Wetumpka vs. Pinson Valley 6A

Wetumpka vs. Pinson Valley 6A
Welcome to raycom media is . coverage of the ahsaa super 7 . state championship live from . bryant denny stadium in . tuscaloosa. tonight we capital law. six games in the bucs and the 6a. welcome to bryan-denny stadium. i'm alongside. tell you what. and gary harris. we have had a lot of fun, as you. know. it is been a date of wintry . weather. this morning we had some . snow but it has cleared off and . actually other than being quite . gold come is a good night for . football. we are excited. is that we had the 5a game and a. defensive struggle between . briarwood and st. paul. it went right down to the wire. we're anticipating another. game . that can go to the wire. these are two of the most . explosive offenses, and. this is . on the slick field. >> not to discredit either one . of the defense is because they . play some of what the defense on. both sides. both teams, however, it is the . explosive nature of that on the . offensive units that but to . allow a lot of fireworks this . season. and tonight we have got a couple. special athletes. 2200 rushing and. with 15 more . touchdowns and three . interceptions. he can fly. he else can throw the football . team. they have got a great running . back. that makes two very dynamic. this young man is more of a . quarterback and he is missing . time with an injury. thirty-one touchdowns and this . is what jumps on the screen, one. int. >> he was really. the . cohesiveness. and having that trigger ran at . this level makes all the . difference in the world. these two young men after the . best in the state and is a lot . of other players on this field . as well. wetumpka is 13-1. more of these explicit --. >> wasn't offenses, let's go to . the rest of our crew. you mentioned. two quarterbacks . would like to score. both these teams are averaging . over 40 points a game and 50 or . more in the playoffs. the stat of the night. that is the entire season and . they will be in for a shoot out . tonight. the super 7 finals of brought to. you by the alabama department of. transportation. alabama --. l that wants to remind you to. that was the scene this morning . as we were get ready for the . game. it was snowing hard here in . tuscaloosa. the good news is that the . excellent job --. a lot of folks getting the stove. off the field. is not been an issue since early. dissipated. they get a live look at the . field and it is in good shape. tyler we talk about that as we . get going into the game. for all alone, it is a great . playing surface and it is cold. it should be fine tonight. and pinson valley won the toss . and elected to defer, tyler. the way that the score is i . thought that pinson valley might. it also shows the call miss that. this coaching staff has on the . defensive unit and this is an . aggressive front. very good on the back field as . well. so pinson in the all-black. there is. patrick next. his son. about 14-0. you can't do a lot better than . that. that is outstanding. he came over after four seasons . in scottsboro and tim. in his sixth season at wetumpka. 13-1 and he they lost by one . point, their only. loss. and we are underway. number four for wetumpka, he . brings it back out in good field. we are going to see the indians . lot. that is going to be easy for us . because when in doubt, they sit . indians. both these teams have the same . nickname so that will not be an . issue. wetumpka in the road white with . gold bands and there is a look . at the outstanding quarterback, . jd martin. his wide receivers are excellent. excellent. we will talk about. him. and smoke will get it on the . first . of the game. a gain of only about 1 . >> you want to watch that . defensive front. he is a difference maker for . this pinson valley squad. high energy and big motor and . loves to live in the backfield. scott has an offer from george . state and smoke has offers from . florida and south carolina and . missouri. a lot of prospects in this game . tonight. second down and 8. what a name, kavosiey smoke, . just comes off your lips easy. he hands off. prattle on the outside. he stepped out of bounds. well executed play. i don't know that he ever got . touched. >> . you talk about being able to . really wall up any pursuit up . the middle. he is able to get to the . backfield that that is a great . block out front. by wetumpka. a big game. all be a him stepping out of . bounds, probably really . frustrated himself and he had an. opportunity to take that one for. touchdown. again of 17, first and 10 for . the wetumpka indians. and this is going to be marked . it on the keeper. he's dangerous. there you see the power and . there you see the combination. it makes it so dangerous,. 6'1", . 185. we get to see how special jd . martin is. >> great blocking up front also . by wetumpka. he is the lead blocker out front. front. he gets to the edge and gets a . shift block right here and also . able to go up and apply another . block. that is really the difference . right there. that allows martin to stay on . his feet and pick up extra . yardage. 24-yard gain, martins the . quarterback and the receivers . are rogers and lebron and. i will set up the offensive line. of this game. it looks like illegal procedure . against wetumpka. >> false start, offense, 5-yard . penalty. still first down. >> that is what makes it so . difficult for pinson valleys you. between the tackles and then . market obviously on the edge. to dynamic backs and each bring . something different to the table. table. first and 15. it is smoke left side. he gets into about a second and . and 10 situation. you saw the power. smoked just six what --. 6'0", 200 pounds. we of offers, you know you are . quality football player every . year. he is dangerous in the past . receiving game. and the offensive line for the . wetumpka and it looked right, . cody tucker in trenton white. center damien white and right . guard tory and in white and . right . tackle tories loftin. he is on the left side. number 18, jd martin any shows . you again the deep he can go . right and left and stay between . the edges and he is a tremendous. >> wetumpka as we press the . edges here early on this drive. this is probably the first --. their fourth play that they . front of the perimeter have been. able to get to the outside of . the pinson valley defense every . time for 8-10 yards. >> we talked about pinson valley. football. that the indians are threatening. keeper this time for about 2-3. >> joe parker, number 27, doing . a job coming up from the edge. parker and the defense event. the defense for pinson valley . across the front, they play for-. for-3. joe parker and dick lawrence . upfront. the linebackers are womack, . harris, and eric rogers. in the secondary, williams and . matthews are at your corners. and we're shot cushion is your . strong safety. second and goal. that was a gold to goal . situation. smoke nothing doing that time. great pursuit by the pinson . valley defense. >> and substitution there. jackson, number 25 comes in. i will think that he was set and. ready. you saw the whole of side of the. ball and a little delayed allows. pinson valley to get the . advantage and there you go, set . up a third and 7. and we saw this last night in . our game with st. paul's and . briarwood, giving up yardage . when collect --. quality defenses just tightened . up. >> the pinson valley defense . giving up. 15. 2 points per game. as you alluded to, that is not . bad today averaging 41 but he . will take that and that is a . five-point disparity between . what your offense scores and you. so they are a tough defense. you know you are going to give . up some yards against a team . like wetumpka. i think the key as they can kick. field goals. >> this is a traditional right. there is that defensive quality . that you have to take. they could have all the yardage . they want between the 20 of us . are yes, but in the red zone, . that's when the safeties can . come up and we've not seen at . pass attempts yet from wetumpka. maybe crying on the third down. you put that defense is and if . they are able to penetrate it. he can not only extend the play,. turning coverage,. you probably . walking in for a touchdown. third and goal for the wetumpka . indians. pinson valley comes out of the . timeout and let's see if indeed . if jd martin puts it in the air. remember though he still a 1500,. >> zone coverage here. he gets hit and he will be . stopped and dropped right around. the 8-yard line. so pinson valley dust window a . little bit. the indians certainly do not . break and they're going to force. a field goal attempt by wetumpka. wetumpka. >> there's penetration up front. very quick defense upfront. when you are able to get in . there, it was number 42, harris. he did make the tackle but he . held everything up and he did . lose and they ground across the . front. it was a big stop there for . pinson valley. >> the sophomore will drive the . field . field-goal. it's only about 24 yarder. the high snap gets it down and . hit well and up and through. so wetumpka strikes and its . first possession of the football. game as start kicks it 24-yard . field goal and the wetumpka . indians lead pinson valley 3-0. i think both teams are going out. can smell a surly feels good . about holding their field goal . situation. >> . you will see every thing that . they worked on all the planning. now the defenses --. pinson blyleven opportunity and . the defensive side and bigger . with the going to do to attack . and counter what wetumpka has . done and what point of emphasis . obviously is better contained on. the edge. it does not allow anything for . these running backs to get to . the perimeter. >> . so stewart made the field . goal, number 45 for wetumpka . will kick it off. there is also --. he's also linebacker but he is a. that is why he pull head out the. kickoff duties from the 40. 3- . wetumpka on top. line drive kicked down the . mid
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