National Signing Day: Jim McElwain Press Conference 2-1-17

Florida Head Coach Jim McElwain meets with the media to discuss Florida's latest recruiting class.
Well let's that that is awesome thank . you i was great you guys uh guys getting . in a little early spring practice i like . that. well how's everybody doing been awhile . it turns up is that it that same little . buddy right well good . well first and foremost i tell right now . the acoustics in here we get a little. feedback little echo but that's alright . what do you think albert that's what i'm . talking about because it can't tell you . how excited i am for the day how excited . we are is a program how happy i am for . the guys who chose to be gators and you . know moving forward even the five guys . that are joining us early that will be . for spring practice there's a lot of . things that go into it and you know a. lot of relationships a lot of things to . be built and things are still trending. so fastly upward i just can't believe it . we're getting there with facilities. which has been a big huge asset force as . we continue to move forward collecting . future gators the class itself as we . looked at it when we got here . one of the key areas we needed to do was. make sure to take care of you know areas. that we felt were always big to the . gators you know we started those inroads . in in that tampa area i think we spread . throughout the state and and you know. focused on the fact we get a number of . guys you know that were highly rated in. the state of florida and those numbers . will continue to rise as we move forward. that that's something that's exciting . we've been able to get around to some. other areas because of that gator brand. and in open a lot of doors in the end . that's good and in one of the things . that i would really like to say how . excited about the former players who got. behind what we were doing in recruiting. and believe the direction we're headed . and have been so supportive in. everything that we're doing you know . part of the needs of you know some. bigger bodies obviously secondary is big . and you know it's as we as we looked at . it we tried to stay balanced throughout. each position group so we don't get that . big turnover you know in certain spots . and you know moving forward i know these . guys are excited about the direction. we're headed in the direction of the. university it is has allowed us to go . and those are some fun things so with . that as you know i'm not anointing . anybody freshman all-american even . though i think over the last couple . years we've had a few and some of those . guys that some you get maybe didn't even . know their real names before they came. here so we're excited to welcome this. group in and and usher in a new new. group of gators question that old-school . tampa bay head-on i like that haven't . seen one of those mom was pretty good . but that's easy . all right zach game obviously the news . that just broke on james robinson first . of all can you talk about how big the. addition of his signing is and how. everything that transpired this past. week. well obviously is in all players the . important thing is you do do your . research in your background in what. exactly went on you know my guess is . there's a few people in this crowd right. here that maybe you have some regrets on. some things that they've done and yet at . the same time take responsibility for it. here's a good thing we get an . opportunity to be involved in his life. we get an opportunity to help move . forward as we do all the players on our . team and you know what i'm excited about . him being a gator and with with his . signing i think you already added before . his edition but you guys signed the most . players in the state of florida in the . top 50 and no coming into this cycle . that was a goal that you have to do . better in the state of florida just i . mean how nice is that to be here on this . day it was results no i take it it's it . it is a true processes you're doing it . but it's not just about the numbers in. the who but how they fit in and that's a . good thing we're excited about that . factor but yeah we've got to continue . now we got to continue to go and that's . already started we've obviously already . had some junior days we've had some guys . up here will continue to have guys up . there freshman and sophomore and you . know that the relationship piece that . that is being built were able to get on . these guys a lot earlier that's helped . with this class in some areas in in. looking forward to the classes in the. future and again you know we talked . about that footprint and we're going to. continue to keep keep pounding that. footprint. i don't get all my secret identity day . and no injury reports no no no good . alright i don't think it's any secret . you guys face a lot of negative . recruiting down the stretch ya how . pleased were you that you were able to . overcome some of that late . well i always get a kick out of that . something that we will never do . something that that we just don't. believe in and yet here's the . interesting stuff some of that catches. fire and then all of a sudden the truth. out who looks like the idiot the guy who. reported it right and yet that's ok you . know that that's all part of it . the one thing is is when you're at a. place like the university of florida . you're a target because everybody knows . the ability and and what can happen is . this thing keeps growing. so you know what will take a lot of. targets what will will take some of that . stuff and yet our coaches won't do that . we're not going to stoop to that level. because that's not the level that is the . florida gators it's that simple and yet . it is what it is today the ability to . put anything you want out there and. really nameless and not be responsible. for that happens and yet we got a good . laugh out of it too when it was getting . hit and the guys who obviously jump back . on board that they were trying to sway. so and then i know down in tampa you had . said that you had hoped to have the . assistant coaching position going into. that recruiting stretch. yeah what would it being down to . full-time assistance to you guys that . affect your efforts you know we kind of . had all the guys targeted really already . we kind of knew where we were even in . the positions so the one thing we wanted . to do was make sure we get the absolute. right fit the plan is still there we've . had the plan that will happen here . shortly and yet the guys did an . outstanding job that had the. relationships with the guys already so. it wasn't one of those things you know. where that one was going to turn one or. another and in we felt making sure that . that it's the right fit. number one and guys that absolutely want . to be gators to number to a path . good but hello how are you . i know you're often oblivious to your. fanbase being when they get negative . yeah when it got i mean he got pretty . negative a couple weeks ago with a. certain guy that big decommitted i mean . was there is there ever a point we just . want to say hey you guys aren't helping. here or or don't worry we've got this . under control or you just kind of have . to just ignore it but i think the . biggest thing is is to understand that . every coach that has been here before me. has told me that all right that they're . aware of it in fact might have driven a. couple out and but that's ok that's all . part of it as you know and even being. around our guys being able to affect the. people around you know positive ways is . really what it's all about that's what . our team does and i no one can never . control again what what is out there and . yet here's a good thing . something's out there and people do care. they're passionate how they may be show . their their passion you know i i got a . lot of people i know that they really . get their kicks out of just being. negative you know and you know what . there might be a few out there and yet. at the same time we've got for every one. of those you know they're there are . multiple people that that are really. excited about what we're doing and what. we're building as you see the direction . of the administration and what they're. allowed us to do and in moving forward . has been nothing but positive and yet. you know there's no doubt the negative. peace out there is something that you . always have to battle and yet we're not. the only staff that's ever had to battle . that either my god do you ever read the . message boards now so you've never . gotten a message boards and what are . these guys talking about. now you know i've got people obviously. in the office and say hey mac you're . taking shots from all over the place but. we get a kick out of it too and and. here's the one thing like we do live in. america . we have freedom of speech i get it i . know where we're headed i know the . direction the administration knows the . direction the support out there and as i . say the amount of even letters i mean . old-school handwritten letters that we . get about the positive things that we're . doing and the direction we're headed . really outweigh all of that and yet we. love to harp on the negative it's human . nature were harping on the positives we . got a lot of really good things going to . set up so midway through this recruiting . process when there was a lot of. negativity that pat was talking about . the disease bobby doesn't even you must . read it. yeah okay gotcha does it bother you when . people requesting your recruiting . promise no because i think you take a . look at what we've done in the amount of . young guys that we played already in the. first two years that you know i don't . know that they fit the some of them have . become freshman all-american in fact and . you know i i think that once you get . caught up and just whatever the names . and all that and not worry about making. sure that positionally you get the fits. that you need that sometimes hurt you a. little bit now did we get
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