Fyre Festival COMPLETE Disaster. VLOG of Chaos!

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We spent $500 and went to the Exumas in the Bahamas and I vlogged the whole trip. Ja Rule & Billy McFarland put on a festival in the islands that didn't turn out as expected. We ended up being stuck on a plane for 6 hours with no food or water!
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It is thursday officially the day of my . flights of fire i'm tired i slept like . four hours last night i'm hitting the . gym now for my flight for getting on . this flight to fire on to the bahamas i . don't know how many outlets and charging . stations are going to have on this . island so i'm going to try to have a log . as much as i can so see how this goes . made it through security to the airport . you have no idea how hard it is to get . an uber in miami finally got it over to . the airport listen i'm on swift air wow . so that was giuliana that i just ran . into . she took a red-eye from la and has been . sleeping in the airport and is now on my . flights the bahamas and i just found out . that the tensor disaster the beds are . all wet basically everything is a wreck. in this airport that is like the most . prescient airport i have ever seen . basically getting on like this pop-up . airlines it pretty much like doesn't . exist i'm saying my prayers right now . could be amazing could be a disaster . incredible news one o'clock flight now . delayed till 4: . now he's explaining a whole lot of . nothing to people ever been so happy in . my life to see the proof of bozo i've . never been so happy in my life. the vlog ends here therefore i'm in my . hands and man in this drama queen . yo drama clean you guys want off . subscribe below . - three hours later still in the airport . the killing time we still have no idea. what's going on in this island we have . no idea we were saying i tried to . building. [music]. [music]. [music]. what's happening in a water over there . oh geez . maybe we all get to burn it down how we . destroyed all of our money this is this . is insane after having the flight . delayed three hours . screeching hot plane where we sat on the . plane finally landed then got on a hot . magic school bus . it took another 30 minutes to get here . then they try to get us to stay on the . school bus we had people like crying on . our bus there's like 50 tents that are . ready and all the rest aren't what did . the guy say when he checked you that. lush carpet go flush carpet on flush . down the toilet mom dad if i don't make . it home i love you guys i know you told . me and matt not to come on this but you . still did thanks . [music]. we're in trouble. no one can get in the rooms no we can . get their bags we've been here for hours . the sun is going to hell suns going down . really going down don't have to be pitch . black out there people are panicking . like tripping out i hate you for telling . me to come here i hate you i hate you . for telling me to come here i hate you i . hate you up oh go let it go right yes . dear dad dear farm or join another one . [music]. yeah what just happen so we went back to . our tent we're equipped some of our . stuff for me to find random people in . there we told them it was our rooms to . get out and they said pretty much when . they check in they're just telling . everyone it's a free-for-all just find . an impending grabs . so we're currently in the dark . walking to try to find our luggage . because we went to one place already our . luggage is not there this is like five . or six hours later we still don't have . time you open i don't know what to do . now it's getting late . someone took our our room they told us . it was a free-for-all so we have nowhere . to stay nowhere to stay some people are . missing bags and we're just trying to . get our bags pitch black out there truck . craziness going on everywhere nobody. knows what to do all the resorts nearby . are sold out it's an actual disaster. i've talked to like five different . people that work for fire festival about . trying to get a flight out of this place . and restraint it no one knows what to do . cheering so we decided that it would be . best to show up to the airport and just . try to get on a flight back to miami . because everything was such a disaster . we showed up alone a bf that is how do . people in here . a little crazy but apparently there's a . flight we can go back on right now if i . can get back to miami get in the shower . and get in a fresh bed i will be so . happy. [music]. here's awesome what do you have to send . we activated a everson but they actually . went out on an island time . so much closer the plane is apparently. on the way somehow for all this madness . we managed to get the : . sake we're doing it we're house we're . getting back how you doing oh my gosh we . bought it we gotta get some water oh my . god you're conditioning are we logging . your finger there we are not a very good . plug i'm going to get amazing content . hey the gods always put updated 3:15 . still on this plane . some people are just wanting delusional . we've asked others rather than i call i . am everyone what are you talking about . how many times we have to show our . passports people are naming an . unbelievable position we need to pay . attention g's will be calling names if . she is done and she has not called your . name i want you to stand up and say i . was not called i'm not going to kick you . out of the airplane i just need to . document you so please pay attention. okay okay pay attention the quicker we . can do this a book as we get out of here . before 50 you want to help . still positing here waiting for the sun . to rise and i know all of you everyone . has put their eye mask on now raise it . as none we are officially off the plane . we got everyone off the plane if i were . an accountant everyone back on the plane . and then find out everyone's getting up . so far heading to be north 24 hours of . my life now that's 5:00 a. m. we were . going to book a hotel tonight but . instead payment suggests to me book also . tomorrow's ages . i don't know the sun is officially the . length of the time to them we will have . to give the comment this it allows you . to come out a few years ago head out . keep using anymore . buddy please everybody there's a new . crew companies little be able to fly the . airplane album the compiler is right now . or rather these men because . proportionally is not is not a company . quality is a reservoir we want well i . know you guys are tired of seeing me but . it's now 6:40 and so we are all in a . waiting room yes yes beautiful people . yeah some kind of them back again we're . all in here and we're trying to get out . of country but we can't do it it is . [music]. open the always healing the shine on the . plane they had a tracker passport maybe . seven times . they said they were booking issues we . got off of the plane got back on your . dreams. so me and about twelve of my friends . here we all were north bahamas for a . fire festival which was promised to be a . luxury vacation kind of music food. they're all promised an eight-person . villa would fit on together we made it . you're alive come on none of us passed . out this one just did a new yorker. interview yeah i'll make sure to put it . in the bio whew i think it's it i think . it's safe to say one of the worst 24 . hours i've ever had in my life lock it . in 11:25 a would you agree . i would actually be pretty bad like what . do you think i think it's a pretty tough . fire never did i think that this . festival was turned into us being stuck . in the airport for six plus hours people . being held of water air they lock the . doors on us people were passing out i . never thought it would get this serious . but uh i'm just thankful that we landed . now and everyone is healthy and that . we're statement on u. s. land . .

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