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HI BABES! For today's video we have a BLACK FRIDAY HAUL!
Thanks for watching & get excited for holiday videos!

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Haiiiiii, I'm Bethany Mota!
In todays video, I show you my Black Friday Haul!
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Hey guys what's up it's beth here i'm in . a different setup because i'm currently . at my sister's house. today's video is a black friday all guys . me and my sister went shopping last . night right after thanksgiving dinner . and let me tell you let me tell you it . actually wasn't that bad it was pretty . chill we went to mcdonald's after and . that line was actually way longer than . any of the lines at the mall okay moving . on give this video a thumbs up to let me . know that you enjoy it . because that means a lot to me and stay . tuned to the end of this video because . there may be a little giveaway the first . thing i got was actually this sweater . that i'm wearing it is a thermal . long-sleeve crop top it is honestly . everything i could want in a shirt i got . it forever 21 . it was eight dollars and this has . snowflakes all over it and it's cropped . and it's thermal thank you forever 21 . for understanding me i love it i love it . so much that i got another one obviously . also eight dollars it's super christmasy . it's so perfect for the holidays. i got another crop top there's a theme . going on here i love crop tops and it's . just a little cream and black striped . t-shirt i also got this sweater this is . the first thing i saw when i walked into . forever 21 i think this was on a rack . that was 30% off and originally it was . 1790 and it is just a cold-shoulder . white knit sweater i love cold shoulder . things although they make no sense i'm . trying to stay warm yeah i have holes in . my sweater you know fashion i found the . cutest top eight dollars look at this i . can't i need to stop with the crop tops . like literally everything i got so far . is cropped i just thought of new year's . eve when i saw this top and i'm really . considering wearing this on new year's . eve if i get invited to any parties you . have a party please invite me i'll be . there and i'll be wearing this shirt so . the last thing i got at forever 21 was . actually not a deal at all but listen i . why is my voice just - i'm honestly . probably going to be wearing this on . every cold day that we have this winter . because i'm obsessed with it so . basically it is just a super long black . coat but it has a bill . ten gray hoodie i just love it it's so . cute what your girl's gonna be wearing . this a lot . oh wait that's not it i almost forgot i . also picked up this cute little makeup. bag because these were like 50% off in . the store and i always need makeup bags . like when i travel and stuff and i. really like that this one is like a faux . leather so that when i get my foundation . all over it which is just bound to . happen i can just wipe it off and it . will be clean again so it's a cute . little bunny next we went to american . eagle first thing i got this flannel . this one was 25 dollars which originally . it was 50 but i didn't have one that was . like this color scheme and because the . quality like this is literally so thick . like this will actually keep me warm . girl you cute girl you soft and then i . got this bad boy so this is from the . aerie collection and everything at area . i think was like 30% off i just got this . big oversized red sweater i can probably . wear this is like a sweater dress with . leggings and stuff so i love this i love . the color it's cozy it's just big and . oversized oh my gosh and i got these . cute little cat ears i also got some . beanies because they're beanies were. half off so i got this little red one . with a pom pom on it . this white one that has like some rips . in it it's very edgy and then i got this . metallic one which i honestly fell in . love with and this is kind of a little . out of my comfort zone with fashion . because i never really go for things . like this but i really like it then i . picked up some knee high socks because i . love my knee-high socks in the winter . and that's everything i got at american . eagle victoria's secret i'm gonna take . these off oh okay so they had to the . bralette at victoria's secret . were buy one i think they were buy one . get one free but i got this little black . lacy one oh fancy and then i also got . one that is basically the same thing but . it's grey and it has black detail ooh . fancy. and then for pajamas they had buy one. get one free so i found these really . pretty light pink cozy sweatpants these . honestly are so soft and then for free i . got this button-up pajama shirt but it's . all. so long enough so i can wear it as just . like a pyjama dress if i want to and . then me and my sister stopped at pacsun . so they also had a buy one get one free . deal going on so i got this knit black . long-sleeve shirt that has a little. ruffles at the bottom it's cropped are . you surprised and then i got this blue . shirt which is also cropped are you . surprised i thought that i was really . cute and it also has ruffles it's also . in my favorite color so these are just . two basic items that i can mix and match . with a lot of different things for the . winter time and then i picked up this . burgundy be me oh guys guys i love this . and then last thing i got at pacsun be . nice about this one okay this is a wild . card for me sometimes i do that where i . get things that i just really like and i . don't know why i like them so much my . sister didn't really agree that this was . a good purchase but i liked it so be . supportive so i got this adidas . windbreaker it's just like a crazy . pattern with a lot of colors it also has . writing on the back i just thought that . this was so cool it's definitely not . like your most simple subtle item but . i'm really happy with it and then we . have bath & body works so from bath & . body works i actually got three things . and then my sister got another three . things so i got literally all candles . marshmallow fireside guys if you could . just smell this scent right now i wish . you could just smell it . ah it's so good i also just love . anything marshmallow so marshmallow. fireside yes s'mores and a candle are . you kidding me. also got campfire donut oh my gosh it's . another really sweet scent so if you . don't like sweet smells. you won't like these candles and you . also won't like the smell of my bedroom . and then i got mahogany teak wood . high-intensity this one is a really . popular one from bath & body works . it smells like cologne but like an . amazing cologne oh i could bathe in this . scent so badly body works is having a . cool deal where if you purchased a . certain amount of items you get a free . gift bag which leads me into i decided . to do a little giveaway with some of the . free items that i got to give to you . guys because eyes are so supportive and . i love you. my family and i just one give me . something so so i'm gonna pick someone . from the comment section of this video . so leave a comment below telling me what . your most grateful for and also make . sure you're subscribed to this channel . and i'll pick someone from the comments . to win these few things first thing this . is the free gift that i got from bath & . body works it comes in a really cool . tote bag inside actually don't know . what's in here so we're gonna find out . together. oh yes oh wow wait wait this is awesome . okay we have aromatherapy recharge sage . mint body cream it smells good winter . candy apples super smooth body lotion . smell good aromatherapy recharge sage . mint body wash and foam bath good berry . sweet hand cream we got a winter candy . apple hand moisturizer and champagne . toast scented candle . oho guys what wait that smells so good . also along with those things i picked up . an extra pair of the little cat ears and . this really cool deer i mask also an . american eagle i got a free blanket . which i'm gonna be throwing in there as . well so if you guys want to win these . few little items then make sure to leave . a comment below telling me what you're . grateful for and that is my black friday . haul. sorry thank you guys so much for . watching be sure to subscribe to this . channel if you haven't yet give this . video a thumbs up and get ready for . holiday videos coming up soon if you . guys are excited for holiday videos . tweet at me bethany mota also be sure to . send me screenshots from this video and . tag me in them on instagram at bethany . noelle em bye so i heard that a little . special guest wanted to join us . bakley now you're back how does it feel . do you have something to show me like . show-and-tell do you have a toy where is . it. [music]. .
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