Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Week 14 Game Highlights

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14 of the 2017 NFL Season.
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Third and eight flacco retreat ease . stepping up throws thought that's wood . head making the catch and danny woodhead . who missed eight games when he was hurt . back in the lineup he can make a big . difference tackled by mitchell third and . four three receivers set to the right . side flacco looking over the middle . finders feet that field intercepted at . the 6 yard line . sean davis the safety . staying in bounds and taking it all the. way to the 41 yard line danny woodhead . makes the tackle to the empty set here . goes and that's caught by bell into the . end zone for a touchdown . back right that's a decent enough . matchup happens all the time but when . that running back is le'veon bell it is . not fair safeties can't cover up done . through many of the year's super bowl. wins in the century meanwhile you've got . bell again staying on his feet to the 27 . yard line okay you could get it from . either red running or through the air . roethlisberger . outside and that's caught there by vance . mcdonald to habitat him back the tight . end ex-nfl set school third and three . roethlisberger goes eat that field and . the catch ease. the quality no one official signal they . made the catch the others going to say . yes it can spotted at the 7-yard line in . the discussion they stick with it . [applause]. sticks to the outside and gets into the . touchdown this pacted hesitation move . didn't see the opening slip to the . outside and he goes his second touchdown . of the night . the pittsburgh postulate . on second down and 10 flacco throws on . makes the catch and stays in bounds long . enough to pick up a first down . will tell you about terrell suggs . working out with him in a minute. three-man rush flacco going to the end . zone as a man up in and it's hauled in . by chris moore for the touchdown . so chris moore gets free it's a 30 yard . touchdown pass on that side a lot of . wide receivers that way and sean davis. simply lets more go right past them and . we have seen this before al is starting . wide receiver on this for six or six . catches this season to begin the game . ben is going to air to eat that bill who . else antonio brown he outruns brandon . carr and it's the same thing that . happened earlier. right now brannock car just does not . have the pure raw speed to stay with . antonio brown ben roethlisberger knows . it and every time that safety goes to . the middle of the field he's going to . take that shot for boswell has been his . last 19 in a row here and that one is . good really just thinking about him and . forget about his football cleats the . future period is . go on up to the 34 yard line by wallace . oh hesitate yeah brian just got into the . wrong position issues you may . the tempests swung out to collins and . collins if he stayed inbounds turns it . into a lone game downfield broke away . from arthur moats something you see big . 250-pound backs to legarrette blount in . those guys everybody gave him a shoulder . and moe just couldn't hold on to him and . he never did step up some meetings and . football huddle's alike. meanwhile you've got comments as having . a big hand. breaking tackle swings to the outside . the town sticks it in for a touchdown. what a lady is having pressure you don't . want him to hold this ball or get down . the field for playing the to beat this . burger has time . and it is eli rogers for a 16-yard gain . on the 3rd and 15 and ben says let's get . up there and spike it and save the time . out. hold in the 25 yard line by vance . mcdonald 53 by dan bailey with a winner . against meanwhile a flag is down clearly . being offside that they bring the card . in at fullback whose ghost motion . flacco throws deep downfield and open is . mike wallace and the former steeler . takes it all the way to the 33 yard line . where he's tackled by sean davis a 40 . yard game the guy that wide open you . want to make sure you get the big play. but if that one had been launched out a. little bit farther nobody was going to . catch mike wallace a 47-yard attempt for . justin tucker and that kick is right . down the middle but a flag is down . highest in the league at that point buck . allen is the running back fake to him . both rows opened at the 34 is macklin to . the 31 sensible makes the tackle this . rule is forever alter it was the . students were changed it anyway here . goes cards commons gets taken down at . the one-yard line . you could have challenged it but they. don't first and go the mind of one it . but why not at first and goal give the . ball to alan and let him take it in to . give the ravens the lead it's down here . from the 26 . [applause]. run down the sideline he skirts all the . way the 49-yard line to flex come in and . that'll tack on 15 more sean davis . [applause]. second down and nine . flacco throws off his back foot you got . contact going on down there . a near interception the pass is . incomplete that's mike mitchell all the. way back there with mike wallace pass . interference number 25 defense well they . went to the spot of the foul first down . he's been out with some ankle trouble. the last few weeks . first and goal from the 6 and they . who gets in for a touchdown for the . second straight week so required advice . for mac he's looking to a defensive . lineman on occasion loud steelers need a. first down. that first time . - bell bell gets it up to the 34 yard . line first down from the midfield strike . a shovel to bail hibernal of car . and a gain of seven . [applause]. brown . coming across the formation and he's . taken down and free picks up the first . down by cj mosley disagree with mike on . now and i think that's a no call 24 yard . attempt 5 boswell goes through which i . it was mosey creeping up to the line of . sucks your . those core crown inside the 40 . clock from behind and then finally . caught at the 10-yard line. jefferson is able to stop them there . turn around look . go help over there bingo there's your . play. lavigne belvoir dias two touchdowns . tonight. next walk the play action . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. watch ben as he always does buying time . stiff-arming bynes is pull back and look . at that catch against tony jefferson we . saw roosevelt nix on the first kickoff . of the game with a big hit balls at the . one-yard line here's ben . and i fight his way in you got brandon . williams able to wrap him up they have . limited fitchburg to just one touchdown . since the first quarter and still . maintain the lead as campaneras . [applause]. and finally force that abounds and . around the 45-yard line . but fitzgerald toussaint that nine . minutes to play . flacco rolling and throwing in the glass . is low and incomplete and then it . unnecessary roughness number 28 think . and second 14 flacco deep down the left . sideline . it was wallace who was held up by our d . burns pass interference . number 25 think that . [music]. toss. first down out of bounds at the 10 yard . line. nick boyle the tight end led the way . comes in he is the . [applause]. does first half men come out for a few . plays second by the middle brown to the . 40-yard line just amazing how he just he. finds that open space. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. and more touchdown. the pittsburgh here . third and three . stephanie passes entropy . two-point game . [music]. the blitz roethlisberger he is going to . go down you got sucks is the first guy . who comes in meanwhile the secondary did . its work as well they brought the house. that time t over the 14 yard line . and that is caught for a first now by . jesse james up at the 31-yard line . huge play roethlisberger. tonio brown . he's amazing beast car on the play on . about seven yards off the ball right . there they tried to get a jab he . releases from it and what do you do . there has never been a wide receiver . named mvp of the league but he has to be . in that conversation he has to be 46 . yard field goal and get the lead . but sit down he's almost sacked and then . the mass is off the fingertips of rogers . this a 46-yard attempt to get pittsburgh . to lead . again 39:38 . from the 25-yard line . here's a jump. smacklin you can't make the catch at the . 42-yard line but there was action in the . ravens backfield able to support number . 86 offense penalties decline . second down that's the last baltimore . time i'm out because they had to get . lachlan attended to on the field now . flacco throws and that's . andromus gets up to the 38 now they got . to get up there and spike it as fast as . they can save the time out . [applause]. does he catch it inbounds it is mattre . no . just out of bounds third down so he's . going to step out i'm pretty sure there . yeah yep yep yeah . [applause]. the previous play will be reviewed after . reviewing the play ruling on the field . is confirmed. incomplete pi data box . flacco dancing away chase down he goes . and the bulls not sad about his tj what . gets them from behind . pittsburgh's first sack of the game. ahead to that his end of the game they . spotted the ball then they wound the . clutches. [applause]. .

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