WHU vs LIV 1-4 All goals & Highlights English Commentary (04/11/2017) HD/1080P

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WHU vs LIV 1-4 All goals & Highlights English Commentary (04/11/2017) HD/1080P
west ham
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In the premier league today big day for . slav and dilek who's felt the need to . defend himself this week talking about . the fitness of his players says that . less time are going to try to use the . blueprint used by tottenham hotspur to . beat liverpool so off we go what's that . make it mocks late chamberlain's first . league start for liverpool and it's not . dealt with decisively joe hart was there . i'm erin cresswell women for bryson as . well his lance ad looking to play . through tonight . [applause]. criswell is on his own and he's totally . outnumbered salaphi little context . attention scores. that is the perfect example of the limit . or counter-attack adorable burns gone it . up there along with joel massive it's a . flat one that was bein too high and then . still factual matter . the initial deflection was at west ham . united worman partner swings a ball . strip . oxlade-chamberlain give salawats a chase . and we know that he's quit mum seller . he's into the west ham thought . the booze at halftime tell the west hand . story we're going to get from back to . front with the personnel they had out so . the herald's on to try and change it . here absolutely his embrace chan cellar . he's up shelly amano . trying to the liverpool docks if i can . find the ball and it goes to more slams . a butcher shop . [applause]. cimino those for liverpool alex . oxlade-chamberlain johar with a bic . shaver not sledgehammer minutes drive . from the kickoff liverpool. some united have gone from going back . into mosul exactly charles knock down . gets it back again carol . ladies in the german sun finished . [applause]. clicked on flipped over city reta than . the upholstery related theories are now. timox whoops it into water numbers and . straight once are you as wide as he can . get here's the lands daily fruitcake . simon lineal a . donkeys in there carol's gone down play . chamberlin roberto firmino and now savio . mano. takes away to west ham his arm eltham it . slips it into the member . [applause]. trista voice had a look at that the . grease with the decision is femina . looking to get in behind them passed on . and then this is it chance to top the . game of the bow i still got it . this seller it shakes cause marsala . deadly from that type of situation olson . is on alternatives on side and he's got . players to take out that's it though . trey chamberlain told him back for salla . on a hat-trick joe hart denies it . such a hunger for goals as knowing . there's milder sobrino and salla in the . west hanboks quiete his . oxlade-chamberlain still . oxlade-chamberlain. there is builder those forgot just wine . come on through the middle is femina . [music]. will be a power of that as well the . lanky and still the white. [applause]. yeah another chance juana . [applause]. [music]. .
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