ESPN’s Dave McMenamin On Why Kyrie Wants Out Of Cleveland

Dave McMenamin is an NBA Reporter for ESPN who the insider information on the everything to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coach Nick dives into the Kyrie question and what it's like being a Number 2 to LeBron James.
[applause]. why does kyrie irving want to be traded . how much do the cavs want in return is . there a way for lebron and kyrie to make . up and play together again the only . question left is say with me you win . hey sports fans coach nick here and. welcome to the bball breakdown podcast i . am pleased to bring on dave mcmenamin . who is an nba reporter for espn as i'm . sure we all know and david's a real . pleasure to have you i'm in my vacation . digs and you are in your complete suit . and looking really nice so thank you for . coming on and joining us thanks for . having me on i have been a consumer of . your work for years now so it's called . the element wow okay well you know that . i think it tells you i mean i've been . he's tony for a long time and obscurity. so thank you for being part of the . conversation and you know i thought we . would kind of jump in with what's going . on with the cavaliers because it's a . sort of long and sordid story and i'm. not even sure everyone's been up to date . with everything that you've been . reporting in the past so i'm kind of . curious how do we get to it from a team . that's been to the final so many years . in a row to such kind of like i can we . call it disarray as it is it officially. disarray yet it is right now of course . because it's just the the fear of the . unknown we don't know if the cavs will . indeed get the type of trade package for . kyrie irving that they feel like would . be requisite talent to keep them afloat . as the top team in the eastern . conference we don't know what would . happen if they don't get that trade . package and they decide to just hold . onto kai reed how that could play out in . the locker room for next season so . that's why the disarray applies to . what's going on right now fair enough . now you know yeah yeah i'm because i . because you think that like you know . things are going great they've been . ruling the east and everyone should be . happy playing with one another this is . sort of center on that kind of are we. talking about you know locker room . issues we talking about personnel fit. we're doing the root of it what's going . on with kyrie is now i think the root of . it you goes back to the summer of 2014 . when he was offered a max contract . extension and in that meeting lebron . james name didn't come up and he was . sold on a vision of being the leader of . the cavs franchise and playing a style. of ball reminiscent. of steve nash to the phoenix suns and . everything being filtered around him as . the centerpiece and caillou believed . that that would be his future the next . five year of his career as he went from . burgeoning all-star and starting to make . his mark on the league that he would do . so with players around him made to fit . his game. of course eleven days later lebron james . comes out with the i'm coming home. letter with lee jenkins to sports . illustrated and everything changes the . roster becomes fit around lebron james. rightfully so most would say and kyrie . did really well in those three years . while playing an accelerated kind of . growth process you know rather than kind . of get to go through his bumps and . bruises and take his licks as the face . of the franchise he was cast into a . secondary role but it wasn't a normal . secondary role a secondary role where he . was expected to be able to compete for . championships when he hadn't even played . in a playoff series and so that kind of . chafed at him but he did his best to . still work with it. but when you get through these three. years there was some sense of finality . because you know david griffin's leaving . the the franchise this summer right that . was a guy that that had been. instrumental in keeping kyrie irving. within the team structure of the last . couple of years and when that's gone and . then you look at the future the summer . 2018 we all know lebron james can opt . out to become a free agent it's a sense . of a little bit of i'm gonna make sure . that my fate is not tied to you anymore . and i will make this request now rather . than have to deal with the potential . fallout of a post lebron era in 2018 for . the cavs organization because he started . his career in the post liberal era 2010 . time for him and that was what that . really kind of was the pall hanging over . everything he did you know if he had a . great game it was you know the cavs have . the next great star after lebron if he . didn't play well and didn't carry the . franchise it was . man he didn't do it lebron did as a. young superstar and you know even if . lebron wants to leave in the summer 2018 . some people have made the argument well . why not just let lebron go and you can . have your own team again one you still . have a roster that that's been made to . fit around lebron and so kyrie . wow those players were still under . contract would not have the team that he . had been sold on and two that lebron . factor will always exist for the . perpetuity of the cavs franchise no one . will ever be able to match you know what . he's brought you know you look in . chicago right like no one they haven't. gotten over jordan the only time they . got over briefly was derrick rose . because he was a native son well lebron . is not just the best player in france . he's also the native son so that like . that will never be overcome and so you . know he put together a trade proposal . trade request gave the the cavs the . team's you'd like to go to he's kept . quiet because he wanted you figured that . you would have a better chance of . actually having that trade request come . to fruition. you know if it wasn't out there for . every team to get more leverage on . thinking of the cavs were desperate and . now we stand nearly five weeks after . that trade request and no deal has been . struck yeah well let me ask you this you . know it's a couple different things . let's first of all who leaked this if it . wasn't kyrie you know bryan winters was . the guy who wrote the story for us b and . did a great job and i believe he's gone . on record you know i don't want to . compromise his sources but he has said . that you know players found out about it . okay you know and so once players found . out about it they talked and you know . brian got wind of it i actually got wind . of it the kyrie was unhappy about six . days before brian broke the story i . couldn't get a confirmation right and . brian was able to get a confirmation . that this was actuality now i don't know . where that confirmation came from but if . it did. from someone associated with lebron that. doesn't mean that lebron's camp would . have elite right means it would permit . it well okay so here's what's . interesting because you know we do have . the uncle drew you know with with kyrie . and like a little bit of a glimpse of . who he is and what kind of a person he . is but it's not always easy to get a . handle on you know like you could say oh . he wants to go somewhere else so he can . be the man which then there's a lot of. like stuff involved with that or he . wants to score all the points but when . you look at what he put from last year . like i don't know people be able to . score a much more than 25 26 a game and . then when you hear him requested that he. wanted to go to a place like san antonio . for instance which where he would never . get the amount of touches he'd want to . score that it's this weird dichotomy and . i can't quite get my handle on who kyrie . is and really what he's trying to get . out of all this because it doesn't . necessarily sound like he wants to be . like the man in charge of everything and . shoot every shot and control every . possession or am i reading that wrong i . mean he already averaged more shots than . he'd ever average last year you know it . wasn't like he wasn't getting his shots . he averaged more shots than lebron did . in the postseason . you know when you'd say it matters more . you know i talked to people close to . kyrie i guess you'd say in kairi's camp . that they buck against that perception. that he's trying to be the man they're . framing of the situation is that it's he. wants to be in a different basketball. situation that does not involve another. man who is so all-encompassing the . lebron machine for back of a letter term . but for lack of a better term is . something that is unlike any other team . has in the nba and obviously one of the . you know best in my opinion best three . players ever to play the game so that . would come with it but you know you . think about the teams that are on . kairi's list there's strong coaches . there and not the terron lew i think he . doesn't one . job but he doesn't have the cachet of . you know a great popovich who's on that . list cachet of brad stevens you know . some of the the teams that are out there . and been linked a tom thibodeau right . mm-hmm so it's that without that figure . in the cavs organization you know. kyrie feels like there is a just like a . a day-to-day personality power whenever . you want to call it that he goes through . compromise that he goes through with the . cavs organization that you wouldn't do. elsewhere. and yes i mean you could also put a pin . in his balloon of his the man theory by . saying well wouldn't be quiet leonard to . be the man in san antonio he was a file . of wp i wouldn't call in any towns and . you know would be the man and soda or . kristaps porzingis or whatever it's more . of the idea of rather than playing with . an all-time grade and all of the . pressure of preserving that legacy. adding to that legacy winning for the . sake of this this window is so short . being so we better maximize it he'd just . go and play with great players not . all-time great players great players and . get to live probably a more peaceful . existence and get back to what . basketball is about for him which is and . you watch this ni
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