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Caption: All right mate how you doing and welcome . back to another episode of the hash tag . academy episode 7 today and we are down . to the final four now if you've been . watching this series for a while you'll . know these final four candidates are all. very talented footballers they're all. top blokes as well i'm really not sure . how actually going to tell between them . we've got a go from four to two people . today so we are going to have our two . finalists at the end of this episode and . it's going to be a mental episode in the . way that the last three episodes have . been looking at technical skills and . physical attributes this one is all . about their mental ability we're going . to be doing a interview based episode . i've bought in three members of the . hashtag united team to be my special . guest interviewers okay starting off . with faisal manj dog . manji he's going to be doing straight . introduces getting to the bottom of who . these guys are what they're about what . their intentions are finding out more . about their personalities then we have . got the self-proclaimed king of banter . himself paul nash master united he's . gonna be asking some slightly stranger . questions putting the guys outside of . their comfort zone seeing what they've. got to offer in the benefit department . and finally but when no means least we . have my brother said who i've actually . tasked specifically with playing bad cop . today okay his job is to make the . interviewees as uncomfortable as. possible it's going to be very . interesting by the end of the interviews . we are going to have to make the . decision me and the free judges and work . out what to we put through to the final . is not going to be easy let's just get . on with it . [music]. right time to find out a bit more about . you i'm 17 i go to six home in my . hometown of lincoln. well currently i'm in year 11 still . doing my gcses at the moment a bit. revising away from this i am a youtuber . myself so i upload videos weekly every . couple of days so that's why full-time . job outside of football what i do fee . for so i'm not pasted here . i also add money to camera as well i get . there which are quite like keying on at . the moment i want to grow that as well . as a camp an ambition is mine if . football doesn't work out in to be . interior designer architecture okay . that's been getting my time being that . way from that i am a dad as well i have . a four-year-old daughter so if i'm not . making videos i'm not eating then you . know you're gonna catch a row so time . with my daughter just do whatever she . wants to do tell us something about you . that we don't already know something it . wasn't on your application something . that hasn't been said already i used to . compete gymnastics and i winger for . county quite banded krait your gold . celebration should be on point i once . lost nine won against manchester city . and i was the only player to score we . also fight against tottenham hotspur and . i was the first player for lincoln ever . to score a hat-trick against onam . hotspur when i was under 8 to my head. one or no we drew three or i liked . football boots so like a dual or like . design in a like yeah . personalization customization abuse year . that's what i'm really into yeah i want . myself whilst playing football okay yeah . so one up for a header i landed but . something was landing as well it was . really weird so i stopped and i think . something's running down my leg this is . weird and i've kind of stopped luckily . it was raining that day so i was able to . get down on one knee out the shorts and . kind of cover it over and stuff like . that so yeah that's the big one . when we have to war stevie stevie . everyone i'm ray the kit boys about that . we just connect it wasn't a game we all . use all in the stolen sir away from the . academy what's been your proudest . achievement today away from the academy . probably hitting 10,000 subscribers on . my youtube channel that was massive . muscles from our self-confidence and for . just people to take start taking it . seriously i think i . scared for my daughter being born i . think her being born was the biggest . change of perspective in my life and . creates the whole different kind of . motivation and determination having her . is is key to everything i do you know i . get because of her and i contained . upload and work my ass off because of. her so she's the great my great . achievement my greatest joy and she just . pushes me for everything . i think pain for best of the goalie on. of the player that was quite a big . achievement for me and from a dad as . well because he was born in less than a . exploited left and he was less than i . say it was we wanted to play it there . academy there as well i want to go to . play fair the center football and i left . london competition and i ended up . winning the whole competition i'm the . captain of my team okay so from that . look like a fifty man fully man league . could pangu league you know from that um . slap a rollercoaster of crazy stuff . obviously if you win . it's placing the team yeah and it's a . three thousand pound prize as well a lot . of money yeah yeah what would that mean . for you it it changed everything for me . because that through gun can help me . obviously bolster my youtube channel . because i can buy equipment for it mean . a lot as can get my car next year i . think that was put a bit money to that . and that would be really nice . achievement for me to get a nice car and . also talk about my mum's been taking me . everywhere. the other thing i'd like book a nice. holiday for by my goal personally away. from youtubers like that one could take . my daughter to disneyland so i take it . as disneyland paris . other than pay rent yeah i'm never . thinking of money i was thinking of . paying for hashtag light that's all . oniony so i think we need arcs when i . was asked about what would i do . give the money i said nando's go in and . do this okay knew i'd be that ready . that's a lot of chicken a lot like not . all the free ground like one nando's of . my little bomber because like he kind of . like push me to that to come to the . hashtag fear yeah clicking man booth . tria why do you deserve to win the . hashtag academy um i think i deserve to . win because let me work my ass off to . get to this very point i bring you know . strength of a different dynamic as well . some leadership i think i'm showing my . ability through all that place. i actually winning the skills challenges . in episode 5 and also being the youngest . stuffing i've got many years to develop . for the player and of the person i don't . think it will be like he deserves to win . it i think you'll be right you're almost . blessed we've got honour of representing . this club i hope by what i've done and . what i've shown that i could be some . someone you could see as your teammate. i'm hashtag show through nothing as i'm . passionate and determined . i'd never wanted to win something so . much in my life honestly and i just . don't want this dream to end pretty much . and it's just been kali so far . [music]. don't ask me before you scott who is the . best hashtag player in your opinion got . that without brown nosing through the . best hashtag player in your opinion i'll . take it but yeah from ryan adam spencer . have that kind of these like that please . place a bar brisket you don't need to . mention him but he's doing bits i feel . like we've hashtag it's not it's not . like stand up here for me i feel like . it's actually a team very much by oh i'm . bad i hope who else are you thinking of . a man ran up and running down there to . finish like going away from cristiano . ronaldo and messi of the team who else . should you pick and i would say and . maybe rich back living on song here are . things and they're attached to a hashtag . knowledge and how fag - hashtag united . first game again and oh god bill do this . um stream team oh dream drinking nailed . it straight like dad do you know see the . first thing i hash tag like a goal . scorer also oh god why am brown line . adams oh yeah thanks for toes take that . yeah in your humble opinion if you could . play for the club you support your whole . career but never win a trophy would you . rather that for play if you know like . barcelona real madrid be guaranteed to. win every trophy there is going fast . moving around there we go colleague . suppose it's simple up well now i'm just . so competitive with a bar food i want to . win stuff you know all the time i kids . stories about when i want to champions . league of scored the winner in the . finals you know you take a fast time . yeah i like the style of play i think . okay and it's over with you yeah well . when you play football when even from . the beginning or nice and you start to . claim for more for my kids you know you . saw this all where you saw a flashing . lights all the cool stuff lifting trophy . those moments for people become legends . when you go back to the groceries of . things it's the passion that made you . love the game and i feel like i would. rather play for the club that that pumps . deep in my heart there's always said of . young players if you're good enough . you're old enough how old does that make . you then you make things i mean you're . not wrong you're not wrong scotty so we . know that in a year there were twelve . months seven months of 31 days how many . have 28 all of them up for you do know . i'm right okay for me straight off the. main come on . once olden ah got their butts at your . birth office . wrong all of them i know i knew that . yeah i was gonna say some you die . remember still into work i know there's . one i want to see free with your fork . 0:05 yeah good looking . all of them are 28 days oh me oh me yeah . i'm alone . [music]. you've got your own youtube channel . i

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