12 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars!

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Are you always on the lookout for funny pranks? So watch our video, we've prepared the most hilarious pranks with slimes ever! You'll find the coolest ways to have a great laugh at your friends.
Supplies and Tools:
• Hard cheese
• Dark chocolate
• Water
• Microwave
• Bowls and spoons for mixing
• Sprinkles
• Orange
• Sugar paste
• Confectioner’s sugar or starch
• Wooden board
• Rolling pin or tall glass
• Brush
• White glue
• Food coloring
• Gelatin
• Wet wipes
• Plastic envelope
• Scissors
• Color chalk
• Pants
• Double-sided tape
• Hair gel
• Clear stationery glue
• Red coloring
• Borax
• Glitter
• Empty nail polish bottle
• Shaving cream
• Persil color-gel laundry detergent
• Blush balls
• Empty makeup containers
• Empty glue stick container
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Question of the Day: what prank you liked the most? Comment Below!
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Caption: [music]. has it been a long time since you . pranked your friends it's the right time . to do it watch this video and have fun . [music]. it's great fun to turn your room into a . nail salon and prank your friend with a . weird nail polish. we'll need hair gel clear stationery . glue and red coloring mix up the . ingredients it looks like strawberry jam . at first let's add a thickener put in a . little borax to turn it thick and sticky . now it looks like real slime sprinkle . with glitter need it to spread the . glitter all over the substance . we've got shimmering red slime tuck it. into an empty nail polish bottle place . it among the regular polishes my friend. chooses the bright red from other colors . oh what's wrong with the polish it's too . thick and stretches out of the bottle. how can i push it back actually i like . the polish maybe it's time to set a new . manicure trend in fashion what should i . call the slime in a glue stick container . a glue slime stick spray shaving cream . into a bowl pour in clear glue mix it up . add perso color gel laundry detergent . stir again we've got soft and elastic . white slime. it stretches perfectly and doesn't stick . to your hands . tear off a piece and tuck it into a glue . stick container my friend needs some . glue she takes my glue stick but there's . a sticky substance instead of glue . inside it can hardly attach anything but . you'll definitely enjoy playing with it . a bottomless envelope it's a great . school prank idea cut off the bottom of . a plastic envelope across the very edge . then the sides will be put close to each . other and no one will notice the hole in . the bottom my friend needs an empty . envelope i give her my special one she . carefully puts in all of her papers . snaps it and oops . all of her papers fell on the desk this . envelope can be used only as a cap does . your friend like playing tricks let's . see whose trick will be better i'm . writing when she suddenly pushes the. desk with her legs so that it moves up . and down she stops writing at the moment . while i make an untidy scribble okay . i'll make her regret it take chalk shade . the underside of the desk at the place . where your friend sits aha she's back . she'll see what will happen if she tries . to push the desk again i start writing . and she continues making her desk tricks . come on the chalks been working it's . time let her look at her jeans yes it's . chalk you'll have to wash them i've paid . her back for my spoiled writings what. about a chocolate cake . don't hurry to agree this cake has a. weird taste take a piece of hard cheese . melt chocolate to make a glaze put a cup . with chocolate pieces into a bowl of . water put it into a microwave when the . chocolate melts pour it over the cheese . to cover it completely . hmmm how sweet decorate it with bright . sprinkles put it in the fridge to cool . treat your friend with the cake cut it . to see an unusual filling bite first for . her to see it is edible . however the taste is weird you'd better . make a sandwich time to solve a riddle . what is ball shaped yellow and sweet is. it an orange . no it's our sweet tennis ball we'll need . yellow sugar paste sprinkle a wooden . board with confectioner sugar or starch . roll out a round shape add a filling . it's a peeled orange wrap it in the . paste tear off the excess and smooth the . paste make a notch with a brush handle. to imitate a tennis ball pattern roll a. piece of white sugar paste apply some . water on the knotch attach the white . detail my friend didn't expect i adored . tennis so much that i'm going to eat a . tennis ball don't worry darling there's . a special orange ball inside does it . take too long for your friend to get . dressed it's time to prank her with her . pants turn a pant leg wrong side out . attach double-sided tape . turn it right-side out carefully peel . off the protective coat press over to . attach the fabric to the tape your . friend gets dressed what's wrong she . tries to put on her pants but can't push . your leg in she'll have to wear. something else i've got sticky blush and . i'm going to prank my friend with it . pour clear glue into a bowl mix it with . hair gel. [music]. add a little borax stir up to get a . smooth stretchy substance this line is . semi-transparent and quite thick . [music]. crush a few blush balls into powder and . sprinkle it over this line knead well to . blend put the slime into an empty blush . container place a few blush balls on top . my friends doing her makeup i offer her . my new blush she tries to get it with . her brush but certainly fails you can. need it and stretch this incredible . blush slime but you can't apply it on . your face . my friend keeps using my makeup i hope . this prank will make her stop it at last . combined hair gel clear glue and borax . add white and pink glitter fold the . slime and need it to spread the glitter . tuck the slime into a clean gloss vial . my friends tried all my makeup let her . take this lipgloss she opens the vial . there's something wrong there's a weird . substance she doesn't like to apply on . her lips she keeps pulling it out to . understand what it actually is prank . your friend with a diy lip tint and test . a popular recipe at the same time we've . made diy lip tint from a recipe on the . internet we've mixed white glue with . food coloring my friend wanted to test . it for a long time apply the tint on her . lips she's excited at first as she likes . me to do her makeup but gradually her . excitement turns to irritation the glue . and coloring mixture is not a lip . friendly substance finally she manages. to smudge the tint off her lips the . result hasn't impressed either the tint . didn't color the lips smoothly but made. them extremely dry now she'll have to . moisturize them i'll also play a trick . on my friend and test a popular internet . recipe brow tint this time add black . food coloring to a gelatin solution . apply the diy tint on your brows set an . alarm for 40 minutes and wait they say . in the recipe that the tint should cool . but it keeps the same consistency as at . the beginning finally it's time to see . the result . my friend rubs off the tint with a. napkin and and what nothing a waste of . time and nothing else still i've pranked . her back for my dried lips if your . friend is a fan of skin care products i . can prank her with my special cream take. another piece of the slime we made for . the glue stick prank put it into an . empty cream container. my friend is busy talking on her phone i. leave the magic cream next to her she . opens it and sees a weird sticky . substance is it a new rejuvenation. treatment it's sticky and stretchy or is . it cool slime sure now you've got lots . of different slimes to prank your . friends with write in your comments . which slime you like the most . be sure to subscribe to our channel . give your thumbs up and hit the belt to . learn fresh prank ideas before your . friends do. .

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