Eddie Hearn: NEGOTIATING NOW! Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder WITHOUT Lou DiBella

Subscribe for updates - http://goo.gl/meA2GB Eddie Hearn: NEGOTIATING NOW! Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder WITHOUT Lou DiBella. radio rahim. Eddie Hearn: NEGOTIATING NOW! Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder WITHOUT Lou DiBella. radio rahim. Eddie Hearn: NEGOTIATING NOW! Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder WITHOUT Lou DiBella. radio rahim. Eddie Hearn: NEGOTIATING NOW! Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder WITHOUT Lou DiBella. radio rahim. Eddie Hearn: NEGOTIATING NOW! Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder WITHOUT Lou DiBella. radio rahim.
[music]. radio raheem in manhattan with eddie . heard usa baby what's good new his new . home your your take over with your . flagship you're coming to plant your. flag here in new york where your first . fight is actually in long island a . community something unto itself so first . of all talk to me about helmet i thought . it was in manhattan i've just found . actually in long island it's about a . narrow way so no and they are very . serious about being in long islanders . like these united mean so you're gonna . have to settle up to that community but . put your first like promotion on here . knowing what you haven't store in your. mind what was it like like you know . putting things together in new york and . getting this this fight off the ground . it was good always learning always . working of course made mistakes done . things well worked with a lot of people . developing partnerships and. relationships with people new experience . again you know i said at the first press. conference i don't expect just to walked . in and take over the world or take over . america you know i still i take me a few . months so i think that really this week . it's all about what you said putting the . flag down establish now so we hope for a . great chart thing we have three really . good tv fights on paper obviously our . first fight with daniel jacobs. maneuvering him into his position to . change for the world middleweight title . and i'm excited you know it's gonna it's . going to be a great night of boxing now . i'm sure you were sitting at home in . london in the middle of the night. watching the deontay wilder fight how . did you rate his performance that card . and do you feel you feel any different . after having watched and watched wild or . what he was able to do the attention . that that fight got with making this . joshua fight i was in monaco at the time . i didn't see the fight i woke up and saw . it i didn't learn anything new i don't . think you can possibly learn anything . from that fight that you didn't know . deontay wilder is a reckless big puncher . if you want to take you know give him. props over beaten by main stubborn guy . who didn't fight a punch in the fire guy . hasn't box what once in three years not . really but he dealt with his mandatory . and he dealt with in impressively that . wasn't like he struggled against him or . you know as a lumbered victory he . demolished him and it was good and i . like what the on say wilder is doing . right now because i do fill him because . he's a one-man band . commercially he's doing all this driving. of his profile himself i mean the other . night he found up the boxing voice so . it's a talk about commit himself he's . phoning up people to try and get himself . heard that's the job of a promoter and a . publicist too you know he's actually . proactively doing it himself and he's . doing a great job using antony's name no . i don't mean this disrespectfully to . grow interest and to raise his own . profile and i believe these profile is . growing you know i think i think he's . becoming more of a star now in the us . which is exactly what we want they . scoffed at the idea that white is a . necessary fight for him to have before . joshua but from the stage at the press . conference after the fight they readily . said that they would easily agree to a . guaranteed joshua fight if white was in . front of it that's no problem is that a . problem for you well of course they . would because we don't know at the. moment what a deal looks like but for . joshua against walder and this bizarre . call-out from deonte older he's trying . to give the impression and they said why . i say he's doing a really good job that . joshua has been like running from this . fire and it's time now . they yes the pull up this fights never . been discussed there's never been an. offer on this fire he had a mandatory we . had a mandatory now the negotiations . start from outside 2018 this fight has . to happen not gonna lie to you and tell . you it's definitely gonna happen next . it may happen next but until we sit . around a table which begins on thursday . you can't say a guys running or is that . if we if we deny meetings if we don't to . talk about it if we turn down off . then we might be running but we we are . we are the ones actively seeking the . conversations the dialogue to make this . fight happen so deonte my friend do not . panic you will get your payday in good . course but we also have a duty to make . this fight as big as possible and it's . not as big now as it will be in march . and it's not as big in march as it will . be in july and it's not as big in july . as it will be in november but it has to . happen in 2018 because sometimes you . miss the boat and the opportunity to . make it when it really matters and that . is kind of now or kind of very soon and . you look at mayweather-pacquiao that . fight was made at the perfect time for . numbers and for dollars but not the . perfect time for fans and in terms of . you know elite the elite so we must have . made that mistake but we also want to . make some dollars at the same time it is . the biggest fight in world boxing . unquestionably i think everyone would go . along with that and i want to make the . biggest fire and well boxing you said . you're sitting down on thursday which is . fantastic news to my ears and all boxing . fans everywhere but because of the . barb's and a little bit of confusion . manager promoter who are you sitting. down with i'm sitting down with shelly . finkel and our heyman so - i think . there's about three or four managers . he's got but i i actually reached out to . dion say of a friend of his did oh i . know and i just asked him just confirmed . to me who who should i talk to and he . said our heyman and shelly finkel so . they're the people i reached out to the . meeting starts on thursday again you . know we know that we're gonna have to . pay deontay wilder a lot more than he's . value in this fight his true value in . this fight to make it happen because if . we gave him his true value in this fight . against anton joshua he would deem it as . an insult so we have to find somewhere . between reality and fantasy to make this. fight happen but we're prepared to do it . we're prepared to overpay to get the. fight to win the title to give the fans . what they want to make anton joshua a . lot of money. because he's had to do his whole career. look at why you had to pay charles . martin look away yet to pay pool if you . know who live was on more money in tech . games or more money than theon say . wilder gets and he was only a mandatory . challenger so we constantly overpaying . people because of the money and the pot . and the attraction that ng joshua is so . we're not gonna be disrespectful and . it's not gonna be a case of us of 10% . you're lucky to get it mate but we just . need some common sense and if there's . common sense there will be a fire just . be in the weeds for a second because the . barbs have been going back and forth . between you and luda bella but it . doesn't sound like he's gonna be at the . table thursday night when this thing . hashes out is it just a match room . promotion you're gonna have to deal with . the belly anymore anyway i spoke to lew . yesterday just to clear the air it's . been a lot said back when for i have a . lot of respect for lou lou to better . promotes the shows that beyonce wilder . happens to box on so he's not involved. in the decision process he's not . involved in the negotiations i'm not . saying he you know he's not a part of. the team because loosely he might be but. they lose a promoter that promotes shows . that our heyman will tell him who's on . ie deontay wilder you know he's got he's . gonna box their blue you're promoting . your promoter you're promoting it so he . won't be involved in any discussions but . he may be involved in in the fight maybe . he's a co-promoter i don't know . depending on what wilders team want to . do it's not okay so me say no i'm the . promoter i've got to be the sole . promoter i don't care about that stuff. raheem i've got a show on saturday have . you seen the logos that their promoters . involve it's me rob nation star boxing . dimitri silly to great cohen golden boy . it doesn't bother me whose logo goes . well what bothers me is making the right . business renting joshua that business . and that negotiation will take place. behind closed doors you know i've got a . big mouth you know i talk on social . media i like to get the fans the updates. of what's happening but what you won't . hear from me tomorrow mid-day after our . meetings is yeah he said this and he . wants this and we are to make this fire . make it a fight at this magnitude takes . time takes patience takes relationships . and i'm not willing to break . relationships in the process of trying . to make the biggest fight and well . boxing so we have to make this fight in . 2018 the true question is do you want . this fight next you know and well yeah i . want it next there's no forget the anti . wilder let's talk business terms do you . want this fight in march really do you . really want this bye and march you know . and if you do what are the terms because . if the terms are right no problem for us . to take the fire march but i'm just . saying it's gonna get bigger and bigger. and bigger but we can't wait too long my . instructions from anton joshua is i want . to be the undisputed heavyweight . champion of the world by the end of 2018 . to do that he has to be joseph parker . and the onset welder lastly on this . fight and we'll move to danny jacobs we . know that josh was a humble guy and . interviews and whatnot he's got a real . good demeanor about him he doesn't get . riled too easily but he's a prideful man. as well he's a competitor hearing for a . week. deonte calling him out this really . spectacular perf
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