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Here are 17 weird fashion life hacks I feel every girl should know! My beauty hacks video had such a great response, I decide to show you all my favorite fashion hacks! What fashion hack would you use?! Let me know in the comments!
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Caption: Hey beauties and welcome back to my channel so today i have for you guys fashion hats which i did one about two months ago about beauty so this time i decided to do one profession so let's go ahead and get started and now we sometimes you gain weight or either for my pregnant ladies that at the beginning of the few months of pregnancy you're just start to fit a little bit tight so you can do is just grab a hair tie wrap it on the button loop it through the hole and then twist it about two times and then go ahead and wrap it again on the button and then you go you just created that little extra space without having to go out and buy another pair of jeans grow bigger size or anything so i don't know about you guys but sometimes my sweaters look really beat up an old but in reality i just used it once or twice but what you can do to make it brand new again or look brand new again it's just grab a razor at this one that i'm using is for your facial hair and i'm going to start shaving off the little buzz on my sweater and it's going to make it look brand new so he was like that before you totally see how much of a difference it makes the next week and a half for you guys is when our super get stuck i hate when that happens and you're just kind of like struggling there well the solution is to grow a pencil has some type of lubricant that's gonna work perfect to make the zipper slide up that easily so just rubbing on in between the sides and everything and then try again and you're going to find that it works like a charm now sometimes we have our shoes that are super dirty from the inside one more especially heels heels or something they get really dirty but all you have to do is just grabbed a baby what and it's all clean another head that i have her baby wipes is when you put on your shirt and have that in order and marks oh i hate them but you can easily just use a baby wipe and then and just go ahead and start rubbing off the deodorant and it's gonna disappear very quickly the only thing i do work - let it dry for about two minutes and then it's gonna look like nothing ever happened but just in case you don't like that there is another option that you can use and that is using fabric softener sheets these work so amazing this one is actually my favorite just two seconds and you're done and you don't even have to wait for it to dry i'm telling you it's amazing all right this next tag is for the smelly shoes so was it a time for me it's only one of working out my workout shoes tend to smell a little bit so this is these are some of the acts that i used one of them is i use fabric softener sheets again i just take about two of these sheets and then put them in said the shoes that way the next time you want to use them they don't smell another one is using these coffee filters or whatever they're called and then all you have to do is put baking soda that's all you got to do the next day use them again they're not going to smell so you just want to pour a little bit in there just like a significant see it's only just a tiny bit now sometimes we want our white sneakers to look super way so i'm going to show you guys a way that i like to use and it's just using my home to face and an old toothbrush all you have to do is just kind of like scroll back and forth and then after you start seeing that is starting to ye can just use a clock rub off the toothpaste or use a little bit of water and then there you go you have you white sneakers on sentence for my sweet shoes my boobs especially when i go to those white is my shoes said to have a little bit of dirt all you have to do is use a no fire this one i learned it from my friend and all you have to do is just kind of like screw it back and forth very lightly and it's gonna work so amazing like my shoes look brand-new after this all right so this next hack is for my people that love to use silver so way to clean up is using changes normal catch up i know it sounds crazy but it makes it super shiny and so clean like it looks brand new again so i just use a little cloth and then just kind of roll it back and forth and it looks super super shining but if you're not into silver and you like to use gold a way to clean gold easy as using beer this is another one that's kind of crazy but it also works and again i do the same thing as if it was just the ketchup rub it back and forth in it with a cloth and then it looks super super-shiny now a way to clean a diamond ring and this one is amazing i'm telling you all you're gonna need is a little bowl and you're going to have to use a little bit of mineral water going to pour a little bit of this into the little boy just a tiny bit of so much and then after that you just going to want to heat it up and then right away immediately at some pure lemon oil and then just drop a few drops in there drop your rings in there that have diamonds and then just let it sit there for about 10 minutes just let the water kind of cool down after that you just want to grab a little bit of i'm going to soap i use this one that's for fishes again and then you want to grab an old toothbrush again and then just start rubbing off everything that looks kind of yucky or between and then it looks super shiny at the end and also you can also see the details very clear now not sure of this has happened to you but you get those sweat patches when super hard you're super nervous are you going to need to fix that issue is youth in penny liners i know this one is a super reared head buddy seriously works you just need to apply them inside and then just wear your coat that way you don't even worry about it nobody this season and nobody would ever know and it works it's seriously a lifesaver when you're going into an interview and you're nervous now i cannot tell you how many times that i've had this happen to me where my bra drips and the little metal stars peeking through and it starts hurting my boobs so you're going to need is super bowls can i find this works a hundred times better than just using a band-aid or either tape all you have to do is just cut out a little piece big enough - enough to cover that area where the little metal is peeking through just tape it on there and honestly if you're super soft super comfortable way more than a mandate or tape and as well it will last through a few good washes so that's all you got to do now this next tag is kind of sometimes i knowing where you use a strapless bra and what your bro just won't stay up and you're just like what the heck so all you have to do is just use a little strip of a bra some of these strapless bras do have an insert where you can insert these but all you have to do is just kind of inserted from one side put on your bra once you have your brawn you're just going to wrap it underneath your broth and attach it to the other side and then there you go that's all you got to do and it'll hold your bra now this next other hack that i have for you guys is using a paper clip so i don't know about you guys but i always struggle putting on bracelets so what i like to do is just kind of open up my paper clip that way i'm holding my bracelet from one side and that way i have my other hand for free that way i can just go ahead and connect it and then there you go you have your bracelet on but yeah so there you have a man loves that is all of the 17 mass index that i have for you guys again if you guys like these type of videos don't forget to give you a huge thumbs up and also let me know what kind of other hexes would like to see and it also you guys haven't seen my beauty xvideo i'm gonna have that link down below but with that i love you guys and i'll see us in the next video bye ma

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