Eagles vs. Seahawks | NFL Week 13 Game Highlights

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Seattle Seahawks in Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season.
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As mckissack is that when the game sets . up in the slide the pass is caught . that's the first time and a lot more for . tyler lockett as he works his way . 46-yard attempt ryan to put it down . and washes kick is perfect cloudy to go . rain tonight 45 degrees . a mike davis run that goes nowhere . brandon graham right there to stop him . wassily the resume very short for mike . davis is a ceo i'm so lacing on the . sidelines . wilson's gonna get smothered at the . 7-yard line we were talking about. brandon graham and there he is to set up . a fourth down and long . let's under pressure and he goes down . frank clark with some help from his . friends sets up a fourth out of the pun . 38 yard line . finds the open man that's mike davis . following down on the phone okay 36 yard . line ball at the 11 waning seconds of . the quarter. listen jimmy graham smoking hot in the . red zone and that's the first touchdown . filled off he's allowed in the first . quarter this season. from the 30-yard line . whence step it up here he goes again . glenn it's wrong for the moment he . slides to a stop would have a first down . but we'll hear from tony correcting in . just a moment to the eagles here in the . third quarter first half of the 38 yard. line . [applause]. i'm bobby wagner . [applause]. i went off the fake came here dancing . around fires and . we fought for a first and goal by alshon . jeffrey who takes the ball inside the . 5-yard line darmok no flag first and . goal from the four . [applause]. clark is legarrette blount to make it . second down a goal . second down and goal . when skates in herself does he get into . the end zone the ball is going to . out of the end zone so the question is . did he come across the line with the . ball for the moment they're going to . rule in a touchback. [applause]. [music]. listen close and getting . to the endzone touchdown . i need mcleod a safety has to cover . one-on-one against doug baldwin and it . takes a gutsy quarterback to make that . throw because you know you cannot block . everybody coming after you doug baldwin . we talked about it earlier in the drive . his give him time was the third and 10 . that eagle d has allowed only five . completions of 20 more yards all season . did that foot hit the ground as he get . in yes the ball was it scraping i didn't . think so . i didn't see anything flying but there. we go. what. [music]. [applause]. tyler lockett . so now philadelphia loser of only one . game this season will we . down by . and when chairs . [applause]. 35 yard line a caloric got free play . clock at two . big in the passes in completed the . 20-yard line that's mcdougal getting in . there with earth's to make it fourth . down and three. philadelphia's staying out west all week . [applause]. down the sideline he goes what a run . justin grint got out there helped lead . the way with a block that's again a 21 . for mike davis they clock at one . down sack justin coleman comes in from . the corner to take him down and that . will take us to the fourth quarter . only a three-man rush this time the . pressure put on winch . from behind slings a deep feeling is . taught by angle or angle or into seattle . territory so weights on a three-man rush . under pressure from quentin jefferson . but a 51-yard game this is unbelievable . watch this throw falling down getting . tackled and gets it about 45 yards down . the field i don't think that byron . maxwell thought he could throw at that . fall ball to 23 . [applause]. five receivers all going out . in there rather mcdougal takes care of j . a jockey brent celek coming into the . slot . lemon to the outside he's going to get . wrestled down by bobby wagon limit in . the backfield three receivers all set to . the left side play clock at one they . blitz went steps up avoids it throws to . the end zone caught for the touchdown . over maxwell again to make it a one . possession game that was all pretty good . wasn't it there's two throws escaping . the pressure keeping his eyes up the . field and finding a little space down . the field for a guar the third down here . third and nine . listen step it up he's gonna run 42 . tonight davis for the 35 yard line . philadelphia's going to contend that it . was a forward pass this is a show with . these two . listen the kinetic . [applause]. wide open making the cash inside of the . 20-yard line to the 14 goes nick glen at . the tight end. mckissick in the backyard . second down and one g-good makes the . tackle and man coverage for jimmy graham . that they would like. mckissick for the score there a . linebacker bit on the slow go or slant . and go route and that was too easy . what . pitch time and just continue to give . your defense a chance to win third and . four wilson's gonna get swallowed up at . the 33 yard line . let's barnett the rookie coming in for . the sack so it's fourth down the now . cody needs two touchdowns and they start . from the 21 yard line . and there's the pressure again and. there's another sack of the 14 frank . warren comes barreling through . [applause]. looks without here and they need to get . lemon not a bounce at midfield three . receivers set to the right they break . that down ascetic comes in in the slack . of block. and wench rolls away he's gonna air it . out again keep that fielded to double . coverage he picked off by maxwell . [applause]. .

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