Blonde to Black Hair with Grav3yardgirl

I went to Houston, TX to do Bunny (Grav3yardgirl)'s hair. I went with #Mydentifier Tiffuanaglam and we added more blonde and black chuncks color on her hair. Do you like Bunny's hair shorter?
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Caption: You chill in the head best piece in the . land i am at the airport i'm hanging to . houston to cosy bunny s i'm so excited . sat down in my seats and everyone's . boarding the flight. i got do you sell healthy mouthwash . because i can't have mentos lemonade . airborne because i don't want to get . sick while i'm traveling i made a new. friend. got a store and i reach over because . i'll thank you my wife . oh what if i fart though no that's your . wife doesn't park does she know no right . thank you stan y'all we are here with. tip wanna and the first place we went to . is smoothie king gotta have my smoothie . king and all the workers are all like . the key to me a large strawberry extreme . please keep those the vitamins in there . too mr. rohit first thing i do is go to . jeff and he says there's rock climbing. it's huge. i've never seen anything like this in my. life this is people's club . yes girl. is bunny and tip wanna we are here at . smoothie king baby smoothie it's like . the size of my hair . are you excited getting your hair guy . i'm ready i say we go blonder blacker . and cut it all off well i'm just really . big tip wanna tip one . she's grown out of see you in the gear . the black is here eight inches off of . your scalp this is my new hair color i . think you should go blonder and blacker . first time we did my hair i cried i took . the black out but then i just i have not . felt like myself i felt a little bit . better when we put black back in but now . today i'm gonna feel much better . honestly i felt like we bonded from it . when you cry i was there i was like you . know yeah when it comes down to it it's . about your identity . let's put extensions into what so you . don't want me to cut your hair off and . then put extensions in i want more . volume i want like a big mac on my head . oh you want to stack it up do the first . cut we're gonna take off about 9 inches . here we go we're gonna turn it into a . makeup brush what if you just put this . like out of your hat buddy you love it . wait what's up oh the incredible . lightness of being. yeah that's me i could stack that layer . up. so i braid it out these chunking or . block coloring sections out of the way . i'm gonna put my daddy 1ni permanent . color with ten volume on these blocks . bunny is a natural level eight so i . don't need to use big nine i'm gonna use . magnum eight to lift her up i am gonna . give her a back comb technique close to . her scalp so she has some blonder icier . pieces only with 20 volume when i get . the long piece of foil and i mix magnum . eights with the delicate 20 volume . developer with full effect and when i . use all the pipes i only use one 32 bin . ounce if i hold this up they heat from . her scalp it's gonna lighten this way . too much. because this is extended away from the . heat from her scalp is gonna lift evenly . i'm probably gonna tone her with pearl . because she likes her blonde area or i . see i'm gonna repeat the same thing on . the opposite side and around her face . frame. [music]. are you gonna freak out me if i put too . much black in yeah you see one saying we . are mixing one and i my daddy permanent . color 210 volume and we're gonna put . this in all the pieces i left out whoa . what is this a cone have you seen this . okay you see this whole block is gonna . turn black . we are gonna outline into the spine and . this is kind of scary because you don't . want the black to get on the other . pieces you'll see me cross in to open . that up this will last us til next time . and what i like is that it's easy for me . to trace these blocks when they come . back we can't make everybody conform to. what society calls normal it's not about . being normal is about being who you are . and being special with black this is who . bunny is great reach . we did some triangular color blocking. right so we have to go in and precisely. apply then rinsing it out it's gonna be . hard because i don't want you need the . black to bleed into the blonde so we . have to isolate every section and black . gets everywhere i've been doing this . during the christina aguillera . kelly clarkson moment and we forgotten . so now to bring it back and infuse an . ombre blonde on top with color blocking . and underneath it's hard bunny how do . you feel i feel very oily not with so . much work time for a sippy sippy to . celebrate. [applause]. [music]. just trying to block it from pleading . look up launch that blonde so i'm going . to take this opportunity to cope her . with old flex number two although plate . number two has the low ph to close the . cuticle hey you guys it's 4 a. m. in the . morning and we're going to walmart cuz . we're in texas that's what we do that's . why i used to do when i was in oklahoma . your hair toking love it ours bunny take . a look at her new black hair yeah look . at that play with her hair tip 1 yeah . look at all that black cinnamon toast . crunch strawberry toes crunch blueberry. cobble cinnamon french toast . how many toast crunch do we have hot . cocoa walmart has everything . sorry tarjay i am team walmart when it . comes to different options favorite . section in walmart it's actually the . entertainment section where the movies. and dvds are at i love horror movies . just two guys don't know there's cult of . chucky. they got mariah carey tip water are you . delirious a little bit yeah this is the . whole purpose today which he turns his . side you see that black we did an ice . cold ice cold clear on the end she's. nice and blonde get that black chunk . right at the top does she like . me and bunny are here at the bellamy's . store here in houston tada . we have the guy tank balayage hombre . expensive like there's me and there's . bunny across from each other up there . jump in there yay you got everything. don't you wanna curl your hair with it . please oh let's attach some extensions . in bunny are you ready to go eat i'm so . hungry. we are having mongolian hot we ate here . last. i'm always cherokees tonight this is the . garlic beef and we kind of just throw it . into this broth and his bra has all . these herbs in there and it tastes so . good. cold peanut salad we got different type . of beef over here and then we have . broccoli you know noodles corn boom we . got the chinese donut we didn't eat have . no sleep you only live once is what i . say yolo . [music]. .

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