Chili Klaus Faces the Most Extreme Hot Ones Ever

Sean Evans and Chili Klaus have joined forces to eat the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, not once but twice in their storied history. So you knew that when the Danish thrill-seeker finally stepped into the Hot Ones terror-dome, we couldn't serve him the normal wings of death. Instead, we teamed up with our chili guru Noah Chaimberg to lace the poultry with pure, unadulterated pepper mash from some of the hottest chilies in the world, including the Chocolate Bhutlah (2 million Scoville) and Caramel Reaper. Will the insane duo survive a dab of "Reaper Blood," or will this be the end of the road for Sean and Klaus? Find out in this explosive end-of-year Hot Ones special.
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Whoa they spin stop maybe there was . maybe put a little too much ad yeah . maybe hey what's going on everybody four . first we feast i'm sean evans and today . we say so long to season four of hot . ones at long last i'm joined at the . table by my hill running partner chili . klaus you know him as the michael jordan . of internet chili eating the sultan of . scovilles the man who never met a . carolina reaper he couldn't snap his way . through a chili klaus my hot pepper . brother-in-arms welcome to the table and . thank you ever do thank you very much . it's a pleasure to be here into the hot . ones fans out there this probably looks . like a typical setup a familiar thing . going on we have the wings we have the . sauces we have the water we have the . milk we have a guest . but when chili klaus is in town you know . we have to crank the thing up to 14 it's . the double black diamond of the wings of. death chili klaus are you game yeah . [music]. now what we have here are five pepper . mashes okay the super hots came from our . friend smokin ed curry this morning and . then noah made it in the back so these. are fresh no bullshit no frills it's a . chicken wing gauntlet unlike any other . do not try this at home . [music]. this is so exciting i've never tried . this before it's a first for me as well . okay nate can be very good afterwards . but i don't think it fits in a english . in a show well listen when chili klaus . is in town it's chilly klaus is rules . schoenberger we got to lose this stuff i . regret this let me just take the milk is . gone regrettably so this first one is a . serrano chili so you have some vinegar . you have some salt yeah you have some . butter just to make it stick to the wing . yeah but otherwise we're just straight . pepper with this one that's cool that's . that's fine. a little bit more spider than i expected . for serrano but me as well until a class . or going places today yeah we always do . so chili klaus your friend and you're a. familiar face to the audience here at . first we feast and to our audience we've . talked about the origin story of half . one's a million times but we've never . discussed yours chili klaus how did . eating peppers become your life's . mission i'd love to know pebbles all my . life and i had a kick on a little island . for two months and when you have a gig. on an island you can come home every day . so i've brought all my chili peppers . with me and i put up a camera and it's a . chili pepper and put it on the internet . and boom after that day i was sure chili . sauce when you first started putting . videos on the internet did you read the . comments chili klaus what do you feel . like when people say rude things does it . make you upset. no i'm getting used to it . i saw jane - you had with ricky gervais. and you said something as i remember . it's like a person going here's a kisser . listen you don't have to open the door . into the kids a lesson . room and say just pass on why do you. think you get so many politicians on . your show because here in the united . states . i don't think any politician wouldn't . ever dare sit at the hot ones seat i . wonder what you think is different you . know why because on the first page in . the book of politician says never ever . cry on television my first kiss was . actually the mayor from the city where i . come from oh and the first time he was . acting like a politician and i said to . him don't be like a politician he be . yourself and he agreed and ten minutes . after he was puking on the lane near . alice so it's so great and he still the . mayor in the city where i live so that's . cool all right chilly class ready to . move on the next thing is so ding ding . ding ding. [music]. here when you're just going with this . straight mash you're gonna get a little . more kick without raw product they'll . put in a sauce chili i got you i'm gonna . be on that mmm so before we lose our . tongues today chili klaus i'm hoping. that i can get a master class and the . danish language rosetta stone lesson . from chili klaus so i'll give you some . phrases and i'm hoping that you can tell . me how to say them in danish does that . sound good yeah yeah yeah how do you say . can i have this dish extra spicy can ya . put in here cut extra stack slow it down . for me one time can ya can ya foot in . here cut 14 here hot extra extra stack . stack stack is hot how do you say excuse. me where is the nearest restroom it's an . emergency. once group whoa yeah t now mr. toilet . behind moose you don't show what yeah . yeah that's it toilet mija mija aim in . surat sure no sir i zone yeah you're . doing so good that's so cool what's the . worst danish swear word that you can . teach me without soiling the prestige of . the klaus name yeah it could be for him . for hell ville yeah that means damn it . can i say this yeah class i think you're . getting away with that without this . table yeah yeah and then finally i know . that you have a catchphrase that loosely . translates to you can feel it in your. ears yeah yeah can you explain that one . for me there's some connection between . the mouth and you use and if it's very . hard it goes right to my ears and . sometimes to my arms too but mostly to . my ears. does that let you snap remember why were . you snapping i think maybe because i . lose control over my body because it's . so hard yeah it starts having its own . language in a way and you can also feel . it it in you yes you know in my neck . okay wow . [music]. remember i'm good. you're great this is all one love the . flavor of this one it's a it's . definitely not happily no it's a it's . quite spicy wish i didn't let you . talking in the milk as you know klaus we . have this recurring segment called. explain that graham where you do a deep. dive on our guest instagram go with you . we've pulled out some of your great old . videos okay so what i'm gonna do is i'm . gonna show you some screenshots of chili . klaus videos and you can tell me the . story behind the video okay that's okay . that sounds good okay okay oh what it . doesn't know all right tell me what's . going on here feeding peppers to a. thousand people at a festival no yeah . yeah. members at the town centre in copenhagen . the capital of denmark i just wrote a . book we celebrated it with inviting . thousand people we create the ghost . pepper and it was fantastic . there was a big music festival at the. same time called distortion inc opening . at that time and you know kind of heavy. rock festival different kinds of and . people were running around pretending . that they were playing in the heavy rock . orchestra because i mean . a ghost pepper exactly the same as we . did today but it was fantastic sounds . like a lovely afternoon chilly clothes . anymore yeah yeah yeah oh with the . kitties oh they are so sweet i love . those guys . and also and say to if there are some . parents watching this show if you for . instance a little bit and out out your . teenage kid if the you know the . testicles are in his body call it and . it's not saying yeah yeah nutsack . exactly if you have a little about just . give him a carolina reebok coach paper . balls drop real guy pop up and then . they're quite sure that's his small i in . the nut sack it's good advice all right . oh oh that's this charming person that's . the smash man he is a kind of rude . character famous in denmark a comedian . who yeah he's totally crazy guy . insulting his audience from the first . minute he comes in he just you know give . the f can i do that . the finger even when the queen visited . his show this year he gave the f finger . to the queen he he has no limits at all . it is a very very funny guy do people . ever recognize you from our videos. together how does that go that goes fine . by females so friendly and they then . they love your show also in denmark and . in europe let's go shit here proud of . yourself till you should be proud of . yourself i'm gonna have been combative . visit you the first time blew up a . little bit yeah yeah yeah shout out to . everybody who watches and supports thank. you very much. you do not go unnoticed i appreciate you . thank you for keeping me getting out of . bed every day and going through this . shit going through this all the time . it's intimidating yeah yeah it's . beautiful. this is the chocolate boot lock yeah . have you ever had one of these do you . like them i like them very much . okay yeah you know a lot of reviewers . say that this is even tougher to endure . than the carolina reaper that's a lot of . people say that's what i've heard . i've heard that it should maybe be as . hot as quran arriba and that's maybe . because of the ignition . [music]. listen i'm no superhero no superhero. mission so this is a good time to . mention that these peppers are coming . from pucker but yeah oh hey ah we know a . smoke and ed curry he's the man behind . the carolina reaper he's the mad . scientist behind the last step and then . i know that you visited tucker but farms . and as i understand it because edie told . me the story he had jit down in the dirt . begging for your life yeah can you draw . back the curtain on what it's like when . smoking at curry and chili klaus are . walking the grounds at pucker but . sampling the new harvest hey it was . fantastic you know having never seen so . many chili peppers i've never seen the . workers they had i will where they were . i think it's a little slow ignition on . this one i think it's a little bit of . both. yeah that's a fast ignition but then i. think the key just keeps turning oh and . what was i saying about pepper pepper it . smoking is smoking add you said it was . like baja wa peppers and it must have . been just like heaven for you chili . klaus he saw peppers all over the place . and that's of workers and he had a . special area with fences around it to . protect the news pieces from people . stealing them what were the events that . led up to you being in the dirt kicking . and screaming when colin oliva hits you . it really hits you but when i booted i . hit you it also hits you this chocolate . thing it doesn't taste anything like . chocolate emily . okay look at it oh yeah all right chili . klaus nice to be your soap come here we . are at the end of the road and what we . have here is a very special delivery . from smokin egg curry okay this is the . first time that this has left the farm . this mash is made with the caramel . reaper which as its described to me it . was supposed to be way hotter than a red . reaper okay interesting and i think . similar with our chocolate bula over . here. they say chocolate but doesn't taste . like chocolate don't know and my guess . is that this caramel reaper is gonna . taste nothing like caramel okay as you . know it's tradition around here to dab . the last wing what we have here is a . little something called reaper blood . okay. it's a patent pending let me see if i . get this right noah. it's a patent pending exclusive . distillation process has never left the . farm this is how - shit - right how does . this noah it's hot as shit okay so just . a little just a flip up reaper blood . reaper blood what's up too much . klaus ya want something wrong - yes good . nose hi hi oh this is cool . where's this coming from noah yeah but . what's in this shit oh i think you're . doing so good and i'm so so i'm so proud . of you. and to think remember when it started . with us back in the basement at jimmy's . 43 yeah i remember i think it's a little . bit oh what the my scandinavian cousins . i got a chili that was hard on that much . canadian custom that i feel like . something was lost in translation . exactly clapping my scandinavian cousins . s yeah but but did youtube commemorate . at large kind of took it as is you . that's probably about your actual . cousins yeah okay oh my god how do i . duck in how do i how do i just like em . teleport to my apartment there's no go . this is now i know what it's like to be . trapped on how one's yeah you know i . never really knew what it's like this . alright just my first years my friend . it's a pleasure to be . [music]. this is crazy bird i feel like i smoke . in my chest . like india . this is every time i hang out with you . it's not on you it's on us not a good . mix together but we are bad mix bad . combination. oh i like it it's very tasty and it also . builds up a little bit about the typical . river flavor is definitely there all . right klaus yeah . by virtue of eating peppers together you . and i have formed a bond that is . stronger than steel thank you from the . basement of jimmy's number 43 to central . park and now in the studio it's like a . long-lost friend every time i see you . what is it about spicy food that brings . people together why our chilies the . ultimate connector of the human race . it's because all over the world everyone . knows what a chili pepper is and nothing . has to be explained it's just good taste . good fun and i just love the taste what . a spin shop maybe there was maybe put a. little too much add yeah maybe that's . the class yeah you know hindsight's . always 20/20 thanks a lot sure i love . you really it was so great santa clauss . it's been a pleasure being here always a . pleasure thank you as always for coming . through season 5 to the hot ones fans . it's coming at you and it's coming at . you quick assuming i survive this you . [music]. all right i can't understand it it's i . gotta get outta here . step in the top like this yeah i was . crazy yeah oh thank you honda we knew . that some old thing ah okay okay i'm . gonna leave this here not great what did . you say it's hard to like it's hard to . um it's hard to compare really but only . those who've been to the top of the . mountain know that go to the chocolate. that's a crazy tuning yeah i love you . yeah see you next year yeah see you next . year. hello world sean evans coming at you to . say thank you for watching if you liked . what you saw please subscribe . we're hovering around the 3000th ranked . youtube channel in the world it has been . a childhood dream of mine to be . somewhere in the mid twos we're so close . help make an adult bald man's dreams. come true please please please jk jk no . pressure but if you do subscribe i . appreciate it . .
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