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Christmas is SO CLOSE and I am feeling the holiday spirit HAHA! Today I’m showing you how to create this classic holiday glam but with a twist: ombre glitter liner. The most fun part is that you can create this liner in any color combo you like! Wanna see how to do it? Keep on watching!
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Caption: Hello guys it's me nikki hello said . today i woke up and the first thing that . came to mind was oh my god i have to pee . quickly after that my thought was i am . so in the mood for a holiday makeup . tutorials were clothes that attire . snitches and i'm still talking with eyes . closed hello i just woke up and the . first thing i saw was the glitter which . is basically a normal thing for me on . day to day basis i am so in the mood to . come up with a holiday makeup look that . has a little bit of a twist so winged . liner glowy skin lashes red lips but. with a twist i don't know what that . twist is going to be a but i will i will . get there eventually hopefully so today . of is a lovely day i hope you are . joining me as we sit down to our makeup . and get glammed together so that is . exactly what we're gonna do so let's . stop talking and let's get glam baby and . i might have a fun surprise coming at . the end of this video . hahaha alright so the first thing i'm . gonna do is per rhyme this is amazing . cosmetics illuminate primer highlighter . in glow . for foundation my favorite combo at the . moment angel food fo filter foundation . right hooda beauty and beige away the . high coverage cream is that wet whoa . essential high coverage cream foundation . in the color alabaster and in a tapping . motion i apply that to my entire face . and i'm a full coverage addict and if . you're not a full coverage junkie addict . like i am fear not we can still be . friends as i look ridiculous right now i . am doing so much preparation for . something i do every year towards the . end of the year and my true followers . will know what i'm talking about it's a . special kind of a week on my channel and . in that week i will do a video that i've . been dreading for so long but i'm gonna . do it meaning yes i will finally delete . my channel during that no kidding . meaning yes i will finally do a natural . makeup challenge video during that week . so stay tuned for that all right some . concealer . and now i'm baking my undereyes using . the maybelline fit me loose powder in oh . 5 first are going to go into this the 4 . approp ignant palette in the version . cool and saying this color right here . called flecks to define the crease outer . and inner corners so picking this color . up on a 2 to 7 brush by zoeva and . packing this on onto the inner and outer . corner and then going into the crease so . then once you've got the shape you're . going back in with the brush and with . the soft circular motions you're going . to believe that harsh edge out . time to cut the center of the lid using . this mac select cover-up concealer for a . spotlight smokey eye and then setting . that using the color powder from that . same sephora palette you can definitely . also opt to go for a shimmery color on . the lid like this but i love having that . contrast of an all matte eye and then . the glitter liner over top as a guide . for where i want my glitter liner to go . to i'm first going to do my winged liner . using this line right here by makeup . forever this is the aqua liner in number . 10 and i'm going to make my wing a . little bit more thick than i usually . would because you still obviously want . to see the glitter so go a little thick . and wing it out a little more honey now . i'm going to go in with the nyx glitter . primer as a base and i'm going to start . off from inner to outer corner so first . i'm gonna pack this on on the inner . corner and following it up with glitter. and the first glitter i will be using is . by go get glitter and this is called . gold mine a holographic gold on the. center the exact same step using amber . light by go get glitter and the final. glitter is red velvet. until you have a gradient glitter liner . like this and the fun thing is is that . you can do this with any color glitter . you want yummy i'm defining the lower . lash line using flex and hot chocolate . from the same sephora pallets lse . blinding that inner corner i'm so sorry . alright time for falsies these are the . tati lashes in tl6 . okey-dokey so the glitter ombre liner is . on with the spotlight smoky eyes on top . smoky bottom time to focus on the cheeks . i feel so good about these eyes i've . been wanting to do this for so long i . was inspired by louise this is another . amazing makeup artist from the uk and . she you can follow her on instagram her . instagram name is right here and she did. this on break litter liner and it was so . in love so i finally put my own spin on . it and did it myself so now let's focus . on the cheeks believe it or not i have . not been bronzing using hoola light can . we get her out of applause i've been . bronzing using this combination right . here these are mac next to nothing . pressed powders in the color dark and . the color medium plus i kind of use the . two together as an overall bronze and. then using medium plus to kind of buff . out the edges because this is like a . little bit darker than my skin tone so . it kind of erases any harsh lines and . the brush i've been using with it is a . morphe r one so this is it's like a . beauty blender on the stick it's like an . egg can you see i'm gonna bronze my face . using this combo and mitchell another . hint at like one of my favorite makeup . artists on this planet earth top me too . because he introduced me to these . patterns taught me to apply these in a . pressing motion so instead of swirling. it onto the cheeks you want to stamp it . onto the cheeks up and down up down or . banana or not quickly doing some . additional contouring and i know it . looks a little crazy right now but trust . the process for blush you're gonna go in . with this one right here this is by mac . this is an extra dimension blush in the . color fairly precious and this has a . little bit of warmth but also a really . really nice sheen so it also highlights . the apples of your cheeks and want to go . see how it adds that shine so if you're . not a blinding highlighter type of. person you can just keep that little bit . of shine in your blush and glow that way . i'm of course gonna glow on top of this . look like a disco ball alright we're . looking a little all over the place so . let's cut underneath the cheek hi yeah . santa but you want your beard back what . that was the worst joke i've probably . ever made on my channel i'm so sorry for . highlighter and then i go in with nylon . eyeshadow by mac because this is also in . the inner corner so i kind of want to . tie it in with each other and make it . cohesive thank god i had no idea that . nylon was such a pretty highlighter on . the skin i always loved it for the inner . corner but i never thought to like put . it on the rest of my skin and i'm living . if you have nylon try it okay now let's . make sure we brush our bake off because . i've been getting a lot of tweets that . people have been leaving their bake on . because they totally forgot like i did a . couple of videos ago make sure it's off . because you don't want to look like . you're stealing santa's job all right . enough for lips i want to go for a . perfect true christmas red because the . twist of this look of course is the . glitter liner and the halo smokey eyes . so i'm gonna go in with the fenty beauty . stunna lip paint in the color uncensored . and i will try to make it as perfect as . alyssa ashley did but i feel like nobody . can look like alyssa ashley with this . lip on. all right and now let's finish off with . a lot of setting spirit because you want . to lock this baby into place and that . guy's concludes this holiday glam . classic holiday glam with a twist . makeup tutorial / get ready with me / i . don't know what to call this i hope you . enjoyed i had so much fun with this i . loved that i woke up with this idea and . that it actually came out like i wanted . to because so many times i will have an . idea and then i do my makeup and it's . completely different so yeah i hope you . enjoy it as for my special announcement . if you forward it all the way towards . this part of the video and skipped . everything that i just did you're mean . and you're rude and you should watch the . rest of the video to appreciate the work . that went into this glitter ombre liner . i bought two extras of the fenty beauty . stunna lip paint and uncensored two of . them and i want to give them away to . enter all you have to do is subscribe to. my youtube channel of course this is . only for my true and loyal subscribers . you got to like this video give it a . thumbs up and comment what your favorite . holiday makeup look is is a wink liner . is it when liner with red lipstick is it . glitter all the way tell me your . favorite part of your holiday makeup . look and maybe it'll inspire me for a . very special week that is coming soon on . my channel and that will enter you into . this giveaway it is open internationally . and it will end when i post my new video . winners will be contacted directly by me . on youtube private messages so if you . get any fakes . please don't respond to them please . don't give them your information because . in my message i will make it clear that . it is me i'm sending a photo with me . holding the product and sing hi so i . want to thank you so much for watching . as always if you enjoyed watching this . video and if you want to enter the . giveaway then please ever get to give. this video a thumbs up and subscribe to . my channel and don't forget to hit the . notification bells to get a notification . every time i upload i want to thank you . so much for watching again i am so happy . with how this turned out if you recreate . it. you tagged me on the instagram or . twitter or wherever you want to post . your end results and hopefully ll see . you guys on the next one bye . .

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