Triple H’s grandest WrestleMania entrances: WWE Top 10, April 7, 2018

It's all about The Game and how he plays his way onto The Grandest Stage of Them All. Here are Triple H's 10 grandest entrances at WrestleMania - presented by Snickers. #EatASNICKERS
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[music]. [applause]. >> [inaudible]. about to come down the aisle,. from greenwich connecticut. weighing 246 pounds. >> wow. >> hunter hearst helmsly. >> great looks . >> and what the girl's not bad either. >> of all the escorts mr. helmsly has had. i would suggest this is the most beautiful. of them and that's saying something. [music]. >> wow. [music]. >> [applause]. [music]. >> now, bow down and. grovel at his feet. he is the king. of kings. the king of kings!. the cerebral assassin!. the game, triple h!. >> [applause]. [music]. >> wow. [music]. .
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