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Why does it feel like has no scales . because it has no oh my gosh the . breeding part all different types it is . that a gator. these are little gator two-headed snake . and i'll buy no alligator listen what is . going on crows welcome back to another . video here today i'm at the repair i'm . about to walk in and it's late they're . actually closed we're getting the inside. look at things that you can see when . it's open but okay so bottom line is . there's a lot to look at let me give you . a quick peek this place looks so natural . i mean oh my gosh you did amazing and . you did amazing i mean look at the . leaves. everything is just you could see how . much work went into doing it yeah we so . we got a lot of stuff to look at greg's . here as well hey greg hey got a lot of . stuff to look at down this aisle and . even over here giant snapping turtle . we'll get to all this in just a second . and then down here and look at this i've . done reptile tours in the past as you . know a lot of these videos do very well . this is the coolest top-notch reptile . store i've ever been in my life ever . they every little speck i mean look at . this it looks so real and every snake . every animal in here has an amazing. looking enclosure i mean look how much . room these reptiles have it's like . natural so much effort put into every . spec in detail in every enclosure now . we'll have this place linked in the . description obviously because i know . you're gonna want to come and visit this . after this video. giant toads i mean two-headed snakes . rhino iguana and much much more . okay so friendly it's unreal brian you . ready i am ready what are we doing you . look more ready . i'm always right so what we're gonna do . is tourists around your place the course . right but i love i want to see . everything and everything every single . thing yes most are single drag . all right a wild this animal well i'm . gonna start right here since we're . standing right here this is actually a . cool animal his name is pinocchio and . and i think they're all i know exactly . why because he is a rhinoceros ratsnake . from vietnam look at that nose colors . are amazing it is so beautiful you know . and they're born gray and they actually . turn green at about six to eight months . of age with just a really cool there's a . good shot pinocchio pinocchio that's . awesome and you'll see like most of our . animals have kind of fun playful names . because we want people what we've always . said was you want to kind of create . curiosity yeah of course and i notice . that you actually customize all these . little names yep all the little names . not every not every cage has them yet. but it will be will because because we . wanted to look so cold we're actually . gonna have qr codes put on all the cages . too that way you can come around it and . literally scan it and learn all of our . stuff you know so those are all gonna go . on as well we're building out all those . pages this is actually a snake that is . super cool he's gotta read like why does . it feel like it has no scales because it . has this is actually bred to not have. scales believe it or not you can see. it's starting to shed then yeah how it . sheds when the shedding feels it's very . weird crazy though right i like it . though so again another snake that you . know when people come they're like what . what is that never seen anything let's . have the animals that i've seen just. just kind of pacing by yeah and that's . what we tried to do you know it's just . trying to get people be excited boy this . is now so i love this guy this guy of . course is named chubby monkey named ice . cream flavor oh my gosh good chubby . monkey mice don't that these things eat . my state rats they love it i would love . to have one of these oh my gosh yeah and . chunky monkey is actually just about a . year old so he's gonna look at that he's . fat and what's crazy is he looks like . he's slimy yeah but he's not i thought . that you're gonna get me into time today . oh he's totally dry yeah . yeah exactly he's just really silky . looking and although that's just . coconuts idea right there can you . actually make that this is actually our . brand of coconuts called reptile fryman . and it's just free so what we wanted to . do is we wanted to make a bedding that . didn't have all that dust in it you know . so we ended up doing it it turned out . pretty well this is one of my favorite . snakes for sure just a little dude he's . just a little girl but oh is that an . economy's yeah i love it i love it i . know this is beer day so how old she's a . year old now and she's hanging on to me . you can see she's had a little bit of a . meal it was feed day here earlier today. so but we do have a few things that . we're gonna allow you to feed paul yes i . saved a couple things special for you . this is so cool i love the anacondas are . they're so special honey and she's so . cool cuz she's so tame you know a lot of . green anacondas in particular have a . little bit of an attitude . but she is just a puppy dog and that's . one of the things that we really try to . do here is work with our animals like . constantly to get them to be super super . yeah of course especially when you have . a lot of people around so that way when . people do come and say hey listen i . wanna see i'll check that snake out . we're like sure let's take it out and . see like for instance one of our star . attractions here at the rock terraces . certainly this girl here her name is . perdido and anita i can all reticulated . python and she is just unholy a year old . moly greg yes do your thing this is his . favorite yeah this is perdida she's i . guess she's a year old reticulated . python and what's interesting is you . know reticulated pythons get like 1820 . foot you know i have daisy and lucy that . big girl but this particular line here . states a little bit smaller she's . probably gonna max out at maybe 10 12 . foot the only football or something like . that you know when we're open literally . she'll be out for four hours yeah . beautiful snail yep she never gets . agitated she seems to look i always tell . people that's why you're half old huh . you're not even a year and yeah that's . crazy boy i always tell people like do . snakes like to be handled i don't know . if they do but i think some snakes . really tolerate being handled i think . we're pretty tough and really my girl . sunrise too maybe they even like . i could tell you yes always wrap it on i . think if you train them yeah it's almost . like any other animal yeah a random dog . is not gonna want to be touched . exactly but if you train them since they . grow up being touched they're not gonna . mind it i mean what snake lets you do . that exact besides one that's trained . real quick is that a gator . these are little gators oh these are the . cutest little things in the world oh my . god i just think they're cute look out . that is so dope i know right look good . silver yeah nobody it's okay . that's sick i love gators dude huh . i've always wanted a gator but you gotta . have a license yeah well we got a couple . special gators i'll show you in a little . bit to that are a slightly different . color than this normal you all might . have seen them on your channel albino . and then i'm all blocked out ready all i . swim so cool i know right like a little . dragon we're actually only have two of . them in this tank right now but we're . actually getting eight more so on and . and it's tank so that we can really kind . of when you look so just a minute that's . one thing i mentioned to him in the . beginning of this video it's how every . enclosure is so big yeah you guys put . the effort into really keeping your . animals with something that's so natural . well we wanted to do that you know cuz . you know for years we've been snake . breeders and we kind of kept . minimalistic cages and i really wanted . to go go the other way . yeah a really big cage is naturalistic . just awesome and like this cages right . it's got two basking spot segi this side . can you get outside that way if you know . we got territorial stuff you know one. can be here one can be there i really . tried to think it out that's not to say . that we're not gonna continue to upgrade . and do better things but yeah . but we just wanted the animals be super . happy yeah and that's what it was all . about and as a matter of fact that it's . speaking about happy i got to show you . this this'll do you know one of the . things i think that's great you know you . met bella earlier and we just leave her. cage over right yeah no big deal but you . know we like a lot of the animals that . literally seem to love their enclosure . and this is a perfect example here this . is an ammo we could take always hiding . under . there was nothing in your i've filmed it . i know but this is this isn't have one . thing about me that's that the second i . do end up getting a house and getting it . in here tegus are leaves or the why paul . jenks i know all these parties well you . have seen turk wins the whole group yep . as long as you're keeping them supported . and supported right yeah that's like the . pig my pig the pet pig doesn't like when . its legs are hanging cuz lizards don't . fly that's that's a pigs don't fly i . mean some people may imagine kurt's with . animals think they'll be loving your . cages take a look at this go home go . home yeah and what other animal would do. that unless they actually liked where . they live that's so big after 11 months . old i know i love it loves it look at . the snake going over the camera i'll . take that from you greg it was pretty . cool. oh the frogs the frog let's do this you . know it's cool and pump look at them all . hopping away we got some feeding going . on oh they know oh hey guys holy moly . what artemis fruit flies so they can't. fly they

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