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Every Premier League Manager is back, with pissed off Pep Guardiola, Jose accusing Conte of match fixing and Arsene vs Arsenal Fan TV.
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Premier League Results:
Chelsea 0-0 Leicester
Crystal Palace 1-0 Burnley
Huddersfield Town 1-4 West Ham
Newcastle 1-1 Swansea
Watford 2-2 Southampton
West Brom 2-0 Brighton
Tottenham 4-0 Everton
Bournemouth 2-1 Arsenal
Liverpool 4-3 Manchester City
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Every premier league manager match their . 24 they went and were still three points . ahead of that bald italian bastard . although he'll probably fix some matches . to change that a poor child you would of . told you 100 times i never wanted . sanchez anyway no never . terrible player never somebody fight the . club please anybody please i begged you . i give to you free wine just take that . fat tracksuit selling man actually away . i'm well turns us round i'll get my . things . h2 get another managers of sec who am i . kidding. nobody cared when those saw some ton . bastards fired me the silver age bring . me ice on his jaws in 56 seconds i buy . for your wolcott he sets up the goal . that's why i was chosen to be in one . manager 56 seconds was about as long as . you've lasted as the england manager was. me a thank god about you i he didn't . scara now i can still insist on buying . an old ship the target man did somebody . say my nickname five defenders didn't . quite work better try seven at the back . next time now law mr gold the engineers . are getting too much you know that we . transfer a short list i gave you. can i add a few names to it okay darren . gibson steven pienaar vector and . nietzsche be a julian always scott and . jack rod well no this is not a joke. today we played like it was a home game . mainly because the london stadium is a . shirt as art stewart fans forget about . getting ready for life in the . championship and get ready for life in . the champions league clever wordplay its . oh silver can get sucked i might be up . scheisse creek . it's ridiculous the employment was . basically same name cuz me it's pathetic. that his wife naked they punt who . deserved to win . i am the best mauricio poverty no i mean . pellegrino i'm the best mauricio . okay as you know i like to be eloquent . and unemotional about my team's . performances but that was his and . my players at all what results should . shut the funds up for once who lost the . second half one nil ham rolls ha ha . [music]. what would clapping calvary aleph said . after swansea beat liverpool 1 nil write . your own scenes below and we'll pin our. favorite thanks for watching . .
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