Copying Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Photos!

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So I tried copying Kylie Jenner's Instagram photos and this is what happened..haha Hope you guys loved watch me trying to look like Kylie..What pic did you like the best? xo -Alisha Marie
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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about copying Kylie Jenner's Instagram photos!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!
[music]. oh my god i just know this is the first . time they're seeing my hair oh my god . you guys haven't seen my hair yet we've . all the vlog channel than you probably . do because i put out a video last week . of me cutting my hair and everyone was . freaking out and i was freaking out it . was just a lot oh my gosh yeah oh my god . i love it so freakin much yeah and also . you should follow me on instagram . because that's where i also showed it . dang i'm doing so much shameless all . promo right now like subscribe tweet me. i'm speaking of twitter wait speaking of . twitter for this video i actually . thought a pull a few weeks ago asked you . guys what videos you want to see and . recreating someone's instagram won by so . much i was thinking i kind of want to . try kylie's instagram kylie has goals in. every single way like i just feel like . we're different people our instagrams . are very different next to each other so . i thought i'd be fine . okay so i feel like this next one would . look really good in the backyard . fingers crossed although it kind of is. like the only spot where i think it . could work so i started out with this . photo because i thought it would be one . of the easiest ones tell me if this . looks like something like it yeah i . think the door might need to be open . wider i feel like you should close it a . little more more close it a little more . you just don't like anything like that . person why don't we scoot closer to the. door every single photo is just gonna . look really bad i thought it was gonna . be easy it's kind of hard i think the . only thing we have in common in this . photo is the fact that we are both . wearing a denim jacket and i have brown . eyes yeah her hair is cut inside her . jacket take one should i stick up my . lips my lips are so small compared to . her did we get it i think we did yeah i . don't think we got it but i was really . hard go change and we'll do the other . one let's see 1 out of 10 like 6 and 1/2 . i should photoshop my hair dark and see . how it looks . yeah . i'm nervous so easy to like the second i . saw this photo. i knew if this had to be one of the ones . that was gonna recreate because she has . short blonde hair at least she's blonde . in this one oh we got a little advantage . this one was also really hard okay wait . okay i mean look at it any like it i . think rise her hand is in her hair so . she's playing with it or something this . looks just like the background now i . could tell i was in a kitchen i still . have no idea how she was able to take . this photo in a square okay wait so like . here this looks very similar okay we got . this we got this it's nothing like okay . i hadn't have ashley hold the phone for . me while i looked like i was taking the . selfie myself she had to have had. someone take this photo oh yeah i think . it myself an 8 on this one i felt like a . little more solid with this you know not . too bad. yo diy i had so much fun taking this . photo what is happening here in this . photo kylie's wearing i look there are . $1,300 for these shoes $1,300 balenciaga . shoes this is what we gotta work with i . just like did a little diy i mean i. think i nailed it my shoes are slightly . different. she has pointed shoes i only had these. like peep toe bootie shoes actually i . mean like my way it's so low but not bad . also she's showing a little more of her . face i feel like like are some things i . don't i think this is gonna be a really . good picture i think we got watched . seven and a half i'm like maybe you guys . should judge why don't you like comment . below my scores for each one because i . felt kind of weird judging myself i . don't really know how i did i'm just . like i tried. [music]. okay hi . the more i thought about it was just . like alicia this is not a good idea like . what were you thinking i just never . thought i'd order like hooker shoes in . my life and i did i never thought i . would order something like this if i . didn't spend $400 on that stupid floppy . background i probably would have done a . whole other photo so then i was like oh . lisa you got to commit to this like you . bought this you're gonna commit yeah . like when i saw this instagram i was. like wow that's so cute i don't know why . yeah yeah and then i put on this like . bodysuit thing and then i think that was . the moment i realized alicia you're only . wearing a bodysuit and like why did you . do this ready here we go. okay one two again i think i deserve a . ten okay i'm like i don't care that's . 1084 effort i'm still like not sure if i . should like include that and another . thing i was like oh my gosh so that was . me recreating kylie jenner's instagram i . hope that you like that i hope this was . entertaining oh yo i would have been . shocked if i actually posted those oh oh . also don't forget to watch the vlog of . me chopping off all my hair because it's . lit anyways did you did you like it . [applause]. [music]. .

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