Werenski gets puck to face, Rust scores second of the night

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John Tortorella wasn’t too happy after Zach Werenski was taken out of the play by a Phil Kessel shot to the mouth that lead to the Penguins tying the game.
Gen of cbj kessel in the slot oh that . one came up on where n ski vulcan. beretsky is down play allowed to . continue he took that the mouth and he. is cut meantime there's the tying goal. we. he's cut back . right below the eye zach when she makes . that puck hi. and play is allowed to continue they're . called for the shovel here as zach . baranski is leaking bad here a tough . break here for the blue jackets for a. couple of reasons this puck is going to . come right up on zach under the visor. and you can see that is not pretty to. look at he goes down and he stays in. that spot right there he's in tough . shape you can see zach in the middle of. the ice in here come the penguins . they have one attempt to play is allowed . to continue the crowd is not happy here . at all and as russ stays with it they . put that puck in. you see torch there he's not happy with . the way the blue jackets played that. [applause]. tough break i'll say. the blue jackets never control the park. employee look like the sack mariinsky . .
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