The Truth About the Toronto Raptors NBA Finals Chances

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The Truth About the Toronto Raptors NBA Finals Chances - talking about if the Toronto Raptors can take down LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in this year's NBA playoffs. Let's talk about the Raptors bench and how they've been winning!
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[applause]. welcome back you guys hope you're doing . well and there are only three teams in . the nba that are both top ten and . offensive rating and defensive ratings . those teams are the golden state. warriors the houston rockets and the . toronto raptors who are currently 1st in . the eastern conference and have been . playing great basketball all year if you . have not been paying too much attention . ask anyone that has watched one or two . raptors games and they will let you know . that this is not the same old team from . previous seasons the raptors have looked . over their past failures and evolved . into a team that is tougher to defend . and harder to score on let's talk about . how they changed and why the team has a . legitimate chance at making the nba . finals in a couple of months as always . definitely subscribe to keep up with the . videos i will be dropping as the . playoffs are coming very soon and . definitely don't hesitate to drop a . comment on your thoughts on this year's . raptors team . when the raptors got swept last year by . the cavs their gm masai ujiri said that . the team needed a culture reset and it . looked like dwayne casey was finally . going to be fired he's been on the hot . seat for a few years now but instead of . firing casey the raptors got together . and decided it was time to move past our . old ways of isolation basketball and . push towards being a team that moves the . ball more has better spacing on the . court and begin to develop their younger . talent at first kyle lowry said he was . hesitant about the new switch on offense . but he slowly became more convinced . during the preseason he said this in an . interview the 3-point game is helping us . evolve it's facing us out a lot more i . think it helps with everything . it helps us with spacing pace . understanding where we all want to be on . the floor they first implemented the . offense in the 2017 summer league and . fred vanvleet had this to say about the . new system it's tough at first when . you're trying to change something that . drastically. you've got to over-exaggerate it at . first just to implement a new culture a . new way to do things . they were harping on things pretty hard . obviously demar derozan and kyle lowery . are their two best players but they're . less dependent on both of them as shot . creators neither of them has to be the . team's best player every night in order. for them to win you have to give a lot . of credit to dwayne casey and the . raptors for being able to change the way . they play in just one offseason without . switching up too much of their personnel . players that are five or six years into . the league usually gets set into their . ways and if you've won 50 games and . back-to-back seasons like the raptors . why change what has been working ada has . gotten them this far but the team was . becoming stagnant derozan and lowry have . bought into the new system and when your . best guys buy in it's that much easier . to get your young guys they didn't play . much last year to buy in and believed in . the system this was a top-down effort . credit to the raptors from the top of. the organization to the people on the . court everyone has bought into the new. system everybody is on the same page . [applause]. do you guys remember the talk about the . raptors before the start of the season . and how people are saying how are they . going to replace their production of pj . tucker cory joseph patrick patterson . with a bunch of 22 and 23 year olds that . was one of the questions about them . going into the season how are they going . to be successful when lowry and derozan . were off the floor. well they answered that question by . putting out not just one of the best . bench units in the nba but by far the . best bench unit in the league the lineup . of fred vanvleet dillon right cj miles . pascal siakam and jakob hurdle has a . twenty nine point nine point . differential per 100 possessions which . is the best in the nba if the starting . lineup is not playing well dwayne case . he can send out his second starting. lineup and get the team back in the game . or if the starting lineup is playing . well the bench unit will extend that . lead and get the starters some rest for . most of the fourth quarter. usually when a team starters are. stinking it up the team will end the . night with an l but that is not the case . if you have the raptors bench mob i . really like this unit the way they play . defense is so fun to watch and they give . up nothing easy . yaka pirtle and pascal siakam can switch . and defend on the perimeter . it is extremely tough for other bench . players who exploit them and not to . mention they give up almost nothing. inside they are great defenders at the 4 . and 5 cj miles is the only player that's . kind of weak defensively in that lineup. but he makes it up with this 3-point . shooting my favorite player on the bench . is fred vanvleet he doesn't just play in . their bench unit either a lot of times . van vleet will close out games next to . lowry and derozan . not only does he close out the games but . i'll be handling the ball while kyle . lowry is spotting up somewhere on the . court the raptors have reduced their . dependence on lowry as a playmaker he no . longer has to be toronto's best player . for them to win and that makes them a . lot harder to defend in previous seasons . where you'd see lowry and derozan try to . bail out the offense with isolations the . entire fourth quarter everyone is moving . the ball doesn't stick and they shoot . the three you have to be prepared for . ibaka out there and even valanciunas . occasionally will pop a three they even . got malcolm miller out of the g lead . hitting threes and playing good minutes . for them this is a deep team here's one . thing i have to add everyone keeps . mentioning that the bench is shrinking . the playoffs and the raptors big . rotation won't matter. as much in may and you could be right . but the good thing about having a deep . bench is that it's gonna allow them to . have tons of adjustments depending on . who they play if you remember back . during the 2016 playoffs when they . almost lost to the pacers they actually . sat demar derozan for norman powell in . game two and won the game . there's not many teams that can bench . their best player in the fourth quarter . and win a playoff game so if kyle lowry . or somebody else on the rattler starting . unit is ever struggling or getting . exploited any matchup coach dwayne casey . has a lot of players he can mix and . match in depending on the situation and . that's a big thing for them when they're . trying to get to the finals to use the . warriors as an example adjustments was . what led them to find their death lineup . with draymond green at center that . worked out so well when they were down 2 . to 1 in the finals in 2015 the playoffs . are all about matchups and adjustments . and the raptors are gonna have an answer . for almost everyone in the east there . isn't much i can say about demar derozan . that hasn't already been said this year . he is a much different player this year . he had a style of play in previous . seasons that got people calling him a . black hole and a ball stopper but he . shattered that notion one of the reasons . why he's helped their offense get to the. third best in the nba is that he's . taking a lot more threes and he's better . at passing out of double teams this has . been his best year as a decision maker . whether to create for himself or find . someone that can be open after he draws . in the defense with his driving for the . last part of the video everything goes . back to this masai ujiri quote so . one-on-one basketball we play we have to . question that we have to really look at . it look at the league and evaluate the . way we play and say hey is this working . they were ranked 6 an offensive rating . last year and could have easily just . done the same thing they did last year . for this season but the raptors were at . a breaking point it was time to change . and this raptor squad is now different . yes the raptors may have to run to . playoff lebron james and that's always . tough to deal with if there's a . situation where a gianna nobody gets . into foul trouble you have to start to . wonder who can defend him but guarding . lebron is going to be a team effort the . raptors have a great team defense and . they are not easy to score on plus the . cavs are always going to be in a . strategic disadvantage because of coach . liu and we still have to see what they . look like what everyone healthy but . there's no kyrie irving here on the team. to help lebron on the perimeter let's . not even get started . their defense this cavs team has a lot . of holes the raptors have been slightly . disappointing in the playoffs in the. past few years but i mean they did run . into the best player in basketball two . years in a row and took two games from . him in 2016 with the celtics getting hit . hard by injuries and the cavs looking . more vulnerable than ever the . combination of the raptors team defense. their bench and new offense has put them . in the best position ever to make the. nba finals and that's it for me and why . the raptors have nba finals chances and. why they should be the favorites out of . the east as of now i have no issue being . wrong because we still have to see them . win three playoff series but from what . we've seen so far through the regular . season i feel confident about their . chances this isn't the same team there . are no longer relying on their old ways . to win 50 games this is a team effort . give credit to the players give credit . to masai ujiri for switching up the . culture and definitely give credit to . dwayne casey he has a chance at coach of . the year what about your thoughts do you . believe in this raptors team or do you. think they will get knocked out in the . conference finals or earlier if you made . it to the end of the video i appreciate . you because not everyone makes it to the . end and i'll see you guys soon . 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