In this interview we cover the topics of streaming legality, Kodi's 3rd party unofficial addons, android apk's, watching movies & shows from torrent sites, etc from a person dealing with such problems right now.
Hello everyone how are you doing today . hope you're having a fantastic day today . i have a very interesting video to show . you but more than anything it's a very . crucial and important video for all of . you that like to use kodi android apks . and streaming in general i have adam . with me in this video . joining us to answer the most . fundamental questions when it comes to . streaming he's gonna explain the . legality when it comes to streaming . movies and shows and live tv using . third-party add-ons in kodi . the legality of streaming using torrents . the legality of streaming using regular . size and the whole nine yards you're . gonna find out here and who better to . answer all of these than a person who is . fighting right now in court a case of . piracy a case of infringement so i have . four important questions to ask adam . first of all thank you for being here . thanks for joining us today in this . video the first one is what really . happened i know back in june of last . year your main website tv adams that ag . was ceased there after your social media . sites like facebook and twitter were . also ceased you had to create new ones . you had to start all over again . as a consequence nobody could install . the various add-ons that you had . available on that repository the fusion . tv add-ons repository and it was just . chaos so please explain to us what . really took place and what will happen . in this case in the future so basically . what happened was his last june i woke . up one day it was about 8 a. m. banging . in my front door violent banging i . thought someone was trying to break into . the house i called the police finally . when the police arrived i opened up the . door and i was confronted by a bailiff . lawyers from the other side suing us . along with someone who was supposed to . be an independent counsel supervising . the whole thing . they immediately notified the police . they had to leave the police were not . allowed to be present and they were not . allowed to tell the police why it was . very sketchy they weren't able to say . anything in front of them i thought the . whole thing was very crooked so . basically they ended up coming into my . house they forced me to give up my . domain name social media accounts and . they searched through all my stuff for a . period of something like fifteen hours . or twelve hours i don't know exactly how . long it was now but it's in the court . record and then what happened was i . didn't have a lawyer at the time i . managed to find a lawyer through someone . who referred one to me we met that day . and then we ended up having to present . ourselves in court a week later . so basically when when they go to. someone's house and execute one of these . what's called ex parte meaning the . defendant isn't present in court when . the order is given they always schedule . a date with the defendant can actually . go and question that order or defend . themselves against it after the fact so . we have to be in court something like . six or seven days later which is very . little time we just met our lawyers the . other side have prepared their case for . a year and a half or something and we . had less than a week we also didn't have . access to the site at all or to my . computer because those were both seized . during that week what we were preparing . to actually present our defense in . courts we ended up going to court and by . some miracle the judge understand what . understood what was going on and was i . guess pretty disturbed by what they did. by the fact that they refused my lawyer. to clarify questions by the fact they . kept threatening to have me arrested if . i didn't comply with their orders and . the overall treatment of me during that . time so we won all my property was . ordered returned and then what happened. was it was a sunday the day after tana . today and all of a sudden we got a phone . call that there was a stay of execution . order meaning that the judgment that we . had one was put on pause pending appeal . we also have to go to present ourselves . a few days later in ottawa which is two . and a half hours away our lawyers had to . actually drive that far each way and . obviously we've got . for it to present our case there so we . had to show show up dead and then again . in november six months later when the . appeal was actually heard we had to . spend another day in court so these . things were very costly but we really . had no choice because we had already won . a judgement so we had no choice but to . defend that win we didn't expect to lose . basically it took us it took several. months before the court responded i . guess because the law isn't very clear . in canada there's no dmca that clarifies . digital copyright law there's just a . bunch of case law that gets interpreted . and case law which might be conflicting . with one another so it's very . complicated stuff in canada finally we . found out that we lost date it's not . surprising because these companies have . are worth billions of dollars they had a . year and a half to prepare and they. really they're ruthless the second . question is obviously you had a team of . developers working with you creating all . of this wonderful hat ons for cody why . are you then the only one being sued and . the only one fight in this case against . this media giants if you had other . people in the group with you why are you . the only one getting in trouble so the . reason why i am the only one fighting on . basically tv add-ons did a very good job . of protecting the privacy of its members . as far as i'm aware no tv add-ons . developers have actually been mentioned. or soothe or even visited as part of any . lawsuits. unlike developers outside of tv add-ons . who many of them were sued by different . groups or visited our developers have . pretty much been out of it except for . shinee who was part of this mtv fiasco . in the united states which actually . brought a lawsuit on to us so i mean i'm . not sure if they're trying to go after . developers or what not in our case but . basically they're just trying to go . after me and they're trying to put the . liability all on me which is disturbing . because in the united states the dmca is . there to protect online communities from . liability over . user generated content so companies like . facebook youtube twitter they're not . held responsible for what their users . post theirs isis videos that they can't . even manage to get removed they're not . held responsible they're shielded by the . dmca but in canada there is no such dmca . so basically you want to make a claim . that someone's infringing your copyright . they have no legal protections you can . have i mean evidently in our case a . claim alone a claim that had not been . tested at trial was enough to have our . domains and social media accounts seized . pretty much indefinitely for now the . third question is that lately a lot of . developers have been receiving cease and . desist letters and they have abandoned. their projects immediately what do you . think could happen to the end user what . do you think should they worry about . should they be afraid of persecution or . legal trouble when watching movies or . shows i'm talking about the end users . the people watching this video right now . the average joe that all they want to do . is watch a movie or a show at their . house should they be worried . as far as developers are abandoning. their projects and quitting and whatnot . i don't have anyone in mind particularly . but a problem that i see happening in . the world to end in the chrome code . community as well is self-censorship . people who censor themselves based on . fear of legal action you see it . happening in the news you see it . happening in science you see it . happening everywhere people have been . visited have been have received. threatening letters threatened with . lawsuits by the mpa and some of the . biggest law firms in the world whether . or not you did anything wrong isn't the . issue once these companies come after . you even if you're a completely innocent . it's gonna cost you hundreds of . thousands of dollars to even possibly . start to stand a chance and possibly . present your defense in front of a court . it's not straightforward at all the . civil justice system unlike the criminal . justice system is not meant to be fair . it's meant it's designed to discourage. participation. there's no you know there's no innocent . until proven guilty. there's no protections meant to level. the playing field to stop companies from . using their money it's a completely . harass or you know bring you in all . kinds of court matters that could cost . you a lot just to respond to so i mean . developers are obviously in fear . developers of a lot of legitimate . add-ons of quick because they've just . said you know the community the kody . community is not fun anymore this is . starting to get crazy and you know i . close up shop . so what i say to that is if you want to . preserve open source code any open . source code in general anything you . don't want to be censored or destroyed . copy it for kit if you go on get github . anyone can open up an account you go to . your favorite developers wall you go to. the tv add-ons page you click on any . repository on the top right corner you . see a button that says fork you click it . and that'll make a copy of it in your . own github account it'll be saved for . posterity the code will be archived and . then the code will remain available even . if the original developer is scared of . the self-censorship as far as end-users . go i don't think they have much to worry . about it's very difficult to what they . can't just sue an end-user without proof . when it comes to things like torrent. share and you see end-users get letters . but that's because when you participate . in a
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