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Ground chuck is a great all-purpose, buy-it-anywhere choice for burgers. But if you want to get ambitious and blend, say, chuck with ground short rib or brisket, we say go for it.

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Carla Makes BA Smashburgers | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
Guys did y'all know i used to work at . shake shack oh we have to do that again . i don't actually have a southern accent . [music]. i used to work at shake shack in fact . not only did i work at shake shack i was . the first general manager of the first . location of shake shack and if there's . one thing i learned from working at . shake shack its how to make a smash . burger before you even think about . making a smash burger you have to go buy . ground beef and you need to buy ground . chuck preferably and you really need to . make sure that it is 20% fat fat is . flavor that is juiciness fat is what's. gonna make these burgers like so . enjoyable to bite into i'm gonna divide . this into four pieces this is a pound . these are gonna be four ounce patties . the shaggy er and the craggy er the . better when you smash it down the sides. are gonna kind of flare out and have . some thin parts on the edge and some. parts that crack it's not pie dough so . when it cracks around the edges that's . actually a good thing and that's what . gives you the like really delicious . little crunchy bits on the edge and also . not packing the meat very tightly means . that it's going to release all of the . juices okay that's that if you want to . use fancy cheese that is fantastic . do not try to have a conversation with . my boss about it because as far as he's . concerned one type of cheese that is . american cheese which is not really . cheese it's a cheese product the other. thing that has to happen if you want to . make a smash burger in my world is you . have to use a potato bun martens potato . bun preferably if you're on other parts. of the country where they're not . distributed look for another kind of . potato roll potato bun in a pinch a . hawaiian roll can work it has that same. like sweetness and edginess and it's . just a great contrast to what's going on . with the burger with the crunchy craggy . is what i was talking about before i . even seasoned the meat i'm gonna toast . the buns and when i worked at shake . shack we used to toast the buns on the . griddle which only accommodated 36 . patties at a time so then when we would . also have to toast the buns it would . slow down the burger fulfillment mecca . which is why people waited a really long . time to get their burgers back in the . day the funny thing about shake shack . was it wasn't supposed to be a burger . stand so it was set up really to make . hotdogs and custard and so when the . burgers were the thing that like really. took off it required like rebuilding . that for a shack from the inside out i . still dream of chocolate custard when . you smash it the burger should be like . the same diameter as the bun if not just . a little bit bigger and i'm going to do . these up with our be a special sauce. because every burger needs to have . special sauce another funny funny little . known fact about me and the shake shack . is that i have in my possession a word. document that is the original shake . shack shack sauce recipe and it's . password protected and i have no idea . what the password is most special sauces . are special in some of the same ways . they have ketchup mayonnaise mustard . some hot sauce maybe some pickle brine . some chopped up pickles you get great an. onion in there start on like low medium . low heat just to get a little toast on . the bun and then this guy is on medium . high high and also preheated oh my god . so many important little techniques. first of all don't burn your buns they . have sugar in them so they go pretty . fast. these ones are done buns done whoo all . right these guys need another minute i'm . going to try not to forget that they're . going my personal feeling about how to . smash down a smash burger involves two . spatulas one is for surface and the . other one is for leverage gonna go down . on here one spatula is for surface area . and with the heel of this spatula i'm . going to press it down all right so . really flattening it out we're only. gonna press the first side of this . burger. mmm smell of a smash burger . now that we've smashed we must wait. don't burn the phone my god one of the . things i always look for when i want to . get something really brown is what's . happening on the surface between the . cooking service and the food great so i . don't want to lift these up and i don't . want to mess with them i just kind of . want to keep my eye on the very edge . there and because these are so thin and . they have a good amount of fat and the . griddle is really hot this whole thing . it's not going to take very long at all . another thing i'm going to look for is . what's happening on the top surface of . the burger what you want to see is for . some juices to start to appear and the . reason it's starting to look juicy is . because the fat inside of the burger is . rendering the heat is underneath so. those juices are getting pushed up to. the top don't burn the bun so these guys . went on a little bit after so they're . not quite this was the first guy on and . that was second and this guy too . river runs through it see all the juices . happening it's happening you might be . feeling instinctually that you should . pick up a spatula and go about it this . way i am going to advise to you to turn . spatula over and that way you don't. scrape in between the brown surface and . the ground meat you're going like . underneath and sheering the burger away . from the surface okay and that it's just . important. how's the bun doing i don't know ooh . good not quite there yeah . juices running freely fat loosening . everybody is arriving oh feel good about . myself right now . you like burgers handy blowing no he . can't wait what are your favorite . topping . it's like you memorized the recipe uh-oh . sweet relish interesting there's gonna . be lettuce but not shredder it gets all . wilted so that's the one deviation from . the be a smash burger oh brad doesn't . like she is no cheese he doesn't like. american i like a minute i don't i don't . like american but it seems it feels . right. i think it's right because how it only . softens it like get this swell tommy . that was close . those clothes you guys so checking for . the bottom of the bun going in with the . special sauce no don't yell at me . i'm not over cooking the burgers. everybody just everybody chill i can . hear the commenters before they've . commented i don't want to shred the . lettuce our recipe says shred the. lettuce i don't like to shred the . lettuce it's literally the angel hair of . lettuce couple things going on here i . don't like raw onion not gonna see that . on my burger i don't think that burgers . necessarily need tomatoes unless it is . peak season and here in early may in new . york city is not peak season for tomato . that is fine during peak season please . feel free to peak out with your tomato . andy come you belt brad i won't kick i . just want kimchi it's like when you. dream about a hamburger mmm . i hope that i've done right by all the . smash burgers and shack burgers and . pressed down craggy shaggy burgers of my . life and now it's over to you . shack it up . .
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