17 Weird Ways To Survive School / Back To School Life Hacks

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7 Weird Ways To Sneak Stress Relievers Into Class / Anti Stress School Supplies : https://youtu.be/I37Aa8AAXXQ?list=PLy0LaulZe0vSzNLVwlQZVJszbLCsIwl_C
In this video we've prepared the compilation of back to school DIYs and life hacks! We hope, our amazing school hacks will help you to spend your time in school more fun and comfortable!
Supplies and Tools:
• Soft clay of three colors
• Craft knife
• Lead
• Rubber gloves
• Marker
• Rubbing alcohol
• Bowl
• Empty nail polish bottle
• Staples
• Nail polishes
• Two little pencils
• Glitter hot glue stick
• Hot glue gun
• Adhesive bandage
• Paper
• Pen
• Three same ballpoint pens
• Marker that doesn’t write
• Bleach
• Notebook
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Envelope
• Glue stick
• Felt
• Polyester filler
• Pompoms
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Caption: We can't do without tricks at school. make it easy watch the most amazing . back-to-school diys and life hacks in . this video we've been writing for so . long that my friends gotten calluses on . her finger. take my soft pencil you'll need soft. clay of three different colors knead the . clay of one color put in a thin clay . piece of another shade wrap it into the . first piece to get a hot dog shape wrap . around a piece of the third color roll . it up to get a pencil shape cut off a . piece of needed length put led inside . roll again to smooth wrinkles this . pencil is a real catch for my tired . fingers miss smith's dictates us a very . long text she notices we've stopped. writing she comes and takes my soft . pencil. what a loss i've gotten used to it i . have to use my ordinary pen again . my friend needs a highlighter to mark . the most important parts in her writings. i take out my weird highlighter but she . doesn't understand why i'm giving her my . nail polish put on rubber gloves remove . the wadding out of a broken marker . squeeze the ink into a cup add a little . rubbing alcohol to help remove the ink . put a paper cone into an empty nail . polish bottle pour in the ink open the . liquid marker and highlight the most. important items the teacher can't allow. us to use nail polish in class she takes . it and tries to use it for painting her . nails oops . there's no nail polish in this bottle . it's a weird marker where are my staples . for a stapler i wonder a stapler is . useless if i don't have staples my . friend offers me her supplies wow she's . got a real metal rainbow take off the . top of the stapler and remove the . staples choose the nail polishes you . like paint the staples apply a little . glitter when dry set the staples in the . stapler and fasten your paper crafts you . can embellish all your notebooks or join . hearts i've made so many graphs for my . school life that my pencils turned into. a little piece it's a pity. i've gotten so used to it my friend . knows a life hack she suggests joining . two pencil pieces to make an awesome . double-sided writing tool take two . little pencil pieces take a glittered . glue stick and cut off the excess make a . hole at the end of the stick using a hot . glue gun nozzle put in the pencil smooth . the edges to glue it better . repeat for the other end here's your new. double-sided pencil it's a practical . glamorous looking school supply enjoy. drawing your graphs using this double . pencil glue stick you can make them . colored or black and white all you need . is just to turn over your pencil stick . sometimes the sounds of music are much . better to hear than the sounds of miss . smith's voice my friend wants to listen . to imagine dragons during class and here . is a chief dragon coming miss smith . takes out the earphones the music . festival is over miss smith snows a . light pack she takes both earphones . tucks them into her ear and covers them . with our hand . at these moments she doesn't hear . anything else she's a great music lover . correct time management is the key to . success let's try my special alarm clock . dismantle the clock remove the face . define the sectors shave each into a . different color each sector is for a . separate activity define the time for . the rest dinner and homework assemble . the clock now we know when it's time to . study and when we should snack and when . we should take a rest . it goes like clockwork if you want to . sleep well and wake up early download a . smart alarm clock application it tracks . your sleep cycles and wakes you up at . just the right time . you'll never oversleep and when you wake . up you'll feel rested and recharged . forget about tough waking up put your . school supplies into your backpack in . the evening to be in time for school in . the morning you won't have to spend time . to look for your notebooks pens and. textbooks before leaving for school and . you won't worry about being late miss . miss going to write something on the . desk but a markers disappeared this life . hack will keep it always in place attach . one part of velcro to the barrel of the . marker attach the other part to the . frame of the board stick the markers . keep the marker safe on the board. miss smith will be fully equipped if . your teacher speaks too fast so that you . can't write down everything she says use . this life hack turn on your phone . recorder and record her speech not to . miss anything important in case your . teacher doesn't allow doing it hide your . phone under your notebook and record . whatever you need . use color stickers to study a foreign. language write the words you want to . learn and stick them out to places you . look often onto your fridge or your . friend's forehead watch your favorite . series and movies in the original . language you'll certainly enjoy it wow . this is the case when the phrase luggage . of knowledge isn't used metaphorically . my friends managed to cram a whole. library into our backpack why should you . do that if there's a better solution . make mini notebooks you'll need an . ordinary thin notebook mark off about . two inches . draw a line and cut it out divide the . strip into four little notebooks staple . the unfastened ones align the edges you . can write down formulas or some other . data the only problem is that you should . use a magnifier to see what you've . written. i think dwarfs notebooks might look like . this as her miss smith she hates . miniatures unlike my ordinary books my. friends lost something important again . and it makes her really angry i use my . life hack to keep your small stuff. always on hand put an empty envelope . into the notebook mark off the sticking . out parts cut them off attach the . envelope to the notebook cover glue the . cut edges the hiding place to keep your . small stuff is ready here's my secret . pocket no notes or cards are going to be . lost anymore they are all safely kept in . my clever storage your friend can't. concentrate on reading but she's ready . to eat gummies all the time let's . combine the two put a few gummies at the . paragraph ends . she can eat a gummy only after reading. the paragraph that's the condition it'll . stimulate your friend to study however . she cheats and eats the gummies without . reading okay then i'll take one too . have you ever gotten a task to draw. three of the same things one by one then . you know what it means it's quite a . problem to do it using an ordinary pen . let's see how a three based pen will . manage it hot glue three ballpoint pens . a slant make sure to shift each . following a pen a bit further you can . easily use this smart pen for drawing . objects with a 3d effect or you can . write three lines at the same time i'm . sure miss smith often uses this method . in preparing for classes i need to take . a nap i wish i had my throat pillow here . it's so inconvenient to sleep on my arm. my friend's got a lovely little pillow . she takes it out of her backpack and . allows me to use it cut out a square . piece of felt in half hot glue the edges . leave one side loose turn it right-side . out through the hole stuff the pillow . with soft filler hot glue the edge . decorate the throw pillow with pom-poms . of different colors and sizes hot glue . smaller embellishments across the seam. miss smith doesn't allow me to take a . nap in class what's up leave me alone . and give me my pillow back miss smith . also wants to take a nap in class she's . got her own cushion is she dreaming of a . young brad pitt did you like the new . back to school life hacks and diys write . in your comments which one you're going . to use is it coloured staples or mini . dwarf notebooks be sure to subscribe hit . the like button and click the bell so . you don't miss the most interesting. hacks and diys. .

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