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Caption: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to overtime. it's good to be back the show is decent . the mics are paying kind of are tackling . i don't think we've ever said that no i . have said that fake mic babe i like it . and that's going on a shirt thank you . tall guy for your twins purple hoes i do . perfect and over time tall guy for your . twins purple hoes . [music]. [applause]. like take a quick minute to give a . special shout out to all the folks that . joined us in the live studio audience . thank you guys thank you good to have . you all right we've got a great show . coming up for you guys today three . segments you already know and love one . brand-new segment with a special guest . that i would be willing to bet most of . you have heard of right anyways i say we. dive right into the very first segment . of the show. that's you i've got a question for you. guys. the betcha is could you go sit in your . car right now lay on the horn for 30 . consecutive minutes in would the honker . run out of home i'm saying it'll go the . distance it'll go 30 no way i'm gonna . say no way it lasts 30 min i'm going . it's going the nice it feels good here . i'd like to come join you but i can't . the whore will last oh bob trains full . it's fully loaded bail train will only . train it's a great train but that's the . way he likes it let's head downstairs . he's arrived hey pop do i wanna see your . honker no i'm not gonna expose my honker . to you hey come on just give me a quick . tap oh no how loud it is oh this is . gonna be a long 30 minutes alright quick . update on the betcha board corey and . cody are up top with one betcha . amy garrett and kobe or each looking for . our first didn't think there was a. leaderboard well there is okay cuz i . would actually put some thought yeah i . say we get the honking . when you hear the honker engage you . start the timer 30 minute countdown this . is borderline mythbusters stuff right. here. this is our worst idea ever now what do . we know . wow you just went for one minute exactly . the newer car has been shut off chad . chad's 97 corolla we need your car i . guess the question is how long will it . go now we do want to know though oh it's . all it's done oh jeez got a hawk that's . not a honk 31 it just hit 31 minutes . there's nothing left get up here chad . get up here let's just listen to it . listen to it is literally teetering out . [applause]. little lights turn on it's got to be . dead got to be dead everybody hey . congratulations you're a winner . you're a wing of euro later the real . loser here is chad because his horn . sounds worse than it did snow and he . doesn't have to replace it i think we . should just go back to the dead alright . see you guys. thanks dad sorry chad get that car out . of my office chad just like to apologize . for ruining your horn feel free to . splurge on the world's best honker i . would also like to apologize in case . we're talking a lot louder the rest of . this episode kind of got a little bit of . a hum here but we've got a brand new. segment coming up next it's time to pick . up the sticks because it's game time . there's a little game out there some of . you may have played might have heard of . it . sweeping the world by storm it's called . for storm at a game reference yeah . didn't even know it i've never played . and i would say i'm probably the worst . in the world at four tonight i'll be . teaming up with ninja oh wow guys right . ahead to the gaming room yes it's really . just cory's office we don't have a . gaming room it's it here we go what's up . ninja he got tai here i would just like . to apologize ahead of time from my lack. of video game ability i will be right on . your tail i'm in okay here we go thai . dude are you gonna tell me when you . jumped out of this thing we're gonna get . out at lucky landing so it's that it's . the last time yeah all right we're gonna . go for that. right now i am flying through the air . right now alright good i'm literally . flying i have a i have a spaceship right. now dude this is the same so this is . your first time ever playing this game . ever this is literally my first time . that would have paid you we got to give . you a 100% win rate i just tossed out . something out of my pocket and it turned . into a parachute and i'm about to land . on top of the building that you're . inside just remember the rules fans stay . close we're good to go . i'm staying close i'm just go . parachuting down i'm right here on the . roof that was perfect you just slid . right in what are you drinking i just . read got a show poison oh yeah why do . you have an easter egg on your bed . that's i've i told you i'd have to kill . you oh wow there's like lava coming out . of it these are some big trees that were . whacking down here pretty easily oh yeah . okay oh so there's a team right here 300 . i got my crossbow out how do you feel . about that i feel comfortable okay . i'm comfortable in oh you're laying down . some fire you mean oh oh you you know . what i had a news coming at me and then . that guys love left tony i had that guy . [music]. oh did you kill him . well i gotta baja that's what kills me . is i had him yeah i mean it'd be crazy . if i could get like my own kill we . shouldn't like aim for that but if it . happens you know my gonna be that big . [music]. that was amazing can we dance together . [music]. alright we should probably get back to . work yeah yeah dude i would build tree . houses and help you but i have . absolutely no idea how you do that this . is perfect time it's a llama a llama . what is the llama do are you open the. llama oh guy drink some band-aids or . whatever that stuff is if you have a . medkit shot go down here . oh i don't know what's happening you . gotta kill this guy yeah kill this guy . where where's he at he's above me i got . him you're okay you're okay we got this . done i'm comfortable i'm confident this . is easy you're comfortable cuz i'm kind . of freaking out a little bit right now . okay don't freak out don't freak out . come here sit in the campfire. everything's gonna be okay i can't tell . you how safe i feel in here with you . feeling you're gonna want to call me all . the time to play with you and i know . some won't worry i'm a pretty busy guy . oh my god did your building entire first . floor of ugh . exactly it i've killed two of the . hundred people that's pretty good stats . i'm not gonna lie dude there's not. there's only four players left we know . where the other bad guys are oh no not . yet but oh actually yeah yeah there are . you ready i'm gonna take this launch pad . and we're gonna kill him right okay . [music]. i am . oh i think the last kill yeah you got . the last kill dude i mean wow that . feeling just hold on to it that's what . you experienced everyone with a clutch . on a tree first game ever gum thank you . so much man ec ma'am you have later guys . you know what we always say if you're . not very good at something find the guy . that's the best and be on his team and . that's what we did and we got the dub by . special thanks to epic games fortnight . for sponsoring this segment if you want . to play the game for yourself click the . link in the description below also . ninjas information is down there . apologize ninja if your back's hurting a . little bit put the team on your back . although i did have but video games are . fun yeah you know i got a say but you . know it's not fun at least for one of us . is the next segment of this show can we . just take a break one cannot take a . break codes because coming up next we . have wheel on fortune oh what a segment . this'll make you nervous as always . here's the hat i'm gonna draw you want . to go wander off garrett . choose a name yeah see ya wait wait hold . on hold on should we eliminate one at a . time ok eliminated from the wheel knee . person spinning that wheel. [applause]. welcome to my favorite segment five dead . forester hosts for the most popular . games showing all the lands we've got a . special guest i think you guys have last . week's script he was on he was on last . week oh well we've got a special guest . if you've actually seen before do weeks . in a row chords good to have you back . why don't you tell the folks at home . something special about you . well you're currently watching fake news . because there's no way i can be on here . twice in a row absolutely where are you. holding that dad's got secret pockets . all day long hold my bike for me real . quick so he's 40 pounds if anybody's out . there looking to lose weight fast . carrots tight you'd be shocked how well . i can see i can see quarter-mile big . stuff obviously hard to see something . really small at about a quarter mile all . right corey for the second episode in a . row i'm gonna need you to spit of a . lackluster spit i pretty through my aunt . susan gonna strut it faster than that . all right looks like you're gonna be . safe for bread at a mile but you might . [music]. quarry you seem to be excited about that . it's great i love bananas oh my friend . i'm not sure you're reading it right . because it does say eat a whole banana . i've to eat the peel you got to eat the . peel core that's what i'm getting back . jorge have at it. go have some fun good to see you goodbye . fred hopefully i see you next week here . they have a pretty limited menu oh yeah . [music]. thank you i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty . queasy this he's eating a whole banana. [music]. you're not gonna puke you're lying he's . not too keen ya know a hundred percent . is that did not go well . [music]. we gained some good ground there his . body's shutting down. double bite you won't do a double bite . you're not giving me advice so here's my . question you're stuck on an island and . you come across a banana are you gonna . waste that nutritious peel or are you . just gonna ham town i'm gonna waste it . i'm telling you it sounds like velcro . coming off i do not care about the sound . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. thanks for joining us on wheel. unfortunate what an incredible . performance by cory cotton i mean he . sold out by the way i don't mean to . worry you but i do think you might be . having an allergic reaction of the . bananas you've got a little bit of . redness going on right here that's . actually because i hit my head in the . trash can hey just think you might even . get sick next oh what a treat that could . be amazing cubs aren't you tom what we . got coming up next guys i don't know if . there's anything better in the entire . world than trying to break a crazy world . record it's time for absurd return . all right so you guys may remember the . last episode of absurd recurred i broke . the record for the world's longest lego . wall done well done took some punishment . there but what you may not know is that . was not the only record attempted that . day later that afternoon . kobe cotton himself attempted his very . own let's take a look . ladies and gentlemen welcome back. michael it is so good to see you again . thanks so much for joining us you're . really getting used to this place huh i . love it guys we have one heck of a . record that we my we i mean i am i'm . happy today i'm out you might see what's . in my hand how far can i blow this here . p on the ground . that's the absurd burger and that is an . absurd record michael tell them the. distance i'm going for you're attempting . to blow that p 24 feet seven point six . inches we picked the most spherical p we. could find let's not spend any more time . talking about p's let's get this is . kobe's time to shine. he might not win battles but he can set . some absurd records okay and it's time . to do the people oh let's go copse . what's your strategy here's the deal . then thinking long and hard about this i . only get one breath but i'm gonna break . it up into three bursts so it's gonna be . like guys it is time for the most absurd . absurd record you've ever seen. [music]. let's get the measuring tape the . measuring tape is out all right i've got . the starting point mark come on michael . kobe kobe you had 28 feet ten and a half . inches congrats away so good that is the . definition of an absurd record yes but . well done . way to go coach hold up very impressive . all right well thanks for watching this . episode of overtime as always i believe . we should do a little giveaway oh to . find folks who subscribe and share this. video whose shirt should we give away . 4th of july is coming up how about . cory's so 5 people if you're a . subscriber and you share this video . we'll pick 5 of you send it your way . thanks for watching guys if you're not . already a dude perfect subscriber click. down here so you don't miss out on any . new videos great news we've heard three . requests and dude perfect now has a . twitch channel i click here to follow us . got some good stuff coming also if you . want to see the last video click down . here signing off for now we're the mics . are fake and sometimes we don't wear . pants let me wear shorts nice . [music]. .

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