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Today I made Haystack Macaroon Cookies inspired by Assassin's Creed! Let me know down below what other videos you would like to see!
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* (14) Ounces Shredded Sweetened Coconut:
* (1/2) Teaspoon Salt:
* (1/2) Cup Sugar:
* (3) Egg Whites
* (1) Orange, Zested and Juiced
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Hey guys it's well welcome to another nerdy nummies i got so many requests from you guys to make something from the video game assassin's creed ii and not only is assassins creed a video game but it is also a movie now so to celebrate i thought let's make a theme treat from the video game one of the things that i like about the game is whether you're climbing a big wall or a really tall castle as long as you jump off and land in a haystack it doesn't damage your hp it's just something i found really funny throughout the game and i really enjoyed today we're going to be making orange coconut macaroons to look like little haystacks let's get started i'm so excited for the recipe today because we have never made macarons on nerdy nummies before this will be a first not to be confused with the french macarons we've made a bunch of those but these are like the coconut macaroons the different cookie i'm really excited and is the first time that we've ever done something assassin's creed so i went all out but the you will need will be i feel like dracula oh no my armors coming off 114 ounce bag of shredded sweetened coconut half a teaspoon of salt half a cup of sugar 3 eggs were only going to be using the white and the zest and juice of one orange now let's put it all together i love this recipe because it's super easy mode the first thing that we're gonna do in a large mixing bowl we're going to add our eggs we just want the egg white how do i know so much about baking you ask well because we're trying to be an assassin they teach you baking classes because if you need to impersonating a baker you have that skill in your back pocket i also moonlight as a blacksmith sugar and salt mixed together until it starts to get frothy all my training came down to this that's what it should look like and now we are going to zest and juice are orange so over here i've got a cutting board is esther sharp cutting knife and the orange i'm just gonna start by zesting the whole orange if you've never is tested before it's basically like grating cheese but when you get down to the white stop you don't want the white oh that's what we want it smells so good and we're just going to put this in the bowl then we need the juice from our orange just a tip to make it go a little bit easier but some pressure on it roll it with the polymer your hand this is just going to loosen things up inside of the orange so that when we cut it open we're going to get food i'm gonna take a sharp cutting knife just kind of in half fold the orange over the bowl and squeeze oh after you have added all of the juice from the orange you're gonna whisk together one more time tell everything is well combined final ingredient now we're gonna add our coconut shreds this is what's going to make them look like hey snap mix everything together until it's well combined this will take a little while because there are a lot of shredded coconut and you want to make sure oops oh that none of them are dry this is what it should look like and it smells even better now i don't even know that was possible and i have you baked these yet our cookies almost ready now we just gotta scoop them onto a baking pan over here i have a baking pan lined with a piece of parchment paper so that they won't stick while they're baking and i'm got a little scoop we want full scoop full like this a little bit messy you're gonna get your hands dirty we're gonna get in there were gonna pack it in transfer over here onto the baking sheet 1 scoop it blue and see how it looks like a little dome well now we're just gonna shape it a little bit to turn that dome into a cone so it looks like a haystack that's a big one that one's mind dibs you want to keep them about an inch apart from each other so you can say about 15-18 entree or little macaron haystacks are ready to bake you're gonna heat your oven to 325 degrees and bake these for about 25 to 30 minutes as soon as they start turning a little light golden brown they're ready to dole here all the assassins creed haystack macaroons that we made today i love this recipe is super easy and easy to eat he was just like little haystacks i found this really cool wooden plate to put them on so they look a little like medieval me or whatever a big thank you to you guys for suggesting something fastens create themed this is the first time under no means that we have ever made something inspired from the game so i'm super excited and it is the first time that we ever made macaroons the coconut macaroons not to be confused with the french ones i'll be posting lots of pictures and the recipe online rosanna pansino dot-com instagram facebook and twitter and if you guys make these treats please take a picture and send it to me a love seeing your baking creations it just makes me happy and makes my day and if you have any other ideas for any other nerdy nummies please let me know leave me a comment down below and i will do my best to make it happen thanks to go because by these ones are a little too small to jump into you but not too small and jump into me hmm [music] ok [music]
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