Shaw helped off ice after head-to-head hit with Pateryn

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Andrew Shaw had to be helped to get off the ice after taking the brunt of a head-to-head collision with Greg Pateryn.
Like the great pattern he was met by you . guys follow that up . he was an artist . andrew shaw came in and paste at him i . think he took the worst of it . shaw did yes he did he took the worst of . that when he grand into greg pattern . their heads may have collided i think he . actually gave him a bit of a shove and a . punch here right at the end of it but . shaw was already gone now and it looked . like it was head on head as they . collided herron doesn't pick it up right . at the end is that shaw got his shoulder . right onto the chin of greg pattern and . as he's laying down on the ice patterns . ready to go back at him doesn't realize. that it looks like shaw is actually out . on his feet after taking that or . actually delivering that bit . gregg pattern is a large light he's 63 . 225 now it looks like it's 44 in on 50 . hits 4426 shiz up and getting help from . teammates and. medical staff. .
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