If You Hate LONZO BALL Watch This! (Can It Change Your Mind?)

Is Lonzo Ball a future NBA Star or a Massive Bust?
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Lonzo ball is arguably the most . controversial basketball player in the . nba today right now everyone has an . opinion on lonzo and most of them are . negative he was overrated in college his . shooting form is completely broken . why won't his dad just shut up for one . second so yes guys today we're going to . look at lonzo ball and ask ourselves is . all of this hate justified because sure . there have been some struggles but there . also have been some great moments this . season lonzo scored 29 points on the . suns he became the youngest player to . ever have two triple doubles he just had . the game-winning assist on national . television but it seems like no one is . focusing on these good moments at all . and instead all anyone wants to talk . about are the bad things lonzo ball does . so how are you guys doing my name is. mike and let's start this video off with . one question would people still hate . lonzo ball if flow far was not his dad . when i first thought of that question i . thought it might lead to an interesting. to be but after thinking about it for a . little bit i decided that it really . doesn't because the answer is actually . very simple people wouldn't hate on . sobel there'd be no reason to seriously . let's throw the bar out of the equation . right now and think about who bonzo has . been as a person so far in his. basketball career because when you . really think about it lonzo himself has . been the opposite of a controversial . basketball prospect in fact listening to . his interviews he's actually been kind . of boring i don't mean that in a bad way . it's just that lonzo has held himself . like a professional from the second his . fame began to grow it's not an . exaggeration to say that he was the most . famous nba draft prospect since lebron . and that type of huge jump to celebrity. status would be over . - a lot of people but it hasn't been . freelancer in his one season in collagen . since he joined the lakers alonso has . really said nothing controversial at. alonso really hasn't done anything off . the court that would merit negative . headlines and so going back to the . original question would nba fans hate or . even dislike a quiet pass first rookie . point guard with an incredible . basketball iq who has a history of . leading his teams to winning seasons . noah they wouldn't in fact i'd say fans . would love that type of prospect which . is why we need to keep in mind that it's . love bar who can't keep his mouth shut . it's love bar who has been at the center . of every controversy that involves onso . and it's love or that has put a target . on his oldest son's back lonzo didn't . ask for any of this with all of this . said though on the court it's been no. secret that lonzo has gone through some . serious growing pains as a rookie and . because he's basically been living his . life under a microscope . lonzo struggles have been so . well-documented that reporters have . begun to ask nba stars what they think . is wrong with monza which led to steph . curry saying this these are kids . i'm going through the ups and downs like . every rookie whether your highly-touted . or not it's all a learning experience. and trying to find your way and be . comfortable. of course and there's a great talent you . didn't judge me up my first 20 games and . i've gotta say steph brings up some . excellent points because normally 20 . year old rookies in the nba are not . expected to walk onto the court and . dominate players who are 10 years older . than rookies are normally expected to. make a lot of mistakes before they . adjust to the fast-paced nba game to . show you what i mean let's take a look . at how several future nba hall of fame . point guards played in their rookie. seasons now keep in mind that right now . lonzo has played in exactly 25 games in . this averaging eight point six points. seven point one assists and six point . eight rebounds a game so comparing those . numbers to nba legends as a 22-year old . rookie steve nash put up three point . three points 2. 1 assists 1 rebound and . shot 42% from the field he still . finished as a two-time mvp looking at . gary payton another 22 year old ricky . the glove finished his first year. averaging seven point two points to the . six point four assists and three . rebounds a night worse than lonzo but . gary still in the hall of fame and . looking at jason kidd the player . everyone loves to compare lonzo to we . see that in kids first 25 games he put . up a very similar nine points 8. 1 . assists and six rebounds a night and . shot just 34% from the field kidd would . go on to finish his rookie year with an . improved eleven point seven points seven . point seven assists and five point four . rebounds a game before becoming one of . the best point guards the nba has ever . seen finally wrapping this all up . because i'm sure you get the point by . now steph curry the man we just heard . from averaged just 11 point two points . four point six assists and three point . three rebounds a game in his first 25 . games then after he adjusted to . mba he finished his rookie season on a . tear and massively increased his stats. to 17. 5 points 5. 9 assists and 4. rebounds at gate so you can see where . steph is coming from here the first 25 . games of a rookie point guards career . can prove to be pretty meaningless. because again it's very hard to make the . transition to the nba . especially for a point guard just last . year lanza was playing at against . college kids and now he's playing . against grown men like patrick beverley. who are determined to make his life a . living nightmare which to me means that . lonzo is supposed to be having a hard . time right now especially when you . consider the ridiculous pressure that. the media has put on but because he's . lonzo ball and because the media has . hyped him up so much fans are simply not . being fair with every single game he . struggles you can find a reddit post. full of ball family haters and multiple . talk shows the next morning questioning . whether alonzo is a bustard 25 games . into his career . people are already calling him a bust . that's how absurd some people are when. it comes to lanza which is why . personally when i look at lanza as. rookie season so far. i think we all just need to take a step . back and calm attempt let him play out . his rookie season let him play out the . first few years of his career before we . start to jump to conclusions of what . he'll be in 5 6 or 7 years i think jason . kidd's thoughts on lonzo struggles are . very insightful here remember kid is a . soon-to-be hall of fame point guard who. struggled as a rookie and so he knows . what lonzo is going through which is why . when asked about the alonso ball jason . kidd comparison jason . kid said this i'm not saying it is not . fair to make that comparison but it is . too early let him get some games under . his belt i truly think he is talented . today we want everything microwaved . we want everything overnight or we want . it googled we want to see the answer now . we want the answer now i had to quote j . kid on that because i couldn't put it . any better right now with the rise of . social media and everything that comes . with social media we've become fans that . react way too much to one game and it . seems like we never learn just think . back to the 2016 playoffs where the . spurs dominated the thunder early on and . everyone wrote off okc the thunder would . go on to win that series then they . played golden state in the western. conference finals and jumped out to a 3 . to 1 lead which meant that everyone . wrote off the warriors of course the . warriors would go on to win that series . and then it was golden state who took a . 3 to 1 lead over the cavs in the finals . and of course after everyone said the . cavs had no chance to win it was lebron . and the cavaliers who won the 2016 nba . championship what this should tell us is . that we love to react to stuff away too . much when it's in the moment that's . what's happening with lonzo right now . everyone is judging these first 25 games . way too much and people are simply not . thinking about the big picture so i . asked you please not only with lonzo but . with every rookie and really every nba . situation remember that things change . fast in this league teams adapt to . opponents game plans young players . adjust and begin to figure things out so . try not to write off guys like lonzo too . fast with all of this in mind though . this is a channel that looks at both . sides of any basketball story so i think . we have to look at exactly why alonso . has had a hard time this season when it . comes down to it i think lonzo's game . right now has three major problems the . first and most underrated problem is. that right now he is nowhere near strong . enough to dominate nba . being completely honest here alonso is a . twig. especially when you compare him to other . nba point guards like russell westbrook. this lack of strength has allowed nba . defenders to body lonzo whenever he . attempts to drive to the basket and it . certainly makes finishing around the rim . a much more difficult task this to me . means that if the lakers address this . and put lonzo on the same weight gaining . regimen that brandon ingram is on will . begin to see lonzo's level of play rise. as he gets stronger and stronger as for . the second and third major problems they . go hand in hand . one of these problems is that clearly . his shot has been horrible . there's no getting around that as he's . shooting 25% from three as for the other . problem it's that he has absolutely no . confidence in his shot now because of . lonzo's weird shooting form people act . like this was to be expected of him when . he played in the nba i don't really . understand that at all remember in . college lonzo shot 41% from three made . over two threes a game and was usually . taking shots that were beyond the nba. 3-point arm these nets mean that at ucla . he was a good too great shooter but so . far as a laker he's been a disgustingly . bad and in my opinion the reason for . this is not simply that his shot doesn't . work in the league and that defenders. are able to contest it too easily in . fact according to nba. com alonso is . currently shooting better with a . defender close to him than he is when . he's left wide open as on wide open . three-point shots he shooting 21. 6% the . fact that he's been this bad on wide . open threes and makes me believe that . the real problem with lonzo ball shot is . confidence i think reggie miller who was . commentating the recent lakers for . sixers game said it best when he said if . you look at lonzo's eyes when he's. shooting a 3 there is absolutely no . confidence reggie would go on to say . that he himself had a weird shooting. form but. he made it work and she had that form . might not have been as weird as lonzo's . but i think lonzo can make it work too i . think that lonzo just isn't used to . playing in the nba and that every game . right now is a learning experience as . the season goes on as he gets more games . under his belt he's going to get better . at least that's what i believe lonzo . hopefully you prove me right and so . thank you guys for watching i hope you . enjoyed this video if you did enjoy it . make sure to subscribe if you're new we . do basketball videos like this we look . at basketball history we do nba what ifs . and bia conspiracies if it has to do . with basketball and it's a cool topic . we're gonna make a video on so subscribe . so you don't miss any videos and if . you're already subscribed to thank you . so much for support you are awesome we . all know it and as always have an . awesome day and cue that music . [music]. .
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