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Failing us welcome to man vs. pin the . show that just keeps on going on going. and you allow it . every got a week and it's also here was . my suggestion all the projects around . here and recently the sugar bowl has . been in slide all over the place it's on . pinterest because let's just face of . everything ends up over there i but it . originated over here on youtube / on me . how to cook that channel she made a kind . of the small ones but i'm just going to . stick it to the limit i'm not just . getting a normal-sized balloon i got . some ancho punch bonds of sinkholes is . purposefully i'm going to try making . this into a super bowl i don't give a . bleep at the super bowl . i don't even know who's playing but i'm . going to try and my family does we're . making a super super bowl that . considering i must think bull god over . here on youtube i don't think i'm gonna . have too much of a problem i will show . you have had many victories this is the . sandoval still intact still hanging out . this is the button bowl his infamous . right here still have it and most . recently the hallways of what does ago . and we come study bowl . what exactly do i do with all these . involved does absolutely nothing i'm . gonna keep on making 10 calendar my good . friend of many years. not by choice what do you think they . look cool but you should probably quit . while you're ahead. like right now way to be brutally honest . i guess we'll keep on going and i got . all the things i'm going to try to . follow how to cook that tutorials and . that's impossible . give me a favor so i don't feel like . complete and utter dick for just taking . her video and put another one on youtube . be sure that you head on over there and . subscribe to our channel . i'm sure that you can appreciate got a . lot of cool skill not just do that . second of all right bracelet project . came over here okay . oh i'm attempting to make this in the . studio so got this little of one of the . business and i've got all the i got the . pot pam cane sugar glucose syrup balloon . and the candy thermometer to measure. when i get to a certain temperature . which you don't have . hold my hand once i think them hold on . hold on hold on . got it boom candy thermometer . alright so we got our balloon here . throwing that down on the ball and then . just taking that down right now we move . on to our sugar bowl recipes one and . one-third of cups of sugar . come on now what is this . this here is the better all who knew . ship now . god dammit burning the game sugar over . here all right we got to work fast to go . to work fast here have a couple of . glucose syrup is a mess over here i'm . gonna lastly to half ounces of water and . then i guess you just mix that together . here on the still think that help but . look i'm just trying to make me wait for . these things that melt but maybe i'm . cooking the sugar too long for you to . get a little smoky still pretty chunky . all right where you switch them off and . rick and we're just gonna hang out with . it for her little bit to look cool . definitely a lot of a lot of debris in. there and look at this rate at this . point and . necessarily don't know what the candy. thermometer is being used for but i'm . sure that maybe it'll come come in handy . soon enough right all right . the temp number one here we go now she . put water in her balloon to stop it from . exploding upon feet impact our middle of . that really how necessary let us . i don't know take some precautionary . measurements here some goggles on and . the guess we just pour this on top of . here. alright here goes nothin yeah alright . it's not explode enough that's a good . son. ok yes the little chunky parts there . don't don't mind mode that's all part of . these it's all part of the art looks . like somebody just get their up a . balloon. oh shit alright so i'm just gonna guess . wait for this to dry. i'm not necessarily sure how long that . is so we're gonna wait really wait . [music]. alright we're back this looks like a . middle and we're going to play it now . seems seems pretty sick seems pretty . hard . oh shit. take a look at that again in slow motion . because that was some good doesn't it . alright what a temp number one looks . like here . oh damn it so for the second time around . that there's a couple things i gotta . take into account your first of cane . sugar i was not the right sugar and it . needs to be white sugar it needs to be . clear to counteract the color and the . potential for producers are going to use . some food coloring but he's up in the . thermometer because apparently this . thing is pretty crucial definitely going . to be putting less tape on the balloon . so i did all the steps again mix all the . things together this time around and . looks pretty good . mr. some red here because it's already . kinda like orange-ish maybe that'll look . cool and you need to take that the 300 . degrees fahrenheit . i don't know what that is healthiest out . of me . it's alright well this is taking the . sweetest friend to get the 300 degrees . over here i'm going to blow up another . balloon and get that press on to another . full-time not using as much space as . last time like a fucking idiot little . pieces around looking pretty good . let's see what check the temperature on . this thing going to be closed no we are . not close . alright keep on going to keep on going . here now we've got our properly he did . sugar our balloon around just over the . slow drizzle my nizzle . yeah yeah . quick little problem here . the second step is not going as planned. a it's not looking good over here . i think i've heated the sugar too many . different temperatures at this point and. without just getting messy . i'm not really sure what i'm doing here . anymore got-dammit this balloon is . fucking bullshit little nipple thing on . top is all that i can't get the giant . proportions that i want so gonna have to . go back to regular balloon which we're . just going to get a regular fucking . sugar bowl if we can get a regular sugar . bowl. oh alright step number three . that looks pretty season so i measure . about all those folks again you know . that sugar over here the 30-ton glucose . have a cup or make english together here . kind of team as the continuing . employment all right while that heats up . a think that this balloon over here i . think this is ready carefully removing . this carefully removing the tape okay . alright this is looking to bed and that . now you just fully with the air know . though this is looking good looking good . that's what though they're months oh . yeah okay i'll just put that over here . alright well just turned into a little. bit more like up like a platter of sorts. with a couple bowls of in the bottom . how about moving on . alright attempt number three now onto . the regular balloon again nothing has . worked so far too much too much too much. too much. oh attempts can something happening i . think it's been happening we're doing it . slow and steady process it . ok bertha she has my fucking finger . this is nice this is the kitchen looks . good. shh-shh-shh those we're good we're good . ok alright i'm not gonna lie you guys . look in awesome . not exactly like the picture is a kind . of bottom layer but you go house . literally just can cut myself sharp and . sugar. damn it alright we're going to attempt . to take this off you're gonna nothing . literally let out the air boom . ladies and gentlemen children of always . just let me present to you sugar bowl . damn it up good you know got this kind . of this extra little bottom piece that i . like it . ask karen their kind of gives it a . little bit more of a base solid place to . stand but that is not that not bad at . all. god damn it sugar bowl mother fuckers . right in there you can see that in your . face literally in your skin face . sugarville for the win both in chilean . the key we always said we can get you . can be going to have a doubt cast pms . well well drilled in both equations . the episode of man vs. there were . explosions there's blood . i burned my finger there are failure for . sure whatever this environment balls and . slow the hat can be my god what's . happening here but in the end there was . nothing but success. look at that look at that so well that's . all i got for working out this week of . man vs can't be sure that we have . suggested that the comments below like . shady and everybody else did for this . weeks episode every other comment i . don't have a motive him on the day the . truth don't have don't have any friends . has forgotten sure what this video . subscribe if you have not already. looking around your neck fun love this . too lost in this . .
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