Dana White UFC 207 Pre-Fight Scrum

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During the Dana White UFC 207 pre-fight scrum, the UFC president discussed Ronda Rousey, Cris Cyborg, Fabricio Werdum, and more during UFC 207 media day Wednesday afternoon.
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Didn't know it if it was something . listen ronda has given more than a but . if you look at the amount of press. that's been done by any fighter in the. ufc in ufc history . rhonda smokes everybody by a long shot . and this is the way she wanted it. the only thing she cares about right now . is focusing on winning so she's done a . lot of things for this company i say it. all the time about you know connor to . that ron has done a lot of things for us. this is what she wanted so i gave it to . you what. wow did you listen everybody like i said . every uh you know there's there's so . many different fighters that i have to. deal with with different egos . personalities and whatever might be you . can't miss a press conference rhonda . asked to you know from the day that this. fight was made. she said i'll do i'll do press i'll do . press leading up to the to the event and . you know she wouldn't did the talk shows . and did all that stuff and this is the . way she wanted to do it so i said okay i . have a question on trips with i don't . know we'll see how this thing plays out . and go from there. you're not happy but this feel right . like this is not an ideal circumstance i . know it's definitely not ideal it's it's . it's what she asked for you know and i . said like i said back in the day . rhonda would literally do anything we . ask her to do anything and if the guys . wouldn't do something she would pick up. the ball and doing herself so for her to . ask for something like this. how can i say no to that you know she's. she's she's done a lot a lot a very . concerned that your your coupling minute . but with the fact that the fights on a . friday like by combining and she was . there are a lot of things that suck . about this yeah it's a you know . yeah we were in a pretty crazy position . but you know she's one of the greatest . ever to do it she's done a lot for this. company. she's done a lot of the sport she's done . a lot for women in the sport and this is . what she asked for so should never ask . for much. this is she asked for this and we said . yes when you literally doing this if she . wants to put all right now no this is a . one-and-done their continued by . like you did what did what i assume yes . you will. yeah company is what are the main union . is not stated that he liked to do or did . you guys decide. yeah you know there was a lot of talk . about you know amanda wasn't represented . in the end the summer and the videos and. the commercials and all the things that . we did you know that there's only so . many dollars you can spend to promote a. fight so obviously you know if you have . to go with is it rhonda heavy absolutely . it's ronnie heavier it absolutely makes . sense if amanda nunez wins on friday . night everybody will know who amanda . nasa's just like a no it'sit's . difference it's like something we've. never done before it's it is what it is . but you keep doing from saturday friday . night me and probably not . what was my final usc sobriety is that . true that is true. what's the feeling decidedly you know . when these kind of things happen i'd . rather not talk about it and i mean if . mike wants to talk about it ask mike you . know who's gonna replace i do i will . listen you know we have you know we have . guys right now from anak you know . several fighters who were involved in. the end but i've had a plan for a couple . years now that i've been waiting for it . to play out it's now playing out so when . you make someone else's but when it all . comes together with this being boi know . probably by july if everything goes my . way top wrong because like the great . person everybody gets me is how is she . doing. nobody knows anything about yeah i talk . to her every day . she's great very good mind her . everything her everything is good . she's ready to roll she ready to fight. the great mood . yeah it's all good . well what i assume she will ya your . concern your mind open . listen john i mean i ronda rousey's done . a lot done a lot done more media than . anybody ever in the history of this. company major media media that nobody . else could get and she did it all and . this is something she asked for it . doesn't open floodgates it doesn't . change anything if somebody shows up. doesn't want to show up for a press . conference i'll pull them from a . cardigan would not be some if connor was . complaining about the treatment of. another fighter that would be a flip . he is complaining like that that you and . the new owners of us you haven't flown . to see him yet. what is the status of that request and . or the potential meeting . yeah when connors ready to talk he knows . ryan. isn't the biggest motivating factor of . this fight is proving everyone else . wrong. previous say that again later . i think i think everybody knows that . rhonda's psychotically competitive and i . don't know why this is the way she's . handling all this but this is what she . wanted to do you know and like i said a . million times for a woman who's given as . much as she's given to the sport and to . this company. it's really not much fat task for you . know what do you see . no she's she's as good as i've ever seen . i mean you guys have seen her pictures . of her and stuff she's physically in. amazing shape she's in great spirits. she's fired up and she's great she's . like the old rhonda again but she just . had to deal with this whole thing the . way that she wanted to deal with it then . party . it's like she wrote so many records as . well you know she was the first to . especially with the first brazilian 12 . sign of the usc was the first state . champion fighter right without waiting . for your sheets for the company ya know . she listened am a noon as one of the . sweetest people ever i mean she's great. to work with. she's easy to work with you know she . just kind of roles with it you know . never once when when everybody is saying . all she's not living and and you know . being treated with respect and you know . in the spots and all this other stuff. never complained about anything . amanda nuΓ±ez gets it first of all men . nuΓ±ez is going to get pay-per-view on . friday night number one and number two . like i said a minute ago mana news and . news wins on friday everybody will know . who amanda nunez you know what i mean . it's going to be such as of the biggest . fight of her life financially and in. every other way that could possibly be. big. in virtual mem gbs because we didn't . have double storey we had like all the . points of view during brazil when they . say that they didn't offer ged what's . really happening in the face with what . we can never do in video and then esn . today offered 25 but then virgin said . that they never they never offered in . for doom is turned down two fights one . of them was jds yeah for doom turn fi . down there's different ways to turn. fights down i can call and say hey you . you want this fight . no i don't want this fight or you can. say yeah for eight hundred thousand . dollars in the piece of paper view. that's turning down the fight one was . yes everyone . yeah then we offer them a fight with i . think alistair overeem in brooklyn he . turned that down to do you say y know he . didn't you know you said no . since this whole situation. talk to who . why is he frustrated well obviously . wanted to fight it sounded like in the . interview. sounds like you really wanted to fight . read the interview doesn't sound like he . wants to fight to me when you when . you're a fighter and you do an interview . days before fight and say you can't. stand for 10 minutes . that's insanity first of all the best . organization in the world for fighting. he's fighting one of the best fighters. on earth and that fight last 15 minutes. and if you can't stand for 10 minutes . what are you gonna do in a fight against. one of the you know irresponsible it. would be not only for the ufc but for . any athletic commission to allow that . fight to happen it absolutely makes no . sense you know and i love came . cannes one of the nicest guys you'll. ever meet but if you read that article . it does not sound like he wants to fight. i think that that interview happened and . i think he was honest . maybe he he didn't really think that. that would happen that that that you . know what i mean every fighter mean you . guys have been watching these fights for. 16 years every time a guy lose the fight . against something yeah my back is broke . i blew my knee out two weeks ago i you . know i twisted my ankle after the flight . you say you don't mean if you go in . before fight saying those things you. will be taking out of the fight he said . what. that's right so his doctor said you had . a surgery he was dealing with pain which . is completely normal for the injury he . was dealing with pain and he was just. going to have the surgery after the . fight. what he didn't say is i can't stand for. 10 minutes . you know i can't do this and and even . jeff novitzky was there said he was . having trouble sitting up and standing. down standing up and sitting down at the. doctor's office so there's no way in . hell that guy should be fighting right. now. is what why would you get the payment . for the person you're not fighting don't . go to work for a month and see if they. pay imaginable way . yeah right i hope so . i'm not a coach but i hope she did that . would be a good idea what do you make of . her sticking with edmund despite her . mother speaking out against it and all. the troubles had semester. well the thing is you know in my in my . opinion of it you know nobody is . complaining about edmund when she was on . a tear and meeting people in record time. you know and then she loses the fight . and you know that's when everybody. starts pointing the finger and saying . she shouldn't be there. that's her decision you know i mean . she's a grown woman she's in
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