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In SEARCH for a NEW Fish Species for my 160 Gallon Fish Tank!
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Bigger than my hand i was honestly . thinking of getting one of these - these . join at $69. 99 which isn't bad at all . baby flower horns right here what is . going on calf arrows welcome back to yet . another video today although today's . video is not on the back yard cuz . there's not much to do until april 12th . and that is coming extremely fast . neither it's today's video here it's . actually it's actually here at marks arc . place is huge and we're looking for a. new potential fish for the 160 gallon. tank i take my hat off and look at all . these tanks you got to go through all . the reptiles a little turtles look at . these guys. little tails on them hey at the camera . yeah what up bunny giant parrot right . here but last time i was here i got bit . by one and literally went through my . nail well i'm right here looking incisor . out oh god . keep it down so hard it went to my nail . oh hell yes . okay that's so dope huge selection of . accessories for pretty much anything you . can think of fish tanks that's literally . like the size of my tank right here is . actually moon fish or lookdowns. although those were saltwater so we. wouldn't be able to put those in a . freshwater aquarium there's still super . cool fish i used to catch them a lot on. the pier we've got that little waterfall . effect going on here for the live plants . we'll start right here with all the . african cichlids and this goes all the . way down like there's so much fish so we . got baby african cichlids and right . above african cichlids again of course . is different species of them but . continuous cichlid family tanks right. here. boom another one another one so old look . at that guy we've got the parrotfish . i've seen some suggestions in the . comments for these guys i'm not a big . fan but they are pretty damn cool well . the selection of betta fish they . actually put gravel in the tanks look at . that little guy he's got an old quarry . i'm going on for him. big big selection though look how . beautiful that fish is right there at . those fins. $24. 00 betta fish a little saltwater . aquarium right here when you walk up and . of course they've got the coral tanks . i've shown you this guy's for a while . back though they actually have little . glass tubs that you could put on top of . the water and i'll set my camera in . there then you can just look at every . single coral that you want to look at my . camera's blurry but it is dry little . feeder fish tank going on here last time . i see this giant pack who's in here and . now there is a giant oscar look how big . that tiger oscar is right there that . right there is definitely a potential to . go into the big one hundred and sixty . gallon tank and looking here for today a . friend baler his dad actually owns this . whole entire store so i come in here . every once in a while look through this . we're gonna fish that they do have any . stuff and i came today to really find . out what i want in that one hundred and . sixty gallon tank a filter inside these . artificial rocks and it comes down this . straight into like a little miniature . puddle and it's for crabs so the crabs . hanging out down there and and they can . climb up these rocks if they want . pulling all a really cool aquarium as . well right to the side of that is a . little baby african cichlid with some . snails super cool tank layout right . there straight to the left of that some . lizards and right the left that we got . bearded dragons hanging up there . i think a little about saltwater is how . bright all the colors are and the fish . that are in here like a look at this . look at the colors on these fish wheels . [music]. bunch of little butterfly boys we're . back onto the freshwater side here more . oh here we go we got the mollies bagel . moly right there nothing is huge and . then we get a whole thing full of looks . like powder blue and flame gouramis . right here you know cool these guys are. i have a few of these in the fish tank . at the moment good selection of those as . well oh we've got some big old mollies . dude they've got a big selection of. mollies i might come here and scoop . someone the new pond is done a long fin . oscar these guys are so cool especially . when they get big and their fins get . real long look at that. i look so weird when they're babies i . have no idea what that is but there's . some sort of fish in the back there . looks like a pin fish but it's in fresh . water so definitely not a pin fish just . reminds me of one . look at all these little tiger barb's. see him you'd see them all this like a . million in this tank look at that they . make a tank brighten up and look so much . better in my opinion . you ever get a blue background a nice . bright led you could definitely put . these guys in your tank and it'll it'll . spice it up a bit. now another fish i was suggesting if i . wasn't to do the flower horn the erawan . or whatever i did say before that i . don't know if i'll do the arowana but if . i wasn't to the exotic side of . everything this is what i've been . looking at these giant angelfish are . here look how big these things over . there's huge like bigger than my hand . wide check that out oh my yeah look at . the colors on that one pop in like that . i've also got some a little cool fish . down there on the bottom but it would be . more of a community tank and these guys . are super super cool especially when . they get big like that and they even . have an archer fish right here and . they're called archer fish because they . actually shoot water out of their mouth . like if they come up here you can open . this and if you put like a cricket they . feed off crickets a lot they'll actually . come up and like to shoot it straight . out of the water they spit water clown . loach back their whole entire school of . them actually and those are definitely . suggest as well if we were to go with . the angelfish side of things and also . one last thing here's a good smaller . size angelfish right here . there's two of them and then right to . the left of them which isn't for sale at . the moment but this is another thing i . was suggesting for the 160 on is a big . discus this is an albino discus but . super super cool look at that man . whole entire tank we got to gourami . right there and a few gouramis looks . like yellow gouramis but anyway look how . big these angelfish are and literally . everywhere and these are like those like . a medium sized to get to see that size . and then oh we got some our final ones . right here these ones are for sale and . they're for sale at $69. 99 which isn't . bad at all so if i did do a tank of . these they're super like stealth mode. they just sit and one oh and there is . there's so cool look at that and then . another tank with some little yellow . gouramis and a bunch of baby angelfish. with some red hook i believe is what . they're called like i could be wrong . probably i've got to be close but anyway. that's what they are they look like . silver dollars they're in the same . family and then you come over here . blue gouramis other stuff like that just . completely filled awesomeness and then . we got bigger tiger barb's right here. the same thing as these but these are . the babies those are the big ones and . then over here we've got a whole entire . pot of albino oscar's super cool when . they get big direct it's really even . cooler now to what i was trying to get . to here the flower horns this is a fish . that i want 99. 9% sure is what i'm gonna . get there's actually four of them in . this tank they're small not sure if . they're male or female and there with . two oscars which is a good sign but they . definitely are ambitious fish and you . can see how cool they look and that's . just a baby and they get bigger their . colors really pop that's a little bigger. one right there oh my gosh some people . oh oh oh we got a fight some people may. be saying why would you want a flower . horn to add anything get for that one . hundred and sixty gallon tank well in . the first place i was only gonna get . like a 55 gallon and get a flower arm . because far horns don't exactly i think . the minimum is like 60 so i was gonna . get like sixty gallon tank and get a . flower one for it and that's the only . fish i was gonna have but i said there . was a good deal 650 bucks for that 160 . island so i couldn't pass it got the . under sixty and i said a little . angelfish chill and behind me here but . yeah flower horn is definitely on the. suggested list and it is probably at the. top of the list over anything i was . honestly thinking of getting one of . these two these shown in a no totally . kidding dude but what in the hell look . at that that is creepy dude . what in the hell . but yeah guys that is that is what i . really came here and i was hoping they . had them and they do so there's baby . flower horns right here although they're . small that is perfect i can grow them . myself and maybe they'll be bigger by . the time we get something for the tank . for now we have the fish from the mini . pond in there until the refill which . i've said april 12 gonna go down i'm . gonna be sick and then we'll come back . and we'll get all these different fish . that i'm looking at your room so that . right there is pretty much it what i've . been debating between so far is like it . more of a community leaning towards the . community side of it where it's discus . parrotfish sort of that sort of thing or . lean towards the flower horn more exotic . side of things i don't know i personally . like the exotic side but guys comment . down below. exotic our community which one you like . the most i saw a lot of discus i don't . even know what that is really considered . but discus or flower horn which one do . you guys like the best it came here to . check both is that and thankfully they . had both of them in stock so yeah super . dope that is it y'all hope you enjoyed . this video we went we checked out what . is possibly going to be in this one . hundred and sixty gallon tank before you . know we back out there in the backyard. because i know you guys love them back . here are videos as well as i knew i love . going back there and working on the . backyard and for today's positive . comments shoutout goes to shelby love . your videos paul they always make any. week and day a hundred percent better . keep up the good work your channel is . amazing hashtag compare your family that . is damn right we are a family here and . it is flowing with positive energy at . all times on this channel so guys stay . positive hope you enjoyed this video we . are figuring out it's very slowly but . surely what fish is going in that 160 . yards getting redone too much going on . in this channel thank you guys as always . until next time i will see you in that . next video literally bent the hat look . at that. nice hairdo by the way - damn . [music]. [music]. ah so how . .
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