TRANSFER PRANK: NFL QB Jared Goff pranks unsuspecting college football team.

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Jared Goff may be a star QB for the Los Angeles Rams, but for one magical spring day, he was a transfer into the Ventura College football team in Southern California. In what could go down as the football prank of the year, Goff and the coaching staff at Ventura College tricked the team into believing he was the hot shot newcomer eyeing the starting QB job. Needless to say, the real quarterbacks on the roster were none too pleased!
Some may remember when Chicago Cubs baseball star Kris Bryant transferred into a community college back in 2016 to prank a team. This follows that same juicy plot, just in time for the NFL Draft of 2018. You’re welcome.
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[applause]. there you go there you go it's a way to . finish way to finish hey you're in route . let's go you're in route here at ventura . college players have gone on to start . them to be division one players and then . go on the nfl there's no reason why . these guys can't either well mo here and . i see green that mean that's a lot of . money i got to get you fill me get stuck . run catch tech's run even though you . didn't go straight to d1 out of high . school you can still make a name for . yourself go quarterback come on it's a . cutthroat it's the best man wins just . cuz you have a job one week doesn't mean . you have the job the next i know we . talked about vc i always compete well i . got quarterback it's looking for a place . to transfer so he's gonna be coming . today . a guys coming for their position well . it's hard you give everybody a fair . opportunity but there's always going to . be competition. i like brock all right yeah i like him . too all right i like him too like i'm . enough okay we got to roll with the . punches understand when it's our turn to . play okay that's all we can control to . all my quarterbacks you also feel . disrespected that's a transfer coming in . i'm trying to get money to see i'm . trying to go d1 even though we got to . bring him in as family at the end of day . you got to compete in it so you'd lose a. win that spot today i'm not jared goff . and i'm the transfer . [music]. when i was at cal the transfers happen . all the time most time they look a . little bit older to have a little bit . more experience i hope i don't scare . them soon so much you know i'll feel bad . for a second but no i think they'll be . okay once i reveal it . five five minutes to eat my sandwich. real quick no nutrition plan a slant cuz . even sandwiches that's just my motto . this is my high school mascot you know . we want steak and this one just i . thought it looked cool so i put it on my . neck. hold it you get that removed are they . feeling they're not gonna wanna talk to . me at all i'm not gonna be very popular . after seeing this the hair . there's no idea. [music]. i am dre folk and i'm the transfer . excited to try to surprise these kids . and give them a little prank and i know . as much as you the same time kind of . nervous so dre who are you how are you . sure good to see you a little stadium . men getting loose . i'm gonna run little bit yeah why don't . you run it then i'll meet you right over . those steps when you get done you know . there's a new guy coming in um i'm not . really sure i feel about it but uh . hopefully i can just compete yeah plan . on at the beginning try to miss some . guys pretty badly at first. ah come on blame it on something that . has nothing to do with it see i normally . what happens is the hair falls down on . my right side so i like the right cycle . fields that come sometimes i hope for me . eyes had to get warm real quick have you . worn all these cameras that they're . doing some dang documentary this is now . the thing that's that's brock he's the . starter right now come on man i want to . scare him a little bit i wanna get those . quarterbacks a little nervous . will you the phoner know i'm the . quarterback oh i get disrespected about . it that's my quarterback well then good . then go play for him this is named colby . yes the fuzz will punish play really . strong arm couple inches taller you to . add that imma have to back it up a . little bit yeah just get it warm a . little bit so let's back it up at some . point i'm gonna throw it like over . everybody's head. [applause]. catch us out here it's gonna be fun to . be in character for however long it is . hey what's up man . sorry i'm dry there's new dog dog dog 13 . any time i the quarterback yeah they . both pretty good so i mean it was . y'all's recognize really that's why i'm . here. what you mean . it ain't going it ain't gonna be handed . so you gotta work move in hey you . getting you fast finally gave you a gift . he won quarterback you see that throw . against cover to put it right in there. we have another guy do that hey bring it . up for a second hurry up we're gonna . bring in the best players we can bring . in i don't freaking care if i brought in . an nfl quarterback you guys have to . compete so without being said that's . exactly what i did the day i brought in . an nfl quarterback come on up here jared . [applause]. [music]. it's gonna break down so that was fun it . was really good being the transfer was . fun . everybody was clueless the whole team. looked at him like he was hercules or . something those are its full and thought . i was transferring oh i will remember . this for the rest of my life there you . go there you go . it's a way to finish way to finish hey . you're in routes let's go you're in . routes here at ventura college players . have gone on to start them to be . division one players and then go on the . nfl there's no reason why these guys . can't either . .
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