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Here is Part 2 of the different types of Students from SweetSpotSquad. You will recognize these student stereotypes for sure! Let us know what kind of student you are in the comments below.
Here are the different types of students presented in this video:
1- The Sleeper
2- The Organized Student ... for 1 week at least
3- The Troublemaker Who Always Gets A
4- The Copying Student
5- The Beaver
6- The Loud Student
7- The Absent-Minded Student
8- The Broke Student
9- The Red Bull Student
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This video was shot on these cameras : Sony A7S II, Canon T3i, Gopro Hero 4 Black.
Can someone tell me the prime minister . of canada you over there sleeping beauty . tiger wood it feels so good to bergen . eyes. can i get you home yeah sure just give . me a minute she around here oh sweet i . forgot to eat my breakfast this morning . hmm what a piece ah . patrick this is the third time you . please leave my class great job yes i . don't know how did it . a man like um can you fasten your . homework just want to check if i got the . same answers. yeah but not copy me toby . man yeah right mmm . oh yeah didn't change a single thing and . we all we had all the same answers oh . nice yeah cool thanks yep and then got . borrow your pencil. oh yeah sure thanks this is just . you. so the omer is due next monday you have . any questions or concern about it anyone . yes first what is the homework phone . seriously fred and a copy we have a name . it might be me did you forget to put . your name again . athens do you even know what just build . your name . oh i'm so hungry crapping them for . breakfast why not yes just enough to go . out tonight. hey guys thanks for watching if you . liked the video please give it a thumbs . up you can also watch stereotypes . students part one by clicking there you . can also watch the bloopers and behind . the scenes by clicking right there also . if you want to buy some sweet spot squad . merch click right there and finally . don't forget to subscribe we will see . you soon . .

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