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Hey guys welcome to demolition rants . today we're gonna be checking out some . very very cool guns most importantly . what we're gonna be oh my gosh . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. that's the coolest guy i've ever seen . what's up good thanks . i mean i mean nothing nothing queued up . on 50 oh thank you . i like your hummer that's not a hummer . that's a military-issued government. humvee i use it to smash through 19 isis . base camps i killed every insurgent in . there without firing a shot just ran . them all over oh my gosh that's so cool . i like your guns especially the little . thingies on the top of them what that. that little blaster thing under the tip . the gun tip front please tell me you. actually know what this thing's called . uh yeah it's i have never wanted to hang . out with someone so bad in my entire . life but if you do not know what this is . called you're an amateur we cannot be . friends. treeger bull jacket pin . [laughter]. [music]. welcome to demolition ranch let me. introduce you to the 1989 military . humvee this is not an h1 hummer it's . similar the h1 hummer is based off of. this but this is a military-issue humvee . look at this look at this thing so cool . i have an entire video about it on off . the ranch i'll link that in the . description tell me what you think . though i have i have a lot of plans for . what i want to do with this thing tell . me what y'all would like to see what . look at it oh man . 37 inch tires off-road beast look at . this bad boy okay we probably should you . know get to the video and all but i got . i got a little humvee and let me know . what you'd like to see let's get to this. video though so i recently got in . mini-14 and rob who's my last video also . recently got a mini 14 but rob's doesn't . have a muzzle brake on it and i've been . seeing a lot of questions about muzzle . brakes like what exactly they do . everybody thinks it makes a gun better . because that's what video games tell you . but let's actually do a little test and . show you what muzzle brakes do so here . are my two most dramatic guns that . definitely need muzzle brakes this is a . 338 lapua magnum this is a 300 . winchester magnum both of them . especially the lapua have really big . muzzle brake and i picked these guns . because these are two giant calibers and . they have two very good muzzle brakes . that do a really good job of negating . that recoil and then over here i have . two smaller guns one is a five five six . one is a 308 both do not have muzzle . brakes so i want to compare a smaller . cartridge with no muzzle brake versus a . larger cartridge with really good muzzle . brakes first up we have the mini 14 . firing five five six but i want you to . pay close attention to is how much the . gun moves how much the muzzle rises how. much it pushes me back how much it . pushes it up against my shoulder and i'm . on the table not a whole lot of kick now . it's against my shoulder off the table . now it's off my shoulder so that was . pretty telling now let's try something a . little bit bigger i want to show you . guys the difference that's a five five . six . that's a 300 winchester magnum that's a . big cartridge so of course that. cartridge is gonna put off a lot more . energy i mean like way more energy than . the five five six but what i want to . show you is how a decent muzzle brake . will handle that energy and i just . wanted eight excuse to bring out my big . guns so here is on the table against my . shoulder off the table against my . shoulder okay and then this off my . shoulder off the table it's not climbing . at all it's really not kicking back to . our either it's pretty interesting so . those who know about guns will know . those two guns are semi-auto they're . auto loading is what a lot of people . call them this is a lever action the . other ones a bolt action they are not . auto loading you actually have to load. it auto loading guns when they fire the . bolt comes back and so the kick that you . feel in your shoulders actually delayed . because it's absorbing some of that . energy as it comes back so these guns . that don't auto load they actually kick . way harder so we're gonna try the same . premise with no muzzle brake on this one . on the 308 and then a big muzzle brake . on the 338 so this is just gonna be . totally screwed up on my shoulder we're . on the table first. pretty brutal it's uh sit up and that is . a shell in there for some reason it does . not fire let's try it again . okay let's do it . off the table keeps pretty good let's do . it off the shoulder this is where i . don't want to get my face in the way of . this so you can see how much those kick . let's go ahead and do 338 lapua magnum . just in case you don't know that's what . it threw it looks like and that is what . a 338 lapua magnum looks like that is a . big round so you can imagine it kicks a . lot but that is the reason i brought out . this gun because this gun has this huge . muzzle break on the end and it does an . incredible job at taming this round on . the table first okay what's weird is . this gun is so much louder it is so loud . but it doesn't doesn't kick the shoulder . nearly as hard as that deer rifle okay . off the table on the shoulder i don't . even think that moved and off the . shoulder off the table that is what's . impressive look at this i'm just barely . holding this thing and it barely moves . crazy last round barely holding it . barely moves that is a muzzle brake . builder the table . so i hope the footage and the slow-mo . footage made it fairly obvious that. muzzle brakes do a lot of good it's . really obvious to the shooter because . they they feel it but it's it's hard to . portray in a video so hope you can see . that now how do these muzzle brakes work . well check it out so you've seen them . they have like little slots in them you . can see straight through so obviously . the bullet comes out there but what . happens is when all that gas is chasing . the bullet down the barrel the bullet . gets to here and the gasses start . venting out the side hitting this wall . and they're forced backwards what. they're doing is pulling the front of . that gun forward so normally all that . force is kicking straight back into you . but when there's a muzzle break like . this it's pulling the gun forward as . well so you have a kickback and then . some of it is negated by a push forward . and in this case a lot of it because . that muzzle brake is huge and out of . focus it's pretty good and so it pulls . the gun forward greatly reducing the . force what you'll notice on this one . very similar it's a smaller muzzle brake . it's also not in focus this one also has . two holes on the top so it actually . ports some up the top as well and this . is all done i'm sure through lots of . research they found that their muscles . even with this big break we're still . kicking up a little bit so they put two . little ports on the top there to vince . some of those gases straight up pushing . the barrel down and that's why i've . fired this gun literally holding it one . hand firing it so muzzle breaks . especially on big calibers like this are . a huge deal the 50 bmg really needs it . and and uses it well but i brought these. guns out because they do such a good job . of making these giant calibers feel very . manageable like little baby calibers. really no honey what do you think . what do you think i love it i love it so . much i have wanted one of these since i . was a little kid never thought i would . get one but this just kind of fell into . my lap and i was like the demolition . would love this and so i have lots of . plans that i've wanted to do with one of . these for years and i aim to do on this . channel what . you guys like to see happen with this . humvee let me know in the comments below . bobby i'm a doctor yes . .
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