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It's cute mom just get maul scoot mom . there you go okay dude that thing is . sick you got pink belly side necks and . mud turtles this is camp kenan type . stuff over here oh what do you see look . how cool that is. and then it kind of looked oh she just . bit me yeah . sog camera what is going on pharos . welcome back to another video here today . we've got a lot we've got a lot planned . uh main priority is getting that fish at . the end of today that toothy critter . it's gonna be awesome . by the way if you're new here i'm paul . pharoah y'all hurt yeah well if you hit . the subscribe button you're typically. called a calf arrow so welcome to the . family if you have done that already if . not smash that subscribe button also . junior personifications on i'm just . gonna hop right into today's video right . now okay so to start off this video now . to catch everyone up is we got three koi . fish out of the pond that were a little . too small and would have gotten the . eaten by thump once we did return him to . this pond alright so the key is here . we're gonna chum them up just like we're . feeding them scoop him scoop that one . just scoop them all just give them all . scoop them all . there you go okay okay easy on it easy . on it we're gonna bring them over here . we're just gonna keep alright we're . gonna keep this yellow one push him out . go out buddy this one is super cool . we're gonna keep him to go free and . we're gonna take this one out the tong . show ya so bring it over here that thing . will get murked by thumbs people yeah . it's like a big shiner people probably . like that big of a koi yes that has that . is how big this bass is so this is for . the safety of the fish that's the . purpose we're doing this all platinum . and have an all platinum one with that . is butterfly so we'll at this point when . we get all these out we won't have any . butterflies so i'm deciding to keep the . platinum butterfly instead of the common . fun time so we're gonna do that keep the . platinum butterfly and then . you only got like two more to get . trapped him in the freaking corner there . and i caught the last one this is that . one what he got destroyed though like an . absolutely murk by something so we saved . three koi i think there's like four . other ones that are big so we don't . don't worry about the bigger ones and we . can always and of course they're gonna . mate they're gonna have babies and other . things like that but uh for now we're . set we got the little ones out that we . needed to get out the rest should be . fine this water is clearing up we're . gonna go get thumped probably next video . it's going to be insane to is we're . gonna bring these over to mark's ark if . you're not familiar it's one of my . buddy's dad's shops i'll show you that . whole entire store in just a little bit . we kept about four koi fish that were . big enough so that thump wouldn't eat . them so we still got coin the pond for . those koi lovers and we're gonna get . thump back so that's a big big news for . this channel a lot of people want thumb . i'm super stoked to have her back it's . been a while and she's a monster she's . about 10 probably 11 pounds now by this . time she's probably that big here is i . thought was gonna need two coolers but . they weren't as big as i initially . thought so we got three of the smaller . ones out and we're gonna bring them back . to get a new home. dude look at that thing yeah it's an . algae eater i've never seen one of those . before. that's pretty crazy and then two giant . red hooks back there as well look like . just like paco freshwater lionfish back . there in that back corner same is the . mantis shrimp those things are mean and . then right there is a little horseshoe . crab all around look at the size of this . flower horn right here dude that thing . is sick it is a male right there that . thing is huge huge huge look at the head . on that that's what i wish i had one . like oh my god little baby female flower . horns right here it's a little girl holy . crap dude that thing is small that's not . bad though you know these are pretty . cool he's greater fisher in like these . little containers and there we've got a . bunch of angelfish here where's the . bigger ones i have okay i've got some of . these coming for the 90 gallon plant of . the quorum this is what i've got i . believe i got a few of these coming . about that size actually marina phantom . plague or i get to that is dope you what . do you see oh yeah chilling and also you . got the little the pi eras up here . there's like two of them right yeah one . two. oh hey and an arowana it's like the . exotic tank here and then the longnose . gar if anyone was curious here the . prices to all those fish that i just . wouldn't name doubt on this aquarium . right here some reptiles in here what is . that thing called nice to know nick . thanks appreciate it this is sick dart . frogs there's one right there there's a . few in here it's like half it's like a . wetland wait little what do you see . turtles so many and they got some little . foods in there but see right here we got . some ball pythons you got pink belly . side necks and mud turtles this is camp. cannon type stuff over here check it . super cool well those are those are so . sick yeah dude you could do like half . half blocks and half white and have a . whole different theme with this tank . this is a to two different tanks in one . it's kind of cool i mean it says blue . 55-gallon tank so that's split in half. boom and boom just like that you do . whatever you want on each side say hi . dude we'll keep it right here i'm gonna . set the camera down let's see what . happens. hey scoot down to the frame . all right see you later alright koi fish . are good so you were back to present . time we did do one other thing and that . other thing is get our mystery fish no . one even knows what this toothy critter. is just yet and lets you know by the . thumbnail but that is about to go down . right now because i'm gonna send you on . over to delray where i picked him up out . of nick's pond and brought him home so . let me pray back to yesterday so we got . a new finish this right here if you guys . remember a while back i'll have the . video pop up right here we fed this fish . this exact alligator gar and it was like . this big in a fish tank within how long . ago . three months ago and it's already almost . the size of a cooler which is insane . these things grow extremely fast and . obviously you guys have seen pictures . like this in texas they get them like . absolutely huge these fish get very very. big so to have one in the big pond is. awesome it's honestly awesome so we got. this one and of course you guys already . know the other fish that's coming back . but one last look here before we head . home the alligator gar hanging out yes . once again not a spotted gar nothing . typical gar you see this is an alligator . gar it's an og like this things get huge . and we're just gonna keep letting it . gross oh oh oh . got it okay so let me let me catch . everyone up here these koi fish are . already gone by the time i'm filming . this part so they're in here right now . but you guys have already seen me giving . them four marks are so let's get this . alligator gar into its new home this is . a giant pond we're turning this into an . exotic pond instead because i kind of . want to enjoy it more than just look at . koi fish not only for myself but as well . as for the content getting these eats . like that feed me alligator got my hand . getting thump back watching some company . i know a lot of you want thump back and . don't worry she is coming back up i just . kept it a secret for a while what i was . gonna do i wasn't sure yet and i didn't . want to announce something that never . happened so uh that being said you guys . kinda caught up now let's give you some . more detail looking through this . alligator gar i'm just hoping she . doesn't freak out these things kind of . smell like barracuda i don't know if . anyone smoked barracuda before if you go . catch one they smell bad so that's how . gar are but i want to give you a money . minute polar out this now is a lot . shorter stubbier and wider so that's one . difference and then from a side but you . see i'll pick stick there and then it . kind of looked oh she just bit me yeah . right there . from a sexy so that's how cool that is . straight glow everyone welcome the . alligator gar to the kaffarah household . there you go buddy . so long my friend enjoy you will be fed . a lot yeah there she goes straight with . the koi fish now . these koi fish are coming out within . like the next day so yeah this is makes . no sense on youtube anyway you guys are . caught up that was dope oh . ferrer and introducing the other water . lilies to my pond as well so now we got . a little more into the family a little . more but once again these things are . like weeds so they're gonna grow and . ridiculous amount is the gall coming up . for a breath of air straight back down . with the pacu you can kind of see it . right there i'm gonna sneak up a little . bit more there it is sewn around once . this water clears up you'll be able to . see all the ledges once again and all . the fish that are down there so right . now you can look look all we just . spooked all right well he's got to get . used to me we got an alligator gar yes . in an alligator gar this is it's his top . notch these things get massive and if . you can only imagine what fish is coming . next for this big pond if we typically . call it on this channel oh it is a . massive bass that a lot of people are . looking forward to having on my channel . back once again i did we do oh oh . there's the gar again you can see him . down there you can just see the shadow . he's cruising around i haven't had a . thump for a few months now i think i was . i gave him away before i built this . whole entire backyard and now we're . getting come back we are getting thump . back i'm beyond stoked to have this fish . back i feel like this backyard gets . better every single video i honestly do . whether it's just putting plants in or . it's getting new fish it just gets . better every video today's positive . comments shoutout goes to megan saying i . love your videos after watching most of . your videos i am getting a fish tank in . my room inspiration and inspiration that . is the main purpose of making these . videos is to inspire others to do this . exact thing this hobby whether it's just . filming it or just having it for fun and . watching my videos or watching other . youtubers videos and then continuing on . the hobby with yourself. and also sharing with other people thank . you all for watching if you do want to . be a positive comment shoutout winner . i'm gonna do this throu positive comment . in the description down below and hit . that like button if you haven't done so . already and you want to support this . channel even more check out the pc merch . top link in description i don't tend to . rep my merch too much i do wear it but . if you guys do want to check it out it's . in the top link in description without . further ado y'all that's all i got for . you today we got a lot of stuff going on . i'm gonna try to film as much as i can . before i leave for california so until . next time i will see y'all in that next . video . [music]. you really don't like cameras . [music]. .
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