Why Lonzo Ball already proved to be BIGGEST BUST in NBA history!! Lonzos Shoe DESTROYED by players

Lonzo Balls new shoes are Lavar Ball work. Big Baller Brand made new shoes called Ball Brothers. LiAngelo Ball on Chino Hills isn't as good as LaMelo Ball or Lonzo Ball on UCLA. LiAngelo NBA. LaMelo Ball is not ready yet. If LaMelo continues to play this way his NBA career won't be like Lonzo Ball.
Lonzo Balls career is going to be ruined if Lavar Ball keeps talking about Steph Curry Lavar Ball is doing too much.
Lonzo balls steph curry. Lonzo ball, UCLA player. As we all remember, sportscenter shoved as much of steph curry down out throats as possible last season. Pre-game, during-game, post-game. Its was all steph curry, so as soon as he fucked up, or had one single bad game, we all got on him. we roasted him. the hype got to such annoying levels, that we hoped on steph curry to fail, just so we don’t have to deal with the non-stop steph curry fest. Liked it before I even watched. I agree with all of this. Lavar has been talking too much..
If you guys don’t think these laker players are already annoyed the fuck out of his dad, youre as crazy as he is. Andd the quotes kinda get worse.
lavar ball pointed to wat his son has done at ucla
Lonzo balls news shoes. Lonzo Shoes. Lonzo. Big baller brand. lavar ball.
“everyone says ucla is a good team. “maaan” they had the same team last year”
still don’t think lonzos teammates might take this the wrong way? I mean I personally interpret this as, your team wasn’t shit until my son graced you unworthy peasants with his unmatched basketball savagery. Okay, now im exaggerating, but the point remains, even if what lavar is saying is the absolute truth, no one wants to hear it. Do you know how many times Jordan could have come out and said “hey the bulls aren’t jackshit without me, im the only fucking man here” you know how many times he could have said that? Not very many because he had some great fucking teams around, stop with the myths people but if he did say something like in the 80s, even though its true, its just cancerous to the team.
Lonzo Ball, Lamelo Ball, Lavar Ball
If lavar ball has given any indication to what he is like as a parent, its that he is onvercontrolling, and potentially over possessive. What this means is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to be involved in every single thing lonzo does in the nba. And im talking money, people. Lavar would want to control what he does on the court, control what sponsors he signs with and how much they pay him, what brand deals he gets, and ofcourse his contract. In other words, I fully expect lavar ball to come out and tell lonzo “don’t even look for an agent. Now that youre in the nba, im your agent, ill make the money shots”
Lavar ball Is a looney biscuit. Hes the last person id want handling lonzos money. I mean, can you imagine lavar ball as an agent? Holy crap
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Caption: Everyone has seen the 495 dollar price . tag on it which isn't a bad price at all . it's almost the perfect price the only . thing i'd change is make them 492 . dollars and 80 cents cheaper allowing . you to honor on eclis score these kicks. for two point two dollars seriously once . you bought them you can tell all your . friends about the fresh pair of nuts . i mean fresh pair of balls you have on . your feet and they even come in black. that way they won't get dirty easily but . even if they do just ask mom to scrub . your balls for you or for any spanish . speakers just ask mom to levada your . balls for you he'll be brand new again . and if they're not just pay another 500 . and get another pair no big deal with so . small profit you lost geez what is a . bust. by definition a bust is an athlete who . fails miserably to live up to. expectation kwame brown well we all know . what lavar ball is said about lonzo and . with this new shoe. priced at 495 dollars does anyone have a . remotely any idea how insane that is for . reference the highest priced jordans for . $400 by pricing logic even if lanza . becomes a great player if he fails to . reach goat level status he will be an . absolute bust and what's about to be . said in this video about lavar ball . probably isn't even legal . i mean his arrogance and marketing gives. me shades of kanye but at least kanye. has 16 grammy levar probably had about . 16 doughnuts before coming to that price . point anyways smash the like button guys . make sure to subscribe if you're new and . turn on notifications let's do this so . to sum up lavars existence he's on . record saying i've been working on these . shoes since my kids were born alright so . in about 20 years of design work this is . what you have to show for it breaking . news this just in . levar ball is a fucking idiot also . instead of pay less levar should try . selling these that pay nothing at all i . don't think many people would be . interested even with a price tag of zero . but it's worth a shot. seriously a lot of people have said they . wouldn't even wear them for free okay . alright that's not very grateful look a . lot of people in other countries don't . even have shoes . to wear on their feet period so i'll be . real for a second i wouldn't even wear . these if you paid me four hundred ninety . five dollars if i had the option to wear . these for protection or run through a . minefield of legos mixed with sharp . glass i'm running barefoot i'd like to . think i have at least an inch of . morality because honestly who's gonna . buy these there's only one dude who i . can see looking forward to having alonzo . balls on his feet but judging from what . this hat has been through even oprah . isn't spending $500 on these pairs of . nuts and she's a fucking billionaire now . on to lanza he doesn't deserve much . blame here but he's still at fault this . was obviously the doing of levar but . does lanza have no say at all stand up . to your dad he's not being that playful . outspoken but caring father anymore . he's killing your business before it's . even begun he's already forced two . against her will to wear bvb clothing on . national television and that's literally . criminal cps would label this under . child abuse in five seconds. do something already and i mean isn't . there like a last line of defense here . the dudes who finalize the product and . look over the shoe design and pricing . who the hell let this go through to the . market for five hundred dollars isn't . levar the dude behind everything here . you're really letting a middle-aged man . who looks like he has a beer for . breakfast run your corporation and . there's no doubt behind it this man . modeled his own clothes i'll recognize . those man kits anywhere seriously they . can't even get people off of craigslist . to model their clothing how do they . expect to sell merchandise to actual . humans for five hundred dollars that is . who they're targeting right humans right . or are they targeting people who can't . think for themselves people who are not . human maybe let me know mike but it's . time to give levar his credit he credit . he's rightfully earned i don't even know . how i'm surprised the man who averaged . 2. 2 points had the balls to say he's . better than michael jordan why would . that same man not sell flippers for a . 220 bucks this is not a joke pvb . slippers are retailing for $220 if you . buy them i hope you kill yours . so let's give levar credit. screw the hall of fame when we look back . at the howl of levar this moment will be . all the way at the top he's outdone just . about everyone and that's another . selling point you buy bbb merchandise . and automatically get inducted to the . hall of lahore see that's proper . marketing ball brothers take notes now i . do expect 25 percent of your sales . profit to be transferred over to my bank . even though it'll be roughly about 30 . cents but i sincerely tried to give all. of our credit and to find the beauty in . his madness i thought well unlike . jordans these shoes are so garbage at . least kids won't kill each other for a . pair of them so no violence right wrong. bitch if i see anyone wearing a piece of . big ball or brand merchandise i'm going . to have to knock someone out quick tip . the easiest way to make yourself look . like a cunt flap is to wear bbb clothing . so if that's your goal just pick up a . pair of shoes a hat and a t-shirt and . you have acquired the perfect trifecta . of cancer speaking of the trifecta if . you think i'm exaggerating here it is . cheaper to buy lebron shoes kd shoes and . curry shoes at the same time in. comparison to longer shoe literally . combine the prices of all three and it . is still cheaper lebron kd and curry are . arguably these three best basketball . players in the world . lonzo hasn't even held an official nba . basketball yet but back to levar listen . man i don't know what level of pollution . exists in chino hills' but it's clearly . rotted away the little collection of . brain cells you had in the first place . i'm all for hustling but this is . backwards engineering by the genius . himself hey guys we're selling knock-off . kobe's but unlike other companies . selling knock-off kobe's we're doing at . five times the price of the original . kobe's. dijanna excuse me as ridiculous as it. sounds that's lavars holy grail of . twisted marketing seriously levorg you . can still save face just come out and . say you made a math mistake just say you . meant to put a decimal before the four . and it's all perfect i mean for the . quality of the shoe it's still a bit on . the pricey side but i can see people . buying it for fifty cents even if it is . a lie of all things you being an . absolute dumbass is 100 percent . believable you've literally run your . entire campaign on being a looney tune . and speaking of campaign kim jeong-hoon . is firing missiles at countries simply . because he's bored . donald trump has us 5 seconds away from . thermonuclear war and levar has still . managed to be the most terrifying man in . all of america . that is truly astounding now let's . discuss the actual product it might . seriously be huge. imagine they sell about 20 to 50 pairs . now that's successful footwear and if . you do end up buying the shoe it seems . to be best fit for one of those days . where you have to take a shit yet . there's no toilets nearby in check you . know what to do speaking for real though . if the shoe has some kind of switch . where you can just flip it on levar ball . just disappears into an alternate . dimension then it might be worth 500 . bucks . i might even pick up a pair but if you . break it down sometimes your shoe and . shoe pricing comes down to how much. talent you actually have prime kobe 35 . ppg $170 prime lebron 30 ppg $130 prime . lavar 2. 2 ppg what is it just me or does . the math not add up here well i'm out. man i'm gonna strip it i mean at this . point guys you would all be better off . buying an nba franchise rather than . lonzo to shoes they're about the same . price and it gets funnier much funnier . the design seems to have some sort of . snakeskin it's pretty safe to say katie . is going to pick up a pair right tough . luck if you're above size 14 the price . goes up to $700 . [music]. and for those really interested you can . get signatures eo twos no i mean . literally signature shoes with lonzo's . autograph pretty cool right it's only . going to cost you about double the price . seriously does he think he's messy i . want to believe so bad that lonzo had . nothing to do with this because if he . did like father like son he's an idiot . but for real this time if anyone is . interested in the shoes let me teach you . how to buy shoes if you're on a website . and see the keywords shock-absorbent . maximum comfort and lightweight the . shoes are cancer and you need to run so . let's take a look at the shoe . description and ortholite insole is . embedded throughout the entire insole. for maximum comfort a whole bed of shock . absorbent material keeps the shoe . lightweight for high-speed performance . translation my name levar i want your . money. pay me high-speed performance and my . favorite part hold on to your seats here . guys no refunds or exchanges shipping by . november 24th 2017 nail in the coffin . comedic gold hey once you buy the shoe . that's your problem it's yours now ain't . no way we're giving your money back and . it says shipping by november 24th so . when you do pre-order it you have about . five months to sit on that decision of . how you spent the worst $500 of your . life lavar strolling in seriously at a . level beyond anything i've seen honestly. you'd have to be a special breed of cunt. to still want to buy these shoes and if . you're still not convinced well james . harden is close to lanza and he . apparently gave the shoes a test run .

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