Exploring Around LA & My First EVER Makeup Event! | VLOG

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Hey babes!! Here is my first LA vlog. Plenty more to come.. I hope you enjoy x
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Good morning guys welcome to my channel so i'm gonna be doing a blog for the next few days i mean khloe i'm going to la oh my god i'm so excited sorry we're just waiting forever to come now we're going for seven days so it's gonna be kind of like a long trip away from harm but i'm really excited to see what la is lime and i'm gonna miss my little bindi so much i love ii wanna miss house or lunch and then i got my suitcase ready for my carry-on and we are out of here back [music] [applause] we're going to miss but we just got on business classes amazing oh my god so i think i told you guys why i'm going but i'm going to get your face down 40 events i'm really excited that's tomorrow we're gonna look at this time we are today let me once and we get that when i gallatin valley office and apply school teen else well that's right we have these companies [music] good morning guys or it is the next day here in la we arrived to my hotel last night but we're a little bit jet-lagged sorry we just had a bit of a nap and when photoshop sorry today is the day i'm going to start blogging mean khloe went true what was it called badly sent out yesterday and we got heaps of goodies been a lot of money i'm going to show you what i got ok so the first thing that we have here is a touch of luminous julie miss i don't think we have this in australia so i had to get these got nicks baked blush malaya liquid lipstick cover fx para and then the rest of my staff is amongst this myth somewhere little miss have made this is the massive bag that i got from what's called sea vs avs so we've got lots of like drugs to a stuff that i want to use for her and then i also got some stuff from sephora but i think i'll show you guys probably in a hall sorry this is what the oh my god wow so far leg right this is what the view looks like we first looked it was lack the biggest shock of our lives when a message heal and it's like so flat down there and stunning i'm also got some new jewelry got a new headband a bit of everything but today we're just going to go shopping and then we have a two-faced event nine yeah i think we're going to the grove today i'm just going to make heart and then we're gonna go on floors today little chance of my face already left lane ok my makeups on and i've got my outfit ready and we are ready to go shopping so close what you get when you get this trophy from movies lovisa this is from butter and then these pants are from zachary the label i love them so much because i really high waisted they come up possibily button are yes we're gonna go now could somebody currently going to now what about this sort of cheap compared to back part two dollars that cost yesterday to go back to dance thank you oh my gold has been d okie our christmas music is playing here already so i'm feeling very christmasy today it is professor oh yeah and the decorations up everywhere too cute this is literally the biggest christmas tree i've ever seen oh my god organizing the atmosphere is amazing i mean khloe was just walking along and old man who about 80 years old comes up to us after another has left pretty and then says that we can start his health and you want to take us to breakfast that i was like no go to draw the line here think the compliment batch and said i'm coming over to yeah but she's not talkin yeah that was really nice but i'm i think he wanted them for school come out x benny and my free on the side and chloe got a homeland i'm happy now it's twelve o'clock we have any books but now we are in the shop and the key and australia money rack my like a lovely hey so i just made a little pit stop in to mac and i got the studio fix powder plus foundation on one of these for ages shade and 242 looks pretty good so i'm excited about that and some extra coverage smaller foundation but i'm right now we're just going to it came out of crossroads i've got to get an adapter because the plug holes are different here didn't know that rely on laptops and everything is dead so gonna go do that just really nice weather today there's came out right there looks so different to the one at home well this is what we just went shopping and it's like massive building out there so of course i got some more makeup it came up they have wet and wild and your general and then closed locked the adapter eager to get amy we were in it through part with his lady you're doing the pool which means you like he got people on the way in your mind she's basically saying that every time she goes like to around the world the same area she has to take pepper spray because one time she got attacked so i'm little bit nervous to go there squared is very but hopefully no one understood really it's really dangerous step up should be fine like daylight and everything but it when i gotta go detective screening awkward alright guys we're at the walk of fame ratch here all the stars really just getting was really sketchy and he's right next to me d ye but its not like smoke and weed and a bit of everything and i don't know how to feel right now oh my god they honestly cars on for ages oh ok so we're back at the hotel now we have the two-faced event in two hours so we've got to get ready but just got my laptop wont charge finally got the adaptive working well ok sir but just finish getting ready this is what i'm wearing it's a long jumpsuit cool place pretty well oh fuck all oh my god there's you kidding me why do its bond gunners went ok so i just have to get changed because obviously my butthole and hanging out basically so i have this little gold cross earrings on at this top from very calm and then this cup from lady loves better now this one is definitely more like clubby but that's ok let's go for a gallon or on the bus to guard we're just waiting for everyone else you know and just got finished carpet look so pretty let me show you oh my god like so fancy bazar this is what it looks like inside we have a little photo shoot going on in your stunning funny about these selfie life ready for some partners don't this is very pretty oh my god oh my god you're kidding [music] just having a quick to break ranks in the top it's actually because it's so job let me show you the stuff of flying that way to make money but even that's what i need to do okay so we just got back from a launch party when honestly so much fun i met so many people and everyone was honestly like circle and many happy we're just going back to our apartment to get some coffee clothes because materials of your soul and this is my room it's not always looking out but we just got to lift and this guy in there was like how is that me and sky was like oh you're from australia that's what we'll definitely have animals are like only have red kangaroos to school like what do you mean the animals right back through what the animals we have read beck's carries right back well i just got back into what else wearing today because it's so much come to below 0 fastball off oh no what about the girl across the street anger to a little but oh you guys enjoyed today's blog if you did please give it a thumbs up i love you guys so much i will explain what happened tonight in tomorrow's vlog know you
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