Golden State Warriors vs Detroit Pistons – Full Game Highlights | Dec 8, 2017 | 2017-18 NBA Season

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Detroit pistons from the brand-new . little caesars arena first time the . warriors start this group of five is . shaun livingston coming off of suspicion . in nato and the usual five for the . pistons reggie jackson bradley stain . game road trip it's never happened in. warrior history only ten teams in nba . history have done it . meanwhile about a season ago stan had to . be careful times for situation of. whether or not he could play his . all-star center and that spoke to teams . had in three decades. and again they haven't been at full . strength for most of the years favorite . bread line make their first stop of to . date easy tell me shoot thirty percent . over the last four games . durant like a klay thompson guarding . drummond great ball movement and don't . in a day and age where a lot of times . [applause]. that reggie jackson take it off johnson . now charged with defending durant makes . a great look another assistant apart the . 7-footer can look over anybody is picky . with the slob on bradley it's the best . fans to be in the detroit hotel not . mentioning names yeah i think it was . more the hotel than the city he was . referring tonight think that one of two . ways you could say we get to go home . let's come out and lay it out on the . water that we for whatever reason are . notoriously poor givers back to their. institutions believe it or not in avery . bradley it's all coming back home and he . said cassidy said he was so excited for . his teammates to be able to see detroit . because they had obviously never first . warrior turnover jackson on the drive . nice moving the leftist couldn't finish . the crowd . as harris pull-up three klay thompson . short they get another look though and . green he was trying to pass it . [applause]. drummond gets it rich . [music]. durant with five points three rebounds . and two assists any thing moving into 40 . all time and nba scoring thompson back . he's just 1 for 4 here's jordan bell . nice pass first quarter six-point lead . paradis and ha ha jordan bell blocking . the duncans iguodala . turns and connects defense the last five . or six years pistons have missed 11 . straight shop so they bring on tolliver . by a foot no-look pass to harris at free . phone chauncey billups hears talk nicely . done by were installing the defense that . has put the warriors in a position to . win and down to golden state play . thompson with six points here's david . west haryana bitch the entire piston fan . base of cheering there . what their plan against with detroit . west again a little bit deeper a tip . from there go to mariana bitch again on . the low block just tired . hold on arianna bitch here's galloway . outside. [applause]. i'm san ophir three from three-point . land. tonight mvp before this is all said and . done probably the best news for them as . i say it thomas is what is katie who's . got eight points five assists sweep with . neither hand and the length of the wrist . tolliver you said you know what i'm . gonna hold off for now and that decision . is paid off here in this game . here's cost if smith driving through the . lane tolliver battling . here's harris with a pull-up it's good . drummond was an all-star back in 2016 . the first piston since 2010 is playing . the all-star game they're rantings to . make that chuck sure don't like the . shimmy he does before the free throws . now is what to won't be saying really . today i finish shot clock is at 6 during . 2 minutes to go in the half here's . jackson 10 of trading in sports cadiz . shaking tolliver goes to the elbow hit . sentence was dot 1 wednesday night never . had stood in a row drummond . [applause]. 11 points and 5 of 9 shooting 5 seconds . to go deep play from jackson a. championship with the same group knowing . that even if as he is doing it obviously . with two different teams . thompson catches with tobias harris with . them getting a 33 straight with at least . one may 3 let alone a tea strainer ray . allen reggie miller and it all took . those they're hoping to get curry back . in the next two weeks so be easily . evaluated in about 10 days . durant's hip checks kevin durant out to . green three too strong durant with a . putback opportunity livingston with a . catch in the lane and able to finish . that's his separation with the fadeaway . about ways that place an object to . disprove you speak so much these verses . they want to get him to the line boys . throat zuko lot more free throws they're . just trying to get in at um fake to draw . more fouls on the perimeter play make . again and to me it's his character that . makes this whole thing work this durant . lets it go my goodness . [music]. five-point lead for golden state here's . johnson on the drive in final for 13 not . getting much productivity because that's . position thompson from the corner keeps . this nice backdoor fine drummond two . buttons they have a five-point lead on . the road smith under the rim great ball . movement brightly anything that's . against oliver timer to get dawa up top . knocks down on the fourth action also. forcing turnovers a big key something . they have not. or is the distance playing their first . year in a new venue well finds the ocean . man it's typically late in the shot . clock is that's the effort that well i . thought we did a better job moving the . ball wherever we wanted boban beaumont . and ran the floor and he finished at the . rim blast with them and this lineup . right now on the floor for the troy . that's the lineup to turn things around . in the first half . wow and they don't play a lot over the . net amazed this whole thing about step . 13 reevaluate this put two more games . again palpable yeah there's canard the . rookie over thompson knocks down the . move right there the shooting 41% for . three west at the foul line . just camps up. kenard fires to tolliver another miss at . the ram mariana boots is there and puts . it back up and an insulate the point . playing with a chip on my shoulder i'm . playing with a boulder and this roster . going back this weekend against phoenix . but it's looking more like tuesday's in . dallas. gallagher comes ish smith playing on his . 10th tee he's been a key guy that backup . point guard he finds monsters line up . because he wanted quinn cook to gardens . he said that guy's a pain in the neck . i'll cook off the benches on him . durant's got 30 points 9 rebounds 6 . assists 2 blocks . thompson falling away carries it troy . [applause]. jackson driving another blocker grave up . [applause]. duran hangs and finish . nine for the pistons they go to drummond . on the low block spinning on durant . babies locked it and then thompson . caught it a little low it doesn't matter . we're down or there was a . miscommunication on a couple of . sequences defensively. durant hits the deck later i'll gladly . hypnotist ins out the treasure every . possession down the stretch here jackson. not picked up tolliver and what about . the rejection bank durant just sent it . back in his face and . [applause]. bradley for three knocks it barriers big . possession here for the pistons need a . good shot they get one with credibly . they let galloway shoot it there and the . golden state warriors for the first . [music]. .
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