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I love doing things on a budget and I love being creative, so I thought in the spirit of prom "get ready with me" shopping videos, I would do my own little do-it-yourself version and show you how to make your own dress cheap, easy, and fabulously! :P
so here is me, DIY-ing a prom dress...weird vlog tutorial style.
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It's prom huh . i honestly have no idea why i did that . but anyways after you guys it's amber . welcome back to my channel and if you're . new hello greetings welcome to the party . so today we're gonna do a little prom. theme diy a bunch of you guys have been . asking me to do something for the prom . season though i thought it would be fun . to kind of take your suggestions and go . to a thrift shop and give address kind . of like a diy prom makeup er because . it's fun to be creative and you don't . need to break the bank to look fab so . without further ado here we go . diy thrift store prom dress oh wait . before we go in here is our outfit of . the day it is really weird today i like . don't even know what i'm wearing but . also it's you anyways because you know i. always do so we've just got an oversized . white t-shirt dress because i wanted to . keep it very very casual you know try it . on a bunch of stuff gotta be cozy a long . pony a headband because i've been really . into headbands lately i don't know why . so nice jewelry first i just what yay . that's basically it because i'm not . wearing pants i mean i got like shorts . underneath but that's basically it so . voila that's over your outfit of the day . on widow alrighty here we go let's see . what we can find . hmm alrighty we gotta find the dress . section which i believe is over there so. we'll go over there okay so i don't . really know exactly what we're looking . for i'm just gonna see whatever catches . my eye that i think i could make . fabulous or any of these mm-hmm maybe . hmm maybe hmm actually yeah this could . work both go between this one and this . one but i think we're gonna go with this . one mostly because it's half off and i . think i can make this one cuter alrighty. we got the guts now off to visit . benjamin and tada. you look groovy today okay so um i don't. really know what i need today but we're . making over like a prom dress . any ideas it looks like you have maybe. 60,000 things i could use so alrighty . let's find some alrighty so how can we . decorate you hmm this could be fun . oh beautiful mmm so many options of . things i don't even know it's a kid . where do i start. hmm hmm i don't know what this is but i . need to use this already don't really . know what i'm gonna do with these but. this is going to be the winners thank . you see you soon bye . alrighty we got both of the goods oh . okay all right . santa's here y'all ready to see what we . got here we go inside the bag this is . the dress that we bought from the thrift . store not so beautiful right now but it . will be beautiful soon then for a . benjamin of course we got these two . things that i need to open because you . can barely tell what they are but i . picked up this beautiful sheet of . crystal mesh oh beautiful then this . thing looks evil but i also got this big . long basically a big feather fabric. sheet so you'll see what i'm gonna do . with that in a minute but uh yeah . basically that's that oh you're also . gonna need some scissors some needle and . thread which is not pictured but here's . little clip art that i found online . perfect and of course it wouldn't be my . project without me 6,000 glue so there . we go. we got all the goods bippity-boppity-boo . let's get to crafting by the way . disclaimer i don't really know what i'm . doing i've never done this before so . we're just gonna see what we come up . with on the spot great i'm always so . prepared for my videos so professional . alrighty so here you can see i put on . the dress which is actually kind of cute . but you know we're gonna go ahead and . make it fabulous by the way sorry i'm . not showing my face it's like 6:00 a. m. and i'm not ready at all so anyway . see there's the dress so now first . things first you can see the skirt is. flared so we're gonna go ahead and make . it tight so how exactly are we gonna do . that well to be honest i don't really . know but all i did was slip it over and . kind of fold it like origami and then . stitch the pieces together over under . over under and since we're not gonna be . able to see this you can kind of totally . make a mess my favorite i said i was . gonna make this dress look good not that . i was gonna do it properly so there you . go you can see it is tight now on the . bottom umm granted it doesn't look so . great from the back that's but it . doesn't matter because you're not gonna . be able to see it so anyways next step . alright so what we're gonna do now is . deal with the glittery crystal bodice . thing oh my goodness i am so excited for . this ah yes so you can see i'm just . gonna take the applique and lay it right . on top of the dress it doesn't really . look like anything but you can see once . it's all and you can kind of tell it's . going to look amazing so we're just . gonna cut off this extra piece so it . leaves the v/line so you can see you . know just pull out the scissors it cuts . through super easy pull that away and . then you're left with the perfect dress . line then again back to the sewing over . under over under stitching it for the . beads until it is all secured in place . oh my goodness fabulous alright so next . thing we're gonna go ahead and make a . little neck piece so you can see this is . the piece that we trimmed off of the . fabric earlier basically all we're going . to do is trim off the extra here there's . actually way more professional ways to . do this but since i forgot to buy . ingredients for this we're just gonna go . ahead and use these hooks that i had . lying around my counter so you can just . slip those right through the mesh easy . peasy. and then you can hook them together so . they create like a little necklace . effect put it on perfecto you're ready . for the prom hello whoo this is dance . party worthy okay no anyways next order . of business is attaching the skirt so . we're gonna take the evil fabric and. we're just gonna stick it onto our waist . kind of like so like so look at the pun . anyways done that i've done it under the . gun i feel like a matador with this okay . anyways we're i'm distracted today so go . ahead take the fabric any fabric will do . by the way i just thought the feathers . added so much extra fun to this so we'll . go ahead wrap it around the waist and . boom that's basically all obviously you . have to attach it though so take a pin . pin it into place take it off and then . right where you pinned it go ahead and . sew the fabric right on to the dress . then alrighty are you guys ready to see . it on i know you said yes so much time . oh my god i honestly don't even know if . you guys are ready for this anyway . jenna oh my god . this literally looks up the crystal . bodice the crystal necklace wow this is. literally such a look the black strappy . shoes the feather skirt oh wow . you can see how sparkly it came out oh . my god in the necklace oh it's fabulous . i'm living for the drama of this skirt . donna . batwoman coming in the night did i just . murder my husband no of course not. versace who this is amber shaw thrifted . couture i'd say we did a damn good job . okay i'll admit maybe a little . inappropriate for prom but for my . everyday life it's perfect. trader joe's here i come so then how are . you guys that was how i did my thrifted . prom diy dress makeover i hope you guys . enjoyed the video because i love doing . crafts like this it was so fun for me to . be creative i haven't done this in a . little while so it was a bit a good time . thanks for watching you guys have some . fun out there and remember it doesn't . matter how you start it's how it ends . that all matters so enjoy the glam do . look fabulous don't forget to subscribe . to the channel for lots more fun . nonsense. as always wishing you the most magical . day and well i guess it's night time so . magical nuts go slayer prom season like . the queen that you are and i will see . you guys soon i love you my sweet . beautiful glamorous fabulous wonderful . amazing baby angels xl . [music]. are you ready to go babe . oh yes prom 2018 . - ewwww it's my leg this is gonna be our . christmas card. .
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