$11.99 FOUNDATION VS. $40 FOUNDATION: Who Wins ???

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In today’s video, an $11.99 drugstore full-coverage foundation goes head to head with Huda Beauty’s Faux Filter Foundation! It’s low-end versus my holy grail!!! Who do you think will win? Keep on watching to find out!!
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Caption: Hello guys it's me nikki and welcome . back to winter wonder week we have . arrived we have stumbled upon day number . three welcome so for day three today i'm . flying in heaven i'm high up in the sky . that backdrop is so blue i feel like i'm . in the sky right now and i haven't even . had breakfast yet woohoo so for day . three of winter wonder week i wanted to . compare my holy grill foundation to a . brand new drugstore foundation this hood . a beautyful filter foundation as you . know it did a video on it is my holy . grail foundation it gives me full . coverage dreams it gives me everything . that my makeup addict soul needs and . wants and desires this i don't know what . it does this is the maybelline superstay . 24 hour full coverage foundation and . i've heard really good things about it . so i was at why not compare a high-end . really full coverage long lasting . foundation with a low-end really long . for my foundation so i'm gonna be . testing it on my face to see how it . applies to see how it blends just see . how it works into the skin and then . we're gonna go over top with bronzer . highlighter and all that good stuff to . see how it holds up after a big beating . of makeup so if you're excited i'm . excited i'm always excited it's day . three and let's go . all right so here we have my bear face . and this is what it looks like today the . redness is down because it's cold in my . room and when it's cold in the room i . don't get red so this is what it looks . like and i was thinking maybe i can do a . skin care routine slash my skincare . secrets in winter wonder week as well so . if you want to see that let me know down . below let me know so the first product . i'm gonna go in with i'm gonna treat . both foundations like they are the same . so i'm gonna prime the same way i'm. gonna treat my skin the same way leading . up to the foundation application so the . first product i'm gonna go in with is . you're getting sick and tired of me . using this hopf this is amazing . cosmetics illuminate primary highlighter . in glow this stuff is just i love this i . can't get enough of it it's so nice so. i'm just gonna work this into my skin . with a brush on both sides treated . equally baby alright so i'll be starting . off with the hood a beautiful filter . foundation because i have uses on camera . before and we all know what it does for . me and what to expect from it so it's . easier to just get that on and then . compare how the maybelline does in . comparison okay. so here we go what a beauty as you can. see it's a full coverage dream it just. applies so rich so intense and it covers . up anything it covers up your past it . covers up the future it covers up the . present and my favorite thing about it . is that as you're doing it your skin . still looks like skin but photoshopped . and perfect and flawless this one is a . hard one to beat because ever since i . got this i haven't used a different . foundation this has been on my face ever . since. alright so that is hood a beautiful . filter foundation on the left side of my . face like you almost don't need any . additional concealer this is a must-have . in your kit trust me now let's move on . to the maybelline 24-hour super stay . foundation and online it says experience . the superpower of makeup the high . pigment foundation combats the clock for. transforming 24-hour wear alright so . this is what it looks like it comes with . a pump and i am in the color . porcelain picking that up on my sponge . and here will you go oh baby oh i see . crunch oh my god . damn. alright this maybelline foundation . obviously is not here to play this is . full coverage so as i'm applying it to . my forehead let me give you my initial. thoughts it feels and applies a little . drier than the hood a beautiful filter . it applies a little bit less smooth i . have to work it in a tiny bit more i . think both sides have about the same . coverage of the on the hood aside it . just looks a little bit more natural so . if you're looking for full coverage like . all the way but still natural . i think hood a beauty if you're looking . for full coverage and a little bit more . plasticy it's maybelline when i look at . my skin really up close i see that well . of course hood a beauty has dried in a . little bit so far but maybelline almost. looks identical and that hasn't dried in . yet so that tells me that the maybelline . superstay is a little bit drier than the . faux filter by hooda and i have dry skin . so that wears me a tiny bit but it's . nothing like fancy beauty fenty beauty . made me look like a desert other than . that i definitely see that it minimized . the appearance of pores it's not . exaggerating any fine lines it's just . looking like a veil of beautifulness . on both sides so now let's blend in . concealer over top to see if it blends . nicely if it just works together nicely . and let's see how it does on both sides . are gonna be using the nars soft matte . complete conceal concealer and i am. light - vanilla see and not every . concealer blends with every foundation. out there it truly is a test for some . concealers to blend in nicely with the . foundation underneath but i don't know . how it will do on the maybelline side i . will say after doing that natural makeup . challenge it feels so good to take it on . as you can see that blended in perfectly . and traceless lee now let's do the . maybelline side so far it's going. perfectly i almost feel like i'm using . the same foundation although again the . maybelline one is a little bit more dry . but other than that it feels like i'm . using the same foundation all over my . face concealer is blending in traceless . lis concealer is going perfectly and if . i didn't tell you that i'm wearing two . foundations at once right now you . wouldn't be able to tell now we're going . to bake my under-eye using the fit me. loose powder by maybelline this is my . favorite powder to bake with and i know . that the hooda side goes really well . with it and it's a maybelline product . maybelline the maybelline it probably . goes really well too . stunning goes really well and now use . them some cody airspun and a damp sponge . i press the powder in all over my face . for the longest lasting base of life . yeah this condition is handling the. powder really really well . it's not shifting it's not moving around . it's taking the powder and working it . the only thing i'm noticing now that i'm . looking in the monitor is that the . maybelline side is eyeing a little bit . darker than the hood of beauty side so . that tells me that the maybelline side . has oxidized a little teensy bit much . more than the hooda beauty side but . there's nothing a little bit of bronzer . can't fix all right now i'm gonna do my . eye makeup and my brows and i'll be back . to see if bronzer applies beautifully . over top of this as well and blush and . highlighter and everything so i'll be . right back here we go in a 1 in a 2 in a . 3 right so brows and eyes are applied. and as you can see it did oxidize even . though i powdered a little bit more so . now we can see that this side is a . little bit darker than this side . although this side did oxidize as well . this basically always happens to me and . what i do to fix it is apply bronzer to . monic using this right here this is a . mac next to nothing powder and medium . dark and i use this to sort of bronze up . my face and sort of tie everything . together . and the bronzer is applying seamlessly. is going on like buttah the maybelline . is standing strong and not letting it . mess around with this is really really. good so far for the hood of beauty side . i mean um if you watch any of my videos . you know that it applies really nicely . over it because i wear this foundation . in pretty much every video and now to . fix this mess up wrongs baby . brawl then i contour and i apply my . contour in soft circular motions and . sometimes if you are wearing the wrong . base for example the rcm a cream-colored . base that for me when i go in with a . swirling motion like this and apply my . contour like that. it totally moves it starts ruining . everything it starts totally messing it. up and leaving holes and marks and . streaks and with this it is just gliding . over top contouring the good stuff and . leaving the good stuff in place oh now . comes another really really important . one nose contouring if i'm not wearing . the right base underneath and i do my . nose contour you will see streaks . redness marks i'll see you messed up . nose and lately i've been really trying . my nose contour to like really step it . up because the hood of beauty foundation . is the only one so far that doesn't . budge as soon as i go in with this brush . on my nose so let's see if the . maybelline side does the same burrs they . go underneath a little bit of shadow . nothing to like mess up here but this is . where we start the bridge the bridge . sides sides put a beauty side traces . perfect i can contour with it maybelline . side traceless beautiful i can counter . with it another tricky step blush this . causes for a lot of friction on the skin . and you need a tough hard core base that . will sit it through and look flawless in . the end so i'm gonna go in with this . blush right here it's a nice glowy one . i'm picking some . on my brush tap tap and here we go so . i'm applying it in nice circular . swirling motions to get that warmth on . my cheek and something very very good i . don't know if it's because christmas was. yesterday but i'm having such a good . makeup date okay so now i'm going to . carve out underneath my cheek to define . the contour a little bit more i'm so . sorry british people i will never do . that again . to test of all tests a wet highlighter . on top of powdered skin is probably the . biggest test you can give any foundation. out there because with most what . highlighters on top of a powdered skin . it's gonna move the base it's gonna . create redness it's gonna it's gonna. make things look really really messy so . today i'm going in with the first sally . jelly bean i'm gonna dip my finger into . the for sally jelly bean tap it on the . skin pray to god that it doesn't move . around the base too much and then set it . with a reflective eyeshadow into the . skin and then setting with a powder oh . hello. alright and to tie the look together i . want to keep everything in the very gold . bronzy tones as you can see by. everything on my face right now so i'm . gonna go in with this smashbox always on . liquid lipstick in the colour carrot . stick. and of course i'm setting spray alright . guys so what is our end conclusion when . i look at both foundations i think. they're both very very similar they both . guarantee for amazing full high coverage . plastic fantastic nests they both work . well on my dry combination skin although . with one side note that the maybelline . is a smidgen more dry so if you're a . little bit on the oily or side i think . the maybelline is more fit for you also . color range they are super super close . angel food and 110 porcelain are almost . a dead-on match the only side note i . have for the maybelline one is that it . oxidizes a tiny bit more but there's . nothing a little bit of bronzer can't . fix so quality wise and application wise . and everything you put overtop wise they . are almost identical . now there is one major difference . between the two and that is pricing hood . a beautiful filter retails for $40 . that's a hefty price for a foundation . this right here $11. 99 that is a huge . difference for two foundations that are . basically almost the same and if you ask . me i might even go as far as saying that . i think these two are each other's . perfect dupes. so definitely let me know what you think . did you see a major change on camera did . you see anything that you want to speak . up about definitely let me know in the . comments down below and that brings me . to today's winter wonder winner today's . winter wonder winner will win both of . these foundations so as soon as i get in . contact with you . we will determine what shade match is . your best match and then you will get . both the hood of beauty foundation plus . the maybelline foundation and this is. going to be happening for five of you so . five of you will win both of these . foundations in your skin matches yeah as . always to enter you have to be a . subscriber to my channel so if you're . not already go subscribe you also have . to like this video so go ahead and give . it a thumbs up and you have to comment . down below your holy grill foundation at . the moment if you do not wear foundation . your holy grill concealer at the moment . if you do not wear concealer your holy . grill item in your life right now . because i want to know and you need to . enter yourself for this giveaway may the . best person out there win and as always . i want to thank you so much for watching . dave three of winter wonder week i . cannot wait to see you again tomorrow . and yeah thank you so much and i love . you and i'll see you tomorrow okay bye . guys. .

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