LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball GIVE UP BASKETBALL FOREVER!! Lavar Ball Just Killed Their Careers.

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Lonzo Balls new shoes are Lavar Ball work. Big Baller Brand made new shoes called Ball Brothers. LiAngelo Ball on Chino Hills isn't as good as LaMelo Ball or Lonzo Ball on UCLA. LiAngelo NBA. LaMelo Ball is not ready yet. If LaMelo continues to play this way his NBA career won't be like Lonzo Ball.
Lonzo Balls career is going to be ruined if Lavar Ball keeps talking about Steph Curry Lavar Ball is doing too much.
Lonzo balls steph curry. Lonzo ball, UCLA player. As we all remember, sportscEnter shoved as much of steph curry down out throats as possible last season. Pre-game, during-game, post-game. Its was all steph curry, so as soon as he fucked up, or had one single bad game, we all got on him. we roasted him. the hype got to such annoying levels, that we hoped on steph curry to fail, just so we don’t have to deal with the non-stop steph curry fest. Liked it before I even watched. I agree with all of this. Lavar has been talking too much..
If you guys don’t think these laker players are already annoyed the fuck out of his dad, youre as crazy as he is. Andd the quotes kinda get worse.
lavar ball pointed to wat his son has done at ucla
Lonzo balls news shoes. Lonzo Shoes. Lonzo. Big baller brand. lavar ball.
“everyone says ucla is a good team. “maaan” they had the same team last year”
still don’t think lonzos teammates might take this the wrong way? I mean I personally interpret this as, your team wasn’t shit until my son graced you unworthy peasants with his unmatched basketball savagery. Okay, now im exaggerating, but the point remains, even if what lavar is saying is the absolute truth, no one wants to hear it. Do you know how many times Jordan could have come out and said “hey the bulls aren’t without me, im you know how many times he could have said that? Not very many because he had some great teams around, stop with the myths people but if he did say something like in the 80s, even though its true, its just cancerous to the team.
Lonzo Ball, Lamelo Ball, Lavar Ball
If lavar ball has given any indication to what he is like as a parent, its that he is onvercontrolling, and potentially over possessive. What this means is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to be involved in every single thing lonzo does in the nba. And im talking money, people. Lavar would want to control what he does on the court, control what sponsors he signs with and how much they pay him, what brand deals he gets, and ofcourse his contract. In other words, I fully expect lavar ball to come out and tell lonzo “don’t even look for an agent. Now that youre in the nba, im your agent, ill make the money shots”
Lavar ball Is a looney biscuit. Hes the last person id want handling lonzos money. I mean, can you imagine lavar ball as an agent? Holy crap
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Caption: Let's get right into this lavar ball . pulled out lee angelo ball from ucla and . that is the biggest headline of this. entire story although i really wish we . could somehow remove the last 14 words . to that sentence lavar looks like he's . only packin about two inches anyways . wouldn't be hard to pull out if he . wanted and i know all the headlines . involved in jello have been negative but . get your sunglasses ready because look . on the bright side lee angelo ball . literally went undefeated at ucla he . didn't lose a single game and you can . hate him all you want now that's . impressive also i know people look at . italy angelo as a selfish basketball . player but him leaving ucla is actually. pretty good ball movement i nailed that . one . i'm sorry i nailed it lavar bo told espn . he has pulled italy angelo bull from . ucla we are exploring other options with . jello lavar said he's out of there we . are gonna get into this right away so if . you're new make sure to smash that . subscribe button and turn on. notifications let's do this okay is . lavar ball living in some alternate . reality where he sees his sons lamella . and ally angelo as kobe and lebron i say . kobe and lebron because they're the . first players to come to mind when you . think of athletes who didn't even need . college to dominate in the nba it was . clear from the beginning college is just . a waste of time for these dudes they're . way too good so again is lavar in some . alternate reality where he thinks his . kids are just as good well horrible has. turned stupidity into a sport so what . i'm not good at basketball i'll go and . bend my own sports but something seems . odd about this quote lavar ball told . espn he has pulled lee angelo wall from . ucla apparently lee angelo is 19 and it . can't be pulled out of college unless . it's his own decision we need to know . who's calling the shots here it's all a . bit confusing i just hope it's not this . guy cuz lonzo and shots don't usually . end well you also don't want levar . the shocks i mean yeah the same joke can . be used for him lavar and shots don't . end well but when it comes to this clown . it's not a joking matter anymore you do . not want someone this dumb calling the . shots now i know i've been negative . about this whole situation but look at . it this way . lemare whoa got pulled out from high . school lee angelo got pulled out from . college and lonzo is shooting 30% the . next season of thief in the family the . next season of ballin the family is . gonna be great he's not transferring to . another school the plan is now to get . jello ready for the nba draft the plan . was always for lee angelo to spend one . season at ucla then leave regardless of . whether he was projected to be drafted . i'm not sure if levar or lee angelo are . aware of this but you can't shoplift a . college degree or maybe you can if you . look in the right places . but even then lee angelo would just get . caught again it's not like he's some . talented con artist he's an idiot an . idiot who loves contestant to lead which . brings me to a pretty important point is . ucla going to miss lee angelo now that . he's gone i mean sure he was a good . player and a good he will not be missed . goodbye lee angelo hello team basketball . i'm not gonna sit here and lie to you as . if i'm some huge fan of team basketball . but lan jalaw just isn't talented enough . to center his whole game around spot of . threes and isolation scoring so i do . wonder how ucla coach steve alford . reacted to all of this oops probably the . happiest man in the world right now lee . angelo is gone . well that's 30 shots they get to give to. someone else what a bummer looking back . at it lee angelo wasn't even the best . player on that team . he was probably stealing a roster spot . from someone more deserving anyways. though for them to suspend it the. players for a month is such a soft . decision they . to grow a pair some people may consider . it a weak move ucla really has no balls . i do love how this entire shoplifting . incident brought out the creativity in . everyone i mean some of these jokes . people are firing off have been . incredible. [music]. did you guys know that italy angelo led . ucla in steals. that's funny right seriously speaking it . did bring out the creativity in people . first li angelo traveled then he got a . steal but after getting caught he turned . it over then he drew a charge and now. he's worried about his court time but . let's all hope he can rebound after this . an argument a lot of people bring up is . well. lavar ball took li angelo from nothing . and turned him into something what he . should have done is turned him into the . fucking cops . we angelo and lamellar baller reportedly . exploring options to play basketball . internationally this has been the latest . official headline on these two and i . think the lavars whole stick has gone . stale being an obnoxious incoherent cunt . can go stale hey who knew but looking on . the bright side out of his three sons at . least he was able to bamboozle magic . into drafting one of them right . [music]. but to this day it is still . incomprehensible how all of this can . happen to lee angelou over a pair of . fucking sunglasses literally all you had . to do was call alonso and ask hey loans . oh heard you was on fire man . with them 9 point the honza's plane do . you think you can paypal me a few g's . i'm trying to get some sunglasses and. that's it it's as easy as that five . grand at alonso is like five dollars so . lee angelo and lamella are going to try . their best to play overseas but they . shouldn't make too big a deal out of it . big brother will be joining them soon . what happened to them it's been a long . enough punishment over there in china . they dropped the charges . okay i think the boys have learned their . lesson yes they learned their lesson and . now it's a harsher treatment over here . china already forgave the boys and they . returned it why else are we still . manhandling them as far as keeping them . from playing sports taking their meal . passes taking their stuff where they. can't practice in the facility they've . already been forgiven over there so . what's the big deal so what's the big . deal what's the big deal the big deal is . your son caused an international crisis . and embarrassed his entire country but . how dare you cli suspend him right all . they did was tarnish their name and. commit grand larceny overseas levar i . don't know if you choose to be this . fucking idiotic or if it's just a way of . life but here's the thing they didn't . understand the booths make my boy go . because he think they saying ball haha i . got him is that what you tell him when . he was older when he was a baby . the more they say but you don't need to . say airball i just like seeing air joy i . gotta ask you well i've got you you know . my colleague jeff goodman wrote the . story today that's that's my guy what uh . what went into the decision with with. lamella and angela what went into the . decision we're trying to get to the . lakers as quick as possible and we can't . be sitting around doing nothing so how . about we go somewhere i don't care where . it is in play . you don't care where i don't care we're . playing africa we play on the moon the . old buffeting bodies out there balling . we'll make a new movie call it ball jam . ball jam so stealing another company's . idea then giving it an insanely on . creative name can't say i haven't seen . that one before i'm not even gonna front . though i'd watch it died support it but . it would probably suck ass anyways what . levar is saying here is he has no plans . for lea angelou or lamella simple . they've basically given up on . professional basketball and there's no . way around it . lamella had everything going he was the . best player on his team he was gonna go . to ucla undoubtedly it was literally . part of the deal as for lea angelo all . she had to do was wait a month and he'd . be back to playing organized basketball . what lovara did is the dumbest move he's . ever made saying lanza was better than . curry his fucking idiotic but harmless . this stunt he pulled on lea angelou just . about ruined his life ex ucla freshman . lea angelou ball has no chance that . he'll be drafted in june and that was . true before his shoplifting incident . from china he's not on any of our . scouting lists even the extended list . this is coming from the most reputable . sources in all of sports by the way but . does someone really have to be reputable. to claim lea angela will not make it to . the nba he's gonna cause problems on the . court by taking way too many threes then . he's gonna cause problems off the court . by stealing shit from the locker room if . it's actually incredible no team wants . you because they either think you're not . a good enough basketball player or . they're terrified you'll rob them of. their possessions lea angelou ball has . literally redefined comedy. [music]. we can get about lee angelou anymore um . i'm not thinking a good decision and i . talked about the family you know i'll . get to agreement about the best thing . for him did you have input having a kid . at ucla gone through that process . yourself oh well i've been at your label . i didn't go through what he's going on. you know it's tough being you know you . know whether your place not in their . hands you know you just wait here you . know just sitting around for just a time . take action um i'm in the over there and . you know it's the best we are just about . at the end of the episode so if you're . new make sure to subscribe and turn on. notifications and make sure to check out . any other videos on the channel links. will be in the pinned comments below. adios. [music]. you. .