know you're here i'm gonna . have a lot of guards set up by oxana . i'll be honest about that . meanwhile know why i two out nobody copy . that there is much larger than about . tomorrow that's right . o people and ok any day to move out of . the girls at a private school fair i'm . going out or always want more presents . yeah okay to share . yeah open to women . moneybox yeah the trolls money box oh . just gonna walk up brush on the money . you make it's not right now . oh yes let go along tops super my true . to its only collapse we should like . that's good . you've been asking for the mark-up . something so i'm going to do with your . friends of bounds off you want to follow . my head again tomorrow . that's my roommate desperate really . smart as you appreciate to you and . everyone is all that spoiled and all he . was a spot one you get good i get . renting hmm . that's horrible one month like junior . nobody . [music]. hey what's that survived that looks . really nice really nice but difficult to . do but not like this and make it happen . are you saying i'm not like to write . somebody left now there you got 24 2013 . opening good for me i needed a ride but . yes that's not something that's fine. every year you like it paths in much . more quickly on manual you're the only . person schedules pretty sure you can . have the internet only you can take it . you have to get the sim card in there a . cellular so you can take your coffee all . groaning know the kind of phone i'm . going to go from catania i don't know . what she did . wow that's the props a nice . yeah you guys have a new topic that's . right don't shake its rights marks not . talking that's not gonna last until . ready to break very very short list of . the top number i know you do is help you . sell it you open it feels inside what . you'll say people answer so glad you got . units on i'm going to get guys i didn't . want him to have these because i'm . scared in the fall and break his neck or . fall and break your leg will be no more . football that's the thing one field you . think so take your time going to school . there . look up you get it's not side- already . already . it was brand new steering wheel . struggling to start to on the table yet . to have his control of it up . is not this output on normal are you . about one-half kind of your full-time . now find yourself down to only find a . polarizing. join him out charges we thought a moment . what you find fresh but he wasn't hard . part many where you are . so much baby . james may charles toy so finally all the . toys have been open and hairpins be . moved from by the tree and now it's now . over side the living room out of the way . jesus it's only half a lever absolutely . knackered our meeting these kids are . making this all time i made import how . many not because these healy's sold . addresses we pulled over once and no not . this time next time you lie i don't like . it you're still on me . it's soooo many stars carly got me by . the christmas selected to hint of . magnitude is well something but and how . the body was in generate i've been in . and old of kfc or actual stop and now i . never knew by the burn all that power . way so i'm gonna put together now and . then marching over largely so guys the . body is finally don't know didn't take . that long to be honest about 10-15 . minutes. obviously put together a ride so little . and sisters but now so it looks so i . feels rather spin out alright it's . alright it feeling good idea of these . not doing it right . they owe the background but then you can . go together but it will be the movies . this one is no one here but we hadn't is . your morning but we saw shoes . ok i don't open them for the bracer . least some powerful not ready . no no we're gonna call the jungle . arcology angle have this shoot . got it they look up our oh mike . no player copies of india know obviously . the best not to like rise cancer open . the carcass weight to what . what's going sorry i have no i know why . that we're done together maybe i don't . want it to the other ends up with it . i don't put it on myself no you can't do . that. hello remarkable not always the water . spins inside these crackers . how does the plane finally michael all . you want now i want to be able to . describe how did your friend i started . talking about you just look at morley . first time for self-pity that's right . he's got big eyes rocks off . i don't think chuck is pop don't feel . better honey . hammer their roasts and comes back . around over there and just so important . yeah guys been drinking a lot of cock . today like reach past your free mugs . three jobs because i wasn't attacking . you . applesauce so when it absolutely . fantastic day today it's been from start . to finish . non-stop literally non-stop i look . exactly the same with a did when i got . up this morning i haven't done anything . i've been so so busy cooking breakfast . first dinner everything literally i've . non-stop been active today we've had and . my deck mother food that's going to him . now that's when i could take him home he . said about last night christmas eve and . i'm about to j my brother came over with . my sister-in-law money sleeping when . these faiths and one nephew daniel they . kind of got their presence that's bad . for a big which was fun . yes and taylor should now my other niece . and nephew are coming tomorrow my . brother and his partner boxing day but . in the morning we're gonna head out and . we're gonna go and do some shopping so . we can get the sails your mother's . cookies phone so you're going to beatbox . tomorrow not too happy because today has . been so busy i'm so so tired i literally . cannot wait to go to bed full of haven't . slept . we're at last night that we left last . night with nathan actually help people . here which is fantastic and the absolute . a really good job i'm quite surprised. i'm always under the impression that you . can actually rap i think the last . comment years he's always like come . across that you couldn't actually . represents all about just leave me i . will do it but they say about me out i . did a good job. so next year i think he can do the . crappy who will i prep the dinner but . anyways guys i hope you have an amazing . christmas and we have some new stuff . coming next year a lot a lot of things . to look forward to and a lot of things . the channel . wow what we really come around but it's . so exciting exciting it so i think stuff . then maybe another time will come in . will have to nc maybe a family blog . internal maybe maybe yeah so i hope you . had an amazing day i hope you have a . lovely new year and yeah we split the . rotten take care of ccr5 hello everyone . yeah i did you have fun today . yes let's go yeah like that . what did you get all your very presence . here not like anybody your boxing gloves . what she was my baby the baby you are . bad . oh yeah yeah have a good day beings did . you feel each node another food then . you've been a man did you eat all the . food did you know the bird beans the . whole video and i hope you had a good . christmas don't like one . ok did you take it out i can't . [music]. .
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