Diving, ‘Cojones’ & Being A Hardman | FIFA and Chill with Troy Deeney ft. Poet and Vuj

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Watford FC main man Troy Deeney sits down with Poet and Vuj for a FIFA and Chill. The boys discuss his 'cojones' comment on Arsenal, his foundation, his legendary goal vs Leicester City and more! Subscribe to COPA90: http://bit.ly/Copa90Subscribe
Massive thanks to Troy for taking the time to sit with us.
Check out Troy on twitter: https://twitter.com/T_Deeney
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She english or the 2-pack of obviously . people selling their questions . i don't just kick off the common let's . start with the biggest talking point for . me anyway as an awful fun samuel even . wants to know where our oscars cojones . hashtag australia i was trying to be . politically correct they were fabulous . they were bad at us other day that the . oath of chance at the wall be chance oh . my god my table viously they they miss . both and i just think not some people . look at horses like little watford they . had their chances and then people like . to feel like we got lucky or so people . you had your chances you missed your . opportunity and now it's on oh so we . came and obviously i came on a pitch we . got a penalty and then from when we . scored it was only ever gonna be on that . one i totally agree and the main reason . i said the comments are you remember. just before club scores ball gets . cleared up in the air and ersal comes to . control it i think haddix could he think . someone's coming to get him and he goes . like i don't know roddick is it . unbelievable football bear much better . than me like what i just thought that . just songs you know and i saw there was . another comment obviously you made um in . reference to better in hey there's my . boy. ezio boy that's my boy i could make . jokes ok i know him could have seen . member but people forget he came to . watford to watford on alone okay so . you're kind of taking a piss messing. around i've seen hector i seen them all . at the nba okay lot they say that if . anyone's really got a problem like you . got what i mean that's right microbes . you went over to on this one at a time. just to just to see how the landlord's a . lot of things are happening in the game . of course i don't really like and one . thing i think she's it i keep saying . this happening is she the working-class . month that's our one bit of escapism as . i working . and they're taking that solar football . var and all these different things at . the top you can take your top off when . you've got even a celebration because . the man so i just it's refreshing to see . a pop but i mean that honest i could . look at myself every day the mirror and . go on me i tried to be somebody else and . uh pretending to be somebody else i've . just just do me and that and that's . about what my kid said to be is so . refreshing because most time as an . interviewed is like agent that's in the . bag and your agent just looks actually . quite cool as well either what he makes . ortiz yeah has any year could he's . making buddy i just was gonna let my . local test cause i go there service . everywhere you know one day there will . be no referees i just lost a little bit . of sight you can make argument to say . he's got we've got better players than . ever before me but both goals are before . long it don't go this wwe startup like . people pretended to have beef and that. just to get moves that i might be . pretending ten is my boy boy is about . the other day like you know i was saying . though he's like for me that's a party . game in a way though he's just trying to . get unfair advantage it was there it . kind of i get it like it's always . happened it's never gonna know yes it's . never gonna stop yeah you did it and . you've got the pain you score yeah don't . do it okay no and it frustrates me . because i think if i died off could have. got that but i'm like i said i can't. look at myself in the mirror and go i . just fit mark mark's it but that's dead . it i just forgive me like turn his grave . i was rolling around on the floor just . the way it's just the way i'm raised . someone danny i said what is it like . being known as the hard man in football . how does it affect you as a player . i think that's a rare thing but back in . the day you have waking on camera there . was a massive battle you have canton of . water there was some real hard man in . football now that is such a rare . commodity that we begin to appreciate . someone like you a lot more and i feel . like there should be laws of trade . dealings why is there only one people . are scared to be themselves that's why . you know i just said i couldn't handle . heart say i'm not the best footballer . for joe if it's me versus you to get the . board on when they get it and if you if . you're comfortable being yourself . i consider the cojones feelings and not . not be scared of ready back touch how . did being a prison change you to this . humble guy you want today have you . always been humble i think i'm always . been the same dude because i'm not i'm . always say three different people i'm . troy to my boys . who's not me i'm daddy it's about kids . and troy deeney to fans you don't know . me in there to see it away but if you . get to know troy things you never really . change you it just it did change me . because at that point yet i work for and . we're from mortal to watford like aged . by the week of warsaw and i went up to . like about 5:30 he was mm-hmm . what and obviously at this point i'm . still going round big older the boys i . grew up with and you know we're just . going to clubs all the time keeping it . ten like it about me like i was taking . like 15 sweaty boys out with me all the . time. hmm and was always getting his some sort . of foolishness and he start to feel like . you weren't touchable and i just i've . always say i figure the betted from up . above. because for went and got lots of a babe . my dad to wait before okay . i'll take everything he's just a case of . like somebody up there i was just like . there you're getting a bit too big for . you boo wow settle down and just taught . me a lesson that this could all be taken . away in quick quick quick time so that's . what it did so i set that to sit down . for three months . people don't big jell-o girl that's . nothing. for me even more than not i scored again . oh you've got a score that so cool that . is what i want to see your show well one . of the changes you know russell talk . about is what made you want to start . your foundation troy deeney foundation . was it some of the aspects of seeing . down in prison if easier so no not joe . it was mainly for my daddy was always . the kind of got all the kids i just saw . i played for more and made sure that it . was if people needed like due to soviet . help about it is what it is all to play . football and enjoy being kids so i just. thought like can i do sort for my dad . that would represent him in the right . way. people showed a look but it was nice it . was nice to see people genuinely care in . it ask people for pigs so ross k99 says . what was going through your head when . you scored that goal against the . leicester in the play-off semi-final. that sent watford to wembley and i can . tell you as a in football football . history the aperture is so underrated . lively you didn't save the pin i'm not . done save took it to the other side and . then you saw that to go to the final i . was working for your my wrap what i . bully goes way you hear i'm thinking . because i'm thinking our first they've . got pen so i were going out here and i . anyone in a pen i was just like how am i . gonna keep my idea and in the bull . gorman on i'm not the cameraman i'm . thinking attack you if you start jogging . and like see if i can get anywhere did . this and then next thing you know like . hockey's run past me and i'm thinking . you know what this is coming to me kind . of kind of sort of goal before school . zola zola you know he was so funny cuz . he did i want to do make a name for . yourself anyway would you go like a . china or in america or yeah i'm quite a . smart dude business in it hmm so if . someone's gonna offer you double treble. or even the same as when you're on . even if choice a carry good . so you said business decision you're not . judging the players that are doing it no . no it's no way this is what people and . this is what annoys me we've made it out . that's now until someone says let's just . bet i would say your honor . hundred grand day a week they go . mini-fridge one of the weeks ago . scotland i guess i'm sure already on . very high money in terms no no you going . everyone's motivated by money much big . dollar troops still baking. i don't know goulding's not if you sort . of story about gordon who is not like . offered a lot of money to go to - de . 2015 and he stayed for the badge so . there are some beautiful. i wasn't same everyone i don't know that . what's he doing i guess it depends well . it depends on your priorities life milo . jake who says do you think at any point . your career you warranted an england . call-up or maybe in general maybe a . walk-up thing yeah this did that ships . long gone now what i think first you've . been in a coma for on my get chance cuz . i did a 15 goals 10 assists hasn't gone . and i'm thinking right after that should . at least get me a phony yeah and then . decide pick you free free striker those . are cool joe is we're talking about you . know would you play for berman i'm . speaking about birmingham you know would . you ever go back and actually play for . the berms nice that's too much stress . days yeah . too much stress pretty friends and now . cuz i all my all my family's blues apart . from my brother he's villa . and i'm a grinder ladies passed away and . i was only but bullets wheeler and i was . that the blues wheeler game the other . day i know like troy we need you and i'm . like this dress that a lot good place . i'm thinking you imagine if i did play. today that's what you crave arsenal and . everyone knows so that we'll lose a game . and then it's like it's your fault you . could school for and you lost by four is . your father know what's gonna go book . why do i do . know what you need to say to him do this . a bit arginine is too localized . yeah can't do that . i know you're talking the truth there . because if jack walsh i thought is just . the mmm sometimes and just say jack man . tony scott yes so like is the most human . out of a body a human one more that i . remember from my wikipedia research yeah . nice on yours look on that yeah decent. also yes are you on your trial you were . drunk but you scored seven goals no i . don't know no that was when they found . me okay that's when they found me . so go so widely scattered you he will . wave the nepean wop if my mum always . cleans up on a saturday so i obviously . went out with the lads got drunk friday . in bed you know like vicky my phone's . going i should have got footballer i'm . like i'm in a bad way i'm hurt my mom's . like clean your room now get out ya know . what okay and then we'll go play . football when i played scored a few . goals seven seven hugo said yeah the guy . that was there mick household touch babe . i weren't playing for the first . challenge you see my favorite b team at . the time he just come one was like he . called you an ass at 18 so yeah one day . come and couldn't play for water but i'm . like go much that meant i didn't know . that also was and then yeah then one day . he turned to put a door banging in the . door and one without training i'm like . that was that was serious the rest is . history they say but i did like two . months not getting paid for me okay no . just on trial just trying to make it and . that's the way i am in life and you give . me a little opening of a door i'm the . room through the door and we can get as . many people that come with me . very good i don't want to end it fun . working kids we gotta bring you back on . in some way for anjali i'd love to chat . to you unlike a deeper level but i . actually put out like a yeah whatever . you do on . i thought speak to most people who are . regular so thank you that was choice . evening i think me friend show off you . leave a comment below if you dark has to . do some more stuff of troy what you'd . like to hear from him is also a wooden i . said let's just get outta one oh no . by now that was wicked mo thank you very . much for the open and honest and yeah. button see you guys soon and can we end . it with a have a nice have a nice . you. .
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